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Republicans On Crack


Republicans On Crack

Pierre Tristam

Growing up I always figured the Berlin Wall would fall from the weight of its own insanity. I just never figured it would happen when I was in my 20s, in the 1980s. I figured it’d be more of a mid-21st century sort of thing, if our nukes and the Soviets’ didn’t interrupt the natural order of things. I’ve had the same thoughts about the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan made it America’s wall in those same 80s. It was bound to crack up, what with the nation’s whites fast and blessedly approaching minority status.


Donald Trump wouldn't be where he is without the relentless promoting of the main-stream media. It's not just that they give him a majority of air-time, it's that they present him like some supermarket tabloid would, totally devoid of analysis and context. Maybe if the MSM would just shut the F up for a few months, folks would start to think for themselves. Although, when a quarter of citizens think the sun goes around the earth... prospects of that happening are dim.


Trump's success is easy to understand.

Most Murkins over 40 have been permanently brainwashed to fear the S word and the C word, and will never go near Sanders, and every other GOP choice, including Hillary, is worse than Trump.


Holding up Kasich as a reasonable candidate is ridiculous. Another war monger!
Just because he doesn't get involved in the 3rd grade bullying arguments the others engage in during the debates does not qualify him for president.


Joe Williams did a great satiric song called "it's not easy being white," Mr. Tristam with, " It was bound to crack up (GOP), what with the nation’s whites fast and blessedly approaching minority status," reflects a new phenomenon in contemporary politcs, that is, it is somehow untoward for a progressive to win because of the white vote. For the first time in my memory being from a white state such as Vermont is a negative at the outset. I don't recall anyone getting on McGovern because he was from white South Dakota. Bernie's successess are being disparaged because they were in white states. This is being troted out daily in the MSM. I noticed the only Parish Bernie carried in Louisiana was LaSalle Parish, 83% white and poor. Tsk Tsk Bernie. In the spirt of Joe Williams, it's not easy being white.


The Republican Party does look like a train wreck at the national level although it is very strong at the state level so I expect it will continue no matter what happens in November. I think their best bet of winning is to have a brokered convention and nominate Nikki Haley from South Carolina who became nationally known by her support for removing the confederate flag that was flying in front of the state capital. Of course what makes the Republican unique as a political party is that most of its elected officials have left reality and deny global warming, thereby leaving it to operate in a fictional world that is not facing the worst crisis in the history of humanity. The Republican Party is therefore literally a joke. But the MSM lets them have a pass. Not a single question has been asked about global warming in any of the main Republican debates even though it is the worst long-term crisis facing this country. Amazing! The press should be all over the Republicans wanting to take the country on what is nothing less than a suicidal course of continuing to burn fossil fuels for energy. For the sake of the future of humanity it is absolutely critical that the Republican nominee be defeated in November.


All you have to know about Kasich, is he has pledged to endorse Trump if Trump gets the Republican nomination for POTUS.


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This speaks to the power Trump has.


Braindrops keep falling from my head...


You are just so certain of this. On what basis? That Trump has said that he would talk to Putin?

He has also stated that he wants to increase military expenditures to make it so "no one will even think of messing with us". He has also proposed, as per his policy proposals on his website that he will expand military presence off the coast of China, as part of his strategy to deal with China regarding trade.

From his website policy position statement on China…

Strengthen the U.S. military and deploying it appropriately in the East and South China Seas. These actions will discourage Chinese adventurism that imperils American interests in Asia and shows our strength as we begin renegotiating our trading relationship with China. A strong military presence will be a clear signal to China and other nations in Asia and around the world that America is back in the global leadership business.

Given that fact that Russia and China have been fostering a closer relationship to counter the US moves in Asia, including military cooperation, it seems to me that you aren't going into deep enough analysis of a potential WWIII scenario as it pertains to a potential Trump presidency.

That ego with a military at his command, and you think that he is some kind of dove?


So you go for semantics, then you throw Clinton in my face who I have never defended, and you insinuate that I'm somehow against Putin in regard to US policy posture toward Russia, and on top of it you accuse me of falling for "shrill, elitist, fascist fear mongering."

And all I've done is to point out Trumps actions, words, and policy statements.

Here is some more for you to churn into some kind of personal insult there Jimmy. You like torture? Well, Trump did, and now he doesn't. The fact that he did for a time bug you?

I mean, what he said about torture freaked out even those in the US Military that didn't exactly call out their own for doing so during the Bush Administration.

But, hey, your guy Trump, until he was told to shut the fuck up by people in the military was doubling down bragging about how he would use torture against terror suspects and ultimately kill their families.

Yes this is your guy Jimmy. Since you have gone there with your demeanor then the gloves are off as far as any more communication with you on this topic. I did my best to maintain respect with our differences, but you just trashed it.

Sorry, I don't want to support this dickhead racist for President already, and no I won't be voting for Clinton so stop throwing that bullshit in my face.

excerpt........quotes from your guy who you tirelessly support with your new found Trump-progressiveness.

On Friday, Trump promised to uphold international laws regarding the treatment of terror suspects and their families. In effect, this reverses his earlier pledge to kill the families of terrorists as part of his efforts to fight the Islamic State and other extremist groups. It also appears to change course on his promise to bring back torture; both policies have been widely condemned by Republicans and Democrats alike.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Trump said he would “use every legal power that I have to stop these terrorist enemies. I do, however, understand that the United States is bound by laws and treaties, and I will not order our military or other officials to violate those laws and will seek their advice on such matters. I will not order a military officer to disobey the law. It is clear that as president I will be bound by laws, just like all Americans, and I will meet those responsibilities.”

This is a far cry — and a quick turnabout — from comments he made Thursday night during a contentious Republican debate in Detroit. Trump said then he would stick to his pledge to do things “hell of a lot worse” than waterboarding to suspects, and that he would authorize the military to kill family members of terrorists.

“I’ve always been a leader,” the billionaire businessman said Thursday night. “I’ve never had any problem leading people. If I say do it, they’re going to do it.”

Add that to your endorsement Jimmy.


Spring Time for Trumpler.


All kidding aside, it doesn't matter what Trump says about foreign policy. That is carved in granite. He will be pulled into a room and shown the short video of what he has to do to prevent his destruction. After that, if the deep state is really candid, they will tell him, "Hey, al Nusra and IS really are our guys, Assad must go, the real war is against the Russians and the Chinese and in defense of the dollar as well as the chance for Wall Street and the City to slice up the Russian natural resources and turn them into investment tranches to sell to investors. In the meantime Mr. Trump, you can do a Kristalnacht on the Mexicans for some fun sheeple diversion." Nothing personal but that's the way it is, Jimmy and yes they'll do the same to Sanders and you're right, Hillary is already on board. I wish it weren't so but it is.



This thread - and much of the focus and commentary at Common Dreams - is a sideshow.

WHO YOU VOTE FOR is trivial. Voting and electioneering are played as a grand spectacle, rather than the culmination of genuine citizen participation and engagement.

Feel free to viciously trash each other, for incorrectly pledging your future drop-in-the-bucket vote.

Oligarchs adore us when we waste our energy in this manner, as long as we do not wrestle with much more important matters, like organizing our lives, our families, our communities to interfere with the machinations of the corporatists, extractivists, colonialists, military industrialists, capitalists.

Maybe the right candidate will save us!


I've been very open and direct about my criticisms of Sanders relative to the F35, his general support of ongoing US foreign policy including NATO, and the fact that he didn't call for prosecution of war criminals during the Bush Administration.

I have stated that this presented a dilemma for me, and that ultimately I'm a hypocrite on this issue since initially I refused to support Sanders because of that. Mea culpa.

But I'm clear about this. You, and others that have suddenly become Trump supporters consistently either deny Trump's own militarism, or dismiss his openly racist and misogynist positions as being either no big deal, or that he is simply getting a bad rap. I mean, where do you draw the line in your support for what you view as the lesser evil?


I am for Bernie Sanders, I worked the Indiana County Fair for Obama.
Bill Press is right. Obama promised one thing but then had this idealistic idea of compromise with the Republicans, and threw away his first two years.

Trump is not a current politician. He has not been bought. Republicans are not stupid, they know that Mitch McConnell has ordered all Republicans to take orders and behave like Lemmings. What is making them angry is that the Repubs are taking down our government. Trump is stating the obvious with no apologies while the other candidates are talking doner talking points. The vast majority of republicans don't want our government to be take down from the inside, like the Koch brothers are trying to do.


The best hope for the country now:

  • The establishment Republicans steal Trump's nomination for Cruz
  • The War Witch beats Cruz in November
  • Hillary behaves as we all know she will
  • A massive left/right movement takes to the streets in the millions and overthrows the oligarchy


Steps 1 to 3 seem all-too-likely, actually.

What's not in that list, and makes step 4 possible, is the rage and alienation of Bernie and Trump backers, who will feel (correctly) that the establishment screwed them (again).

Occupy 2.0, whatever you want to call it. Coming during Hillary's time in office. Cursed to live in interesting times...


This a puzzling phenomenon, people who claim to be progressive saying they will vote for Trump if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination. Trump has zero experience in government. He is acting like an autocratic with his rallies more closely resembling those of George Wallace and Mussolini than those of traditional candidates for president. He switches positions almost daily. He has been involved in the birther movement. He wants to send all illegal immigrants back to Mexico. He want to keep all Muslims who are not US citizens out the US. He has insulted the physical characteristics of many of his opponents. He didn't know what the US nuclear triad is. He could not identify the leader of ISIS. He started a "university" which was a scam and is being sued. He licensed his name to a large luxury development and made claims to customers about his involvement and then when the developer went broke he claimed he had nothing to do with the development and was sued and then settled. He claims he doesn't settle law suits yet he has. I just don't get how anyone with progressive values could consider voting for this man.