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Republicans Need a Better Response Besides Quitting


Republicans Need a Better Response Besides Quitting

Charles P. Pierce

First Bob Corker, now Jeff Flake. We're one away from a dangerous trend.


I guess I don’t understand the left’s criticism of Republicans’ Flake and Corker resignations. To me, that means the left has open opportunities to fill their seats. Of course we don’t know what the results would be in an election, but given Trump’s depredations and destructiveness, chances are good for left candidates to fill them. The left must, however, present a job and income platform that all Americans need, particularly ex-Trump voters. I just don’t think they will support Trump again if the left has good policies to benefit us all.

What am I missing?


You know that the framing of the issues has been overtaken by the right-wing and moved to an absurd place when being a " Goldwater-Reagan conservative" is presented (by a the senator) as being thoughtful and moderate.

You 'Mercans are sooo farked.


I love Charles Pierce’s writing. The verbal gift of ‘zombie eyed granny starver from WI’ as a description of Paul Ryan has always struck me as pitch perfect.

Flake and Corker will be heading off in to the sunset with some kind of lovely, cushy, consulty lobby jobs. Calling out Twitler, sort of, and then voting like the true azzhats that they really are on budget, money for the pentagon, and destroying healthcare does not make these clowns anything remotely resembling good guys or heroes,


Perhaps self immolation would be a better choice.


Logically, you are correct. The problem, as Senator Flake well realizes, is that the Republican primary voters are not logical. They will surely choose someone more in tune with Trump. In Arizona, that person will likely win, thus moving the Senate Republicans even farther around the bend.

The sight of slightly sane Republicans quitting is ominous, to say the least!


“…the pettiest and most personal reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with the fortunes of the people that we have all been elected to serve.”

Flake’s use of the word “fortunes” was to me most telling. Did he mean to say that in his opinion, representatives are elected to serve the “fortunes” of the people, or the people with fortunes, and never mind those without fortunes?


Take a closer look at Arizona, they really like Trump and they want that wall.


Fern & Nighthawk,

You are both right about Tennessee and Arizona being Conservative “Trump territory”. My thinking was that empty seats are just usually easier to win than those that require replacing an incumbent.


I agree, the Tea Party has won many elections as they ran for office unopposed. Arizona would benefit from having alternatives but it is very polarized at this time. Hopefully, that will change and this is an opportunity for that. I don’t know that much about Tennessee.