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Republicans Ready Sabotage of White House Plans for UN Climate Summit



They look, sound, and smell ever more like traitors. Serving the public has become a password to power, after which they are free to bow and scrape before their true lords and masters, the 1%.


How bleak the future looks when seen through republican eyes. It isn't like they really don't know... it really is more like they don't care. Just because they tell each other that they don't believe the science that doesn't mean that they actually don't believe it to be true. They are corrupt and want to get paid. That is just the way it is.

They figure a few more years before anything really needs to be done. A few more years until it gets bad enough so that they won't lose that payday by saying okay lets do at least something because by that time it will have gotten pretty bad they'll have to admit it... but not yet. A few more years before the inevitable becomes so obvious that even they can't keep denying it like they do now. A few more years where they don't have to do anything. That's all the republicans ask is just a few more years of everybody doing nothing because to republicans it isn't bad enough yet.

The republican mantra of denial... "Not yet! It isn't bad enough yet."

Not yet... not yet...not yet...not yet...always ...Not Yet!!!

Boy are we f'ked with these idiots. It is criminal.


I just don't believe that they don't know. It seems too irrational so that it is probably that they do know but they don't really care. That is corruption at work. In effect republicans are being bribed to look the other way about climate change. Some act that way because their base has been dumbed down and some because their base is fatalistic whether fundamentally or otherwise. Some because fossil fuel money is lush and abundant. Some because they are just mindlessly against anything that doesn't seem reactionary.

Most I think get the picture though but figure ... just a few more years of getting those golden eggs from the goose. The goose may be getting sick and isn't looking so good these days but they rationalize... just a few more years ... just a few more years until it gets really bad first.

You look back in history to examples of political despair and wonder how could people have gone along with it? How come they didn't put a stop to such corruption and incompetency? Why was Ulysses S. Grant's administration so corrupt? Or Tamany Hall etc. Didn't people know? The robber barons (now there's a concept when you think about it...lol) and all the rest.

Yeah they knew what they were doing but they didn't care.

I'm thinking that people should design their own flyers and print out a few copies and paste them up where others can see them.

In this age of the internet we only communicate with those who want to hear what we say to each other. We need to communicate to others who don't know. Who haven't heard.

A home printer flyer campaign!!! If ten thousand people put up a flyer even if only using tape, near a bus stop or on a bare wall outside (or inside since tape is harmless) people will see the messages.

Like the "Oceans are dying" or the "Drought's forest fires are caused by global warming" with a downloaded picture printed out... people will think about what many of them never see. Would never have cause to think about otherwise.

"Fracking poisons our wells" ... stuff like that. Short and sweet.

It did more than people think back in the sixties. People need to be reminded ...we here in CD don't need the reminders because we are interested and seek out info. Other people need to be communicated with ...nicely...

Lol... use tape!


"and hurt low-income families"

Not sure I have ever seen Republican policy that was ever bothered about low-income families. Gutting of the social safety net & opposition to minimum wage rises would seem to me to hurt those on low income more than any climate change action (let alone any impact ACTUAL climate change will have on the less well off).


This isn't even good for the 1%. Someone sane with that kind of wealth would be concerned about more than adding a few digits to their score sheet.

They would care about the kind of world they will inhabit, and prefer one where poor nations are able to provide their own food and water, where rising sea levels aren't forcing nations bordering Bangladesh to deal with millions of unwelcome refugees.

They would want to preside over a world with vibrant diverse vacations spots with charming native cultures, climates and ecosystems.

Giving up all of this for a net economic loss is NOT in the interest of the 1%. It is a very small group of fossil fuel "job creators" like the Koch Brothers that are shoving this down our throats.