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Republicans In Congress Want To Cut Free Lunches For Poor Kids; Don’t Let Them



Strangle the bastards with their cherished bootstraps.


The RepubliCon swine give free lunches to billionaires and cut minuscule funding for children - is that a "conservative" value?

The Dem establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton and her partner in crime, Bill, have done similar and the two cannot be separated! Giving to the wealthiest and screwing the poor (and middle-class) is a hallmark of the Clintons! Depraved indifference to the least among us, and servitude to great wealth, extremism and corporate greed knows no one party........vote Hillary (and Bill) Clinton for more of the same....and worse!




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And this punch in the stomach to poor kids is half of the story. The other half is that these same ghastly ghouls masquerading as public servants cum politicians are eager to cut taxes on the rich, give polluting corporations all sorts of tax breaks to set up shop in their states, and as Mr. Bryant explains, take public school money and divert it to charter schools. MOST charter schools are Christian schools which in and of itself is a DIRECT violation of the wall between church and state. It's bad enough that giant mega-churches with huge TV outreach programs pay no property taxes while definitely politicking for their favorite Conservative zealot.

Those who would take money away from poor kids and deprive them the one solid meal in their day are wretched soulless sociopaths. And they are precisely what today's lobbyist system rewards since they will do their masters' bidding without the pesky impediment of a conscience.

There is a serious body of evidence linking the overload of today's mandatory vaccines (forced into the bodies of newborn babies) with lifelong neurological impairments. Big Pharma is so powerful that this information is being by turns banned, falsely discredited, treated as conspiracy theory, and silenced.

Add in the children poisoned by lead in Flint.

Add in the zealous wish to deny poor children lunches.

Add in the kids who risked death and sexual molestation in boarding dangerous trains out of Honduras en route to parents working in America... only to be stopped at the border or sent back.

Add in the thousands of children who go missing each year.

Add in the babies deformed with brain damage allegedly due to the Zika mosquito.

Add in the thousands who are sexually molested, many by people in prominent positions (Franklin Cover-up, the testimonials of recovered victims like Cathy O'Brien) and/or the Catholic Church...

Add in the thousands displaced from war zones.

Add in the generation encumbered by college debt usury.

And the question becomes: Are today's patriarchs engineering a war against children? Is this some kind of modern mythological enactment of Cronus, the old god, searching for ways to murder or devour "his own" children rather than pass the torch of power to the next generation?


Polcies such as this also indirectly fuel the rise in the incarceration of the poor.

We saw that artice a few days ago where a man not charged for stealing food because the Judge ruled a need to eat. While this happened in Italy it unlikely US Courts will make the same sort of ruling.

Poor people DO care about their children. If there no other way to feed them but theft than there will be more theft. The media of course will then repeat the meme that "they are just a bunch of thieves anyways"


The ruling of the Italian judge that stealing to eat was not a crime would be the same as a priest in confession ruling that it was not a sin. This reflects an essentially Christian culture, such as Italy. It seems that, throughout history, people can tolerate a lot of abuse, suffering, injustice and lies from the excessively wealthy ruling elite UNTIL the people are hungry for lack of food and thirsty for lack of water. That is the limit. At that point, violent poputar revolution is certain, sooner or later.


Jesus Christ said, "Whatever you do to the least of Mine, you do to me." How can these heartless bastards call themselves Christian? I taught in a public elementary school for 36 years, and it was great to see these kids getting at least one good meal per day. Also, God bless the school cooks, they work hard for low pay to serve both students and faculty.


"...today's patriarchs..."? WTH?