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Republicans Must Be Thinking About a President Mike Pence Right Now


Republicans Must Be Thinking About a President Mike Pence Right Now

Charles P. Pierce

Vice President* Mike Pence is stopping by the Commonwealth (God save it!) on Tuesday night to raise money for the Trump re-election effort and the Republican National Committee. (Some crumbs may accrue to the Massachusetts Republican Party, probably to keep the lights on, and to keep the local party’s officials from having to sell Rolex knockoffs on the sidewalk in bad weather.)

Our Republican governor, Smilin’ Charlie Baker, will not be at the fundraiser because his attending will remind everyone that he actually is a member of a political party gone completely mad.


This just in:


They had better do more than Think.

It’s time to pin the tail on the “Donnie” and put him to pastures.


Trump continues to provide the smokescreen the GOP needs to drain the US Treasury into the hands of the 1% and stack courts with enough young right winger judges to control gubmit at least through the 2060s.

The GOP is therefore in no hurry to install Pence.

The smirk you always see on Pence’s face confirms that he is waiting for the right time…to turn the US into a Christian theocracy.


Even if Don is removed, the Republican Party will be just fine. As, sadly, it always and forever is.


There you have it.


Yep. That is why I feel many of the people who are calling for Trump impeachment to be shortsighted. I agree Trump should be impeached but it won’t change the fact that the GOP will still be in control of government. Impeaching Trump should be a step, not an end goal.


I fear Pence far more than Trump… A rather scary thought.


It certainly is hard to tell what is worse. I believe the real danger with Pence though that he can actually keep the insanity under the radar. Trump can’t get out of bed without shooting himself in the foot but Pence will be much more secretive.


I say do it. Replace one turd with the other for the world to see how dimm the country has become. This year has seen and excess of government devolution come November there “must” be some turn over of the elective “officials”.