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Republicans Hustle to Shield Trump as Demands for Russia Inquiry Grow


"Unprecedented Climate Extremes: One Year After Record Drought, Lake Oroville is Spilling Over"
"…by one important measure, there’s been more rain and snowfall in the 2016-2017 water year than any other season on record, to date. The California-Nevada River Forecast Center uses an eight-station index in the North Sierra to quantify the region’s precipitation. As of Feb. 12, these eight stations have received 68 inches — 226 percent of normal."
So.... that stuff.... IS JUST A RIMINDER.... of what is gong down in the climate.... EXTREME UNPREDICTABILITY.... WILL ONLY GET WORSE..... so, my question is..... IN TERMS OF JOBS.... what to hell are we all going be doing for jobs.... CARBON PRODUCING NONSENSE?...... making products that are NOT necessary for living?>.. doing activities that are NOT necessary for living?..... Lawn ornaments... plastic crap like decorations... and a whole slew of stuff... more and more and more cars.... PROFESSIAONAL SPORTS... CELEBRITIES FLYING ALL OVER THE PLACE... BUSINESS PEOPLE OR IN OTHER WORDS BIG SHOTS FLY ING THIER *SSES ALL OVER THE PLACE... sorry for the caps.... but really everyone... we have to get a grip here... there is NOT GOING TO BE MUCH MORE in the way of the future..... we are STILL INCREASING EMISSIONS..... we used more fossil fuels this last year than ever before.... solar power is still only 1%... of energy production.... and hell I'm not even all that much for solar power... not if it will be powering a sports stadium..... JOBS?>>>> ... WE NEED ABOUT I DON'T KNOW.... 100 million organic farmers... how's that.... and then we need some sheep growers... for wool ... then some crafts people for fixing items WE AL READY HAVE... ONE THING WE REALLY DO NEED IS SOMEONE TO BABY SIT THE DAMN NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS..... what we are experiencing now, is from co2 that was put up there 30 years ago...zas


So, I get so frustrated with whole "jobs" thing..... how is it we are NOT understanding that the WHOLE SYSTEM.... our whole CONCEPT of civilization has to change..... and ... since hardly any of us get that at this point... and because in order to make such a change.... from scratch... it cannot really be done in time anyway.... and that any way we look at it... we will be loosing people by the droves... already... 400,000 people die every year from climate change... and that number is going to GROW... faster and faster.... the UNPREDICTABILITY in our climate is getting more and more evident... who here is watching the drama in the artic../?? This summer in the northern hemisphere.. just may be a doozy...... I CAN'T BELIEVE WE ARE WORRYING ABOUT JOBS... CO2 PRODUCING JOBS ON A MASS SCALE.... when those very jobs are what is KILLING US... AND THE PLANET.... WE ARE IN THE SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION FOLKS.... VERTABRATES ARE IN DANGER.... AND WHAT ARE WE?...


The article I reference is about just that. German intelligence agencies found no interference by Russia in the elections there.


We are pretty much phucked. But to put your mind at ease, I'm aware of some hail-Marys going on. Apparently, in New Zealand, High Altitude Balloons are being launched by NASA. Check out the pic on this site:


Your certainty of your opinion "is clearly nonsensical." If you do not wish to sound stupid, I would suggest you share your opinions as opinions.


I suggest you use qualifiers such as "in my opinion." That way, sensible people might give your post more thought.


One of the biggest problems we have with the number of jobs in the US is that rules and regulations have been set up to make it more profitable to lay off workers in slow times and to overwork them during many other times. Comparing US to German employment is very eye opening. Where our jobless rate often swings wildly, there's hardly moves. Most Europeans also work less hours. If we emulated just that alone, it would open up 10,000 to 20,000 more jobs.


If have a little time here is some one knows the spook world better than the writer and congresscritters.



Looks like the whole GOP is run by the Kremlin.


The Deep State doesn't want Trump to have friendly relations with Russia and China. What they want is WW3 with these countries.


Yes she is a war criminal and should be imprisoned for having destroyed Libya and caused the deaths of untold thousands.


Not really i thought immediately after a resignation the VP will take over but don't we then have to have an election for president?


So you don't know much about the US political system beyond attacking Clinton. That's enough to get you by here.


No, but they'll take what they can get.


US didn't meddle in any Chilean election in 1975. Pinochet was firmly in charge then. The US supported his coup in 1973.


Why is that bullshit? She was behind the Syrian War in which a half million people have been murdered. And orchestrated the Libya war. That cost the lives of tens of thousands and made the country a failed state.


Boo hoo, all I've to do is google it, trivial shit and you're mixing apples
and pig balls


timebr, you know, if you would google first, and type later, you might have a chance to sound like an adult.


Silly - stuff

US interests - what are those? liberals have lost their minds

As usual Rostroh's disdain says it all - Common Dreams used to publish him but his common sense is more than the staff can stand.

I have yet to have heard a liberal or Democratic partisan explain what manner of “treason” has been committed against the US electoral system. (Conversely, I can cite at length the Clinton Cartel’s and their operatives in the DNC’s transgressions during their sham of a presidential primary and nomination process.)

Yet they go on and on parroting the same type of Deep State manufactured innuendo and fictions the public has been bombarded with since last summer involving a nefarious Putin/Trump bromance enjoined to undermine US democracy — a disinformation campaign promulgated without a shred of real evidence. Yet (allegedly) well-meaning, (self-proclaimed) nice liberals don't seem to notice — or care — that they have not only sided with and are parroting the propaganda of neocon war mongers, Deep State and National Security State elites, and corporate media congenital liars -- but are cosigning antidemocratic machinations and are supporting a slow motion, de facto coup d’etat attempt.

Yet not much has changed. For example, liberals started and were supporters of the Vietnam War until Richard Nixon became president and it became his war. Moreover, as the Vietnam/Civil Rights eras and the attendant anti-military, anti-racist, pro-justice movements were winding down, liberals proceeded to marginalise the Left, apropos, serving the traditional function of liberals i.e., the protectors of the capitalist elite and the agendas of US imperialism from their left flank.

In the summer in of 1968, liberal politicos ordered cops to beat student demonstrators and leftists in the streets of Chicago during their rigged convention -- and, consequently, nominated a pro-war, Mccarthyite candidate. (Hubert Humphrey purged socialists and communists from unions in Minnesota). (Sound familiar.)

In our time, liberals supported former President Drone von Citigroup's imperialist global-wide aggression, and are, as noted above, the worst promulgators, at present, of the Deep State, Mccarthyite anti-Russia disinformation campaign -- a de facto coup d'etat under way against Trump.

On an historical basis and confirmed by present realities, liberalism and imperialism and capitalism are inextricably intertwined. Liberals, by the very nature of liberalism’s role under the capitalist dictatorship of money and economic and militarist imperium, have never been and will never be allies of the left, minorities or the labouring class. They will always serve as our betrayers.

Moreover, I am talking about the vast majority of liberals — not only Democratic Party and media elites but also smug Daily Kos blogger/reader types/Rachel Maddow viewers and lesser-of-two evil bedwetters as well who vote for and act as apologists for said klavern of corrupt-to-the-core Democratic Party elites e.g., both former and latter acting, at present, as Mccarthyite tools bandying Deep State disinformation about Putin and Trump i.e., giving an object lesson in the manner liberalism is a crucial component in the capitalist/imperialist state.

If the near impossible begins to transpire and protestors who self-identify as liberals begin to resist capitalism and US economic and militarist imperialism — then they can no longer be regarded as liberals, due to the fact, liberals are an integral part of the capitalist structure and the system would not survive long without them. But, as is the case with the historical precedent for the present type of protest movement, the bourgeoisie (Deep State encouraged) consortium of day trippers will return to their precincts of privilege when and if Trump is dispatched, as Nixon was, by the operatives of the Deep State.

Finally, what is masquerading as a resistance movement, at present, is, in reality, the dismal phenomenon of anti-Trump liberals and sore loser Democrats scampering aboard the Deep State/national security state/imperialist juggernaut — and they are being appropriated as wilfully blind tools and useful idiots in an elitist coup d'etat, very much of the kind, if successful, that the US Deep State and EU oligarchs perpetrated in Ukraine. Clue to the fact: True uprisings do not arrive with the restive masses wearing colour synchronised t-shirts and, certainly not, cutesy pie, pink cap-gear, nor treated as precious cargo by the police nor are their protests praised and fêted by establishment mouthpieces e.g., The Washington Post and New York Times.


Feel free to judge my friend, your merely trying to come across as an
educated person but that's not enough to give one wisdom.