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Republicans, Not Russians, Threaten Our Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/06/republicans-not-russians-threaten-our-elections

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The above headline should be changed to:  “Republicans AND Russians Threaten Our Elections”

In addition to the above, 'Pooplickin state legislatures all over the country are notorious for widespread gerrymandering, even worse than what DamnocRats do when they’re in power. Adding to the problem of Russian “bots” on social media, “Moscow Mitch” is getting BIG bucks from a Russian aluminium ty­coon, most of which will undoubtedly go to funding his re-election.  And who knows how many millions Giulilooney and his employers Lev & Igor have illegally funneled into the coffers of 'PoopLickin PACs?


It ain’t Russiagate

It’s Lock the Gate


BOGUS HEADLINE ALERT! They both threaten our elections and they work together

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Traitorous Republicans and their Russian proxies.

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The biggest threats to our “democracy” are the House of Windsor and American generals.

To all you people who say both Russians and Reps threaten our elections? Still not right. I say it the two party charade more than any Rooskie trolls that rob us of our democracy. The Dems and the Reps are who collectively sell our country off day in day out. Russians? Please.They got nothing on the Dems when it comes to rigging elections. The Dems claimed the right to steal our elections in open court, for crissakes.


I call total BS on “steal.”

But for no reason, apparently.

Lucid should be writing “steal nominations,” not elections. because that actually was the Democratic Party defense in court. But of course there’s no election once the nomination has been stolen.

None of that makes Alvarez less correct about what Republicans are doing, of course. It just makes it myopic and probably self-serving to call only the Republicans out right after the Democratic theft has been so thoroughly documented.

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so, what would you call these REPUBLICAN tactics: CLOSE polling places WITHOUT NOTICE in (mostly) neighborhoods of color or college campuses; Voter ID requirements & then CLOSING the Dept. of Motor Safety in the urban county; putting POLICE at polls in neighborhoods of color—effectively INTIMIDATING people from voting; PURGING LEGAL VOTERS From the rolls—& they DON’T even know that they’ve been purged until ELECTION DAY—then, give them a “provisional ballot”–which is thrown in the trash. These are ALL actual things that the Republicans have done multiple times in multiple places since the 2000 Election.
I’m pretty damn dislillusioned with the Democratic Party, too—after their ENDLESS SCAPEGOATING of Ralph Nader (who I voted for) for G.W. Bush STEALING the 2000 (s)election (with help from Supreme Court). Hillary Clinton’s continuation of that scapegoating recently AGAINST Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party 2016—who I voted for)) pisses me off. The various DNC crap against Bernie Sanders (who I supported in tjhe primaries–voted Green Party in the general) pisses me off.
But, what the GOP is doing goes even FURTHER than the Corporate Democrats—the GOP is making all-out WAR against the idea of a REPRESENTATIVE democracy. They are pushing us BACKWARDS by 150 years

They are called primary “elections” and the Dems claimed in open court to have no legal responsibility to hold fair ones. Y’all can split hairs all you like, you can point to the greater evil of the Reps, but until you realize the foxes are in your hen house, your presumption of self-determination is nothing more than the elites’ manufactured consent.