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Republicans Launch Bicameral Salvos Against Wall Street Watchdog


Republicans Launch Bicameral Salvos Against Wall Street Watchdog

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Republicans continued their attack on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on Tuesday, as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) again introduced legislation to kill the Wall Street watchdog.


The republicans know full well who they want to protect and who they want to throw under of the bus. Ordinary folk don't deserve the protections of government against the wolves. It is the wolves who deserve to be allowed to be wolves, and feast on your flesh without any restriction. Republicans are not really a political party. They are a criminal cabal, whose only interests are further enriching their donors and using government as their personal cookie jar. In Wisconsin, and now here in Iowa, working people are being stripped of their pensions and incomes so that the wealthy do not have to pay taxes. To a republican, ordinary working people are sheep to be fleeced and then fed to the wolves. They can all go fuck themselves.


It is getting harder and harder for us unscrupulous criminal Bankers to fleece the poor and the elderly when this watchdog agency is looking over our shoulder.
We need to kill the CFPB now!


"does little to protect consumers." Now with Trump mentality of accusations without evidence, everyone is going to start doing it. For all we know Cruz is right, but how?


Wonder where Wasserman-Schultz comes down on this one? The CPFB should be regulating Payday Loans. There's one so-called Democratic vote likely to vote for the CPFB's destruction.


They can do whatever they want thanks to clueless/voiceless dems. Where are they, where were they when Rubio slipped into an amendment to a bill about risk pools and drove up the costs of Obama Care last fall. How was this signed into law? Never here dems talking about anything or screaming at the top of their lungs that coal sludge can be poured into streams.

Dems are useless representatives of the people.


The CFPB returned millions to Main Street from the recession/mortgage crisis days. Too bad no banksters are rotting in jail .


They are not useless just selfish.


If people were paid enough, they would not need credit cards or pay day loans.


The next financial coup will be like no other in history. Maybe, hopefully, bringing down capitalism. This will level the playing field to an equality never seen in this country or the world. It won't be pretty though, collapse will result in countless deaths and require a will to survive many hardships. The system as it now stands is on it's decline, with borrowing money that doesn't exist, fighting endless wars, pollution, in all forms, poisoning the planet, etc. The system is predicated on endless growth on a finite planet and something has got to give, eventually. These financial measures put in place after the last financial coup just delays the inevitable and is needed to protect average Americans in the short term. Maybe regular folks will finally see how BOTH parties have been screwing them for a long time. I really hope so.


The regulations these admitted crooks, for who else would dismantle an ethics committee, are attacking are the ones that hold back the ravening hordes of flim flam millionaires and grifters. What else would you expect? For the first time we are saddled with a president that has little in the way of scruples to keep him from his using "good business" practices to make a profit from denying his debts to others.


And that, dear friend, is why Hillary Clinton lost the election. It had absolutely nothing to do with her competition but that she is a right wing Democrat, the most useless creature on earth. They even make lousy fertilizer.


I think they've been clueless as to why they lost the three elections or they just can't give up their elitists power and work for we the people and our nation.