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 Republicans Keep Showing Us Who They Are


 Republicans Keep Showing Us Who They Are

Robert Borosage

Amid the mayhem of Trump’s first days in office, the Congressional Budget Office’s crushing report on the impact of the Republican health-care plan offers a moment of clarity. The Republican plan will deprive millions of health insurance, and raise the price for many more to pay for deep tax cuts for the rich. The math gives way to an obvious conclusion: This is the Republican mission.


Who will pledge allegiance to a government at war with Earth and humanity?

Stand up and be counted.


The Republicans have a perfect synchrony between ideology and the interests of big business. Their ideology is based on individual freedom from government control such as regulations and the interests of big business is based on human greed for ever more profits. What the Republicans want is less government and more profits. The Republican ideology seems to exclude what could be called the public good or perhaps the commons. It is only concerned about individualism as if the the US was nothing but a collection of 320 million individuals whose only concern in common is to have a military to protect them from foreign countries.


...and Democrats keep showing us who THEY are not.


Regressive republicans are a total disaster.
Obamacare Lite is a total disaster.
Obamacare is a total disaster.
"Pro-business" democrats are a total disaster.

Repeal Obamacare
Repeal Trumpcare
Medicare 4 ALL!


100 years ago today, Tsar Nicholas Ii abdicated the throne. Now the US has all the nonsense associated with medieval, autocratic empires. It's called "freedom" here. When generations dedicate themselves to Reaganism for the rest of their lives, you have a powerless nation of serfs, like Russia between 1815 and 1917, all saying "nyet" to change or afraid to even think of anything else.


And then, in 1917, change did come, with a vengeance!


Anyone who doesn't know what the Republicans do by now is either not paying attention or cognitively impaired. They are brown-nosed toadies to money, errand boys to the super rich, handmaidens to corporate malfeasance, and as such facilitators of decay and death to the rest of us.

The Democrats, however, are not the cavalry.

"House Speaker Paul Ryan, a master at delivering mendacious message with choir-boy sincerity..."

Please. Ryan exudes all the sincerity of a jackal. He's Eddie Haskell in an Eddie Munster costume. Again, this should be obvious to anyone with a measurable intelligence quotient, though I suppose U.S. voters have recently exposed themselves as being particularly vulnerable to sleazy con-men.


This is true but it sort of underestimates the plan. The plan is full out fascism, Bannon style. That of course, pushes past cutting safety nets and goes right into cutting the government down to military and president.
The more I read about Bannons plans and his history the more it seems obvious this is a hostile take over and we better stop it soon as they are eliminating the very agencies that could stand in their way.
I understand it could and should, according to other times this has happened, occur in the first year.
I don't want to seem like an hysterical liberal but these two are shady as hell and determined to control this country like a king. So, if stopping it is the goal we better get it done before the year end.


Actually with regard to freedom the US has something called the Constitution which guarantees certain rights and a court system to uphold those rights. While far from perfect it pretty much works. The medieval period really did end.


Who indeed? Only the thoroughly duped or wealthy cannibal capitalist can endorse this republican congress. They can and they will.


Who do the duped and wealthy believe will allow them to remain ignorant and insulated from reality when alert, informed, hard working Americans refuse to work for poverty wages under unsafe conditions at work and throughout their communities? Think America has problems now!?! Profits will dry up. New products will disappear from retail as well as wholesale and online. They can work the global poor to death, of course, but then who will they have to exploit and who will kowtow to them? These Republicans and Ayn Randians are not thinking clearly even on their own behalf much less for the citizens who are paying them and for their health insurance premiums and pension packages. All this we do in good faith up until now. That good faith is being betrayed and has turned our national legislature into a Ponzee scheme for big time grifters. Criminals, all, perpetrating massive fraud all under the auspices of the good ol' USA, thank you very much.


ACA can be improved upon. That doesn't make it a disaster. Obama started the process. It wasn't a thrilling intro, but that's not something he should be ashamed of. Mistakes and flaws are par for the course in beginnings. Republicans should be ashamed for trying to throw the baby out with the bath water.


Exactly. This is not just a strangulating political coup as I believed several weeks ago. The WH rush to executively order masses of unwelcome unconstitutional changes while shifting all public monies to military and corporate entities looks like naked fascism, plain and simple. Surely prominent people of conscience are as apprehensive in this regard as many lay citizens. Steve Bannon is a poster child for naked fascism. He needs to be turned out onto the streets and surveilled for the rest of his slimey existence. The rest of the administration is no more worthy of public trust than His Slimeyness.


Amen. I just got back from my first progressive democratic club meeting. Really glad I went. A woman from the local indivisible group spoke. In January, she made the news by confronting our tea party congressman, Tom McClintock, at a townhall. Really impressed by her. She noted they held back on protesting at a retirement hall because they didn't want to feed the paid protester narrative or disrupt that specific meeting since it included many elderly folks. She also noted that they've made it a point to ensure people are at all of the townhalls in the district.

It felt great to meet folks who wanted to change our district representation. Nobody brought up the primary, bitched about the ACA, and everyone was really nice. It sort of felt like everyone knew we had to get to the first step, changing our district representation, to make real change. In that spirit, the club opened its doors to let other groups hold their meetings there, and indivisible apparently had a huge turnout (much bigger than the meeting tonight).

Frankly, it gave me a lot of hope to see good people trying to do good things.


Well, Medieval America seemed an impossibility for a while. The Koch bros, et al, Paul Ryan, DJT, and a whole passel of really shortsighted republicans are dragging feudalism out of the trash heap of history. Feudalism draws in the wealthy but stupid and the easily duped unwealthy. The M.O.: Amass piles of money at the expense of masses of vulnerable humanity and take all the credit for your luck instead of acknowledging that no one succeeds or fails in isolation from the rest of humanity. The self made man is a very distorted myth.


Donald's only concern is how he can become more rich! Just like the people he hangs with--because of the corporate media most people don't yet grasp what is going on----how much can the rich steal from the 90%


The republicans are in because the democrats are unsupported by anybody but bankers and luxury dinner movie stars. Democrats are beautiful people in glittering jewels under bright lights.


Thank you. This is a test of our democracy. We've been watching it slip away under both republican and democratic presidents. So this is it. We stop it now or we will see riots in the streets. Then again, that may be the only way to stop it. If we don't act now this won't be the America we have taken for granted for so long.


Ah yes, the self made man or woman is a myth. Unless someone lives in a cave , and eats from the woods- well you get the picture.