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Republicans Set A Standard For Impeachment — And Trump Has Met It


Republicans Set A Standard For Impeachment — And Trump Has Met It

Tom Steyer

Former FBI Director James Comey’s explosive testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee began with an unambiguous declaration that the president of the United States lied about his firing. He went on to raise serious questions about Trump’s efforts to impede an FBI investigation into possible collusion between Trump or his associates and the Russian government. These questions require immediate investigation by an independent commission free of Trump’s interference.


But, but... I don't get it. Trumpo the Klown said that Comey's testimony completely "vindicated " him. Oh wait, we are in Upside Down World now. We live in a country where a lying, racist, sexist, sack of shit is supported by many tens of millions in near cult-like ways because he can offer up obvious bullshit as "truth" and where our media will call him "presidential" when he can read a teleprompter w/o fucking up and launch missiles while having a great piece of chocolate cake.
I forgot.


Styer is living in a fantasyland. I'm not a fan of Trump, but this impeachment talk is just nonsense. It's going nowhere and if pursued will wind up consuming enormous time and resources while the real needs of Americans go unaddressed by Congress and the White House. America has had enough of this nonsense -- it's bad enough that we have a eccentric presidency, we don't need an obsessive and fantasy-driven Congress to make matters worse. Congress needs to drop this bogus inquiry and get to work on health care, taxes and infrastructure.


Congress IS working "on health care, taxes and infrastructure".

Trump's criminal activity and Congress' "bogus inquiry" is providing the perfect smokescreen for Congress to make a bad healthcare system even worse with tax cuts for corporations and the 1% and tax increases for the 99% being part of the deal, while paying lip service to infrastructure while diverting those funds to the bloated miltary while infrastructure continues to crumble.

With the best smokescreen they have ever had functioning so well, there is no crime too heinous or egregious that would ever prompt the GOP controlled Congress to make any effort to impeach Trump.

Comparing 2017 to the 1998 Clinton impeachment is like comparing the 1980s savings and loan scandal (wherein more than 1,000 bankers were jailed) with the 2008 crash (wherein no bankers were even indicted). The S&L scandal negatively impacted a couple hundred thousand Murkins whereas the 2008 crash impacted billions of people in nearly every nation on earth. Criminal order of magnitude means nothing in DC where decriminalization of white collar crime has been running full throttle for nearly four decades.


Tom Steyer--nice guy. very generous.

But if the D-Party thinks it's going to win elections with billionaires like Steyer front and center, and with impeachment and Russia sucking all the air out of the room, then they've learned nothing...or don't want to.

As for healthcare, taxes and infrastructure, the D-Party will catfood commission and grand bargain those.


Those of us who are Americans have a right to hold any official accountable for any misdeeds committed while in office. To say that it is a distraction is a joke! Why not say that about holding a thief or murderer accountable for a crime? Do people suggest that putting a criminal on trial is a distraction from building roads or whatever?

We need an investigation of wrongdoing and in fact, of possible treason! Just because one is rich and powerful doesn't mean that they can get away with crimes. Trump and his minions went behind the backs of all Americans in having secret dealings with a foreign power! We don't pay him to do that!

Impeach the arrogant SOB! He betrayed his own country!


It's difficult even to read most articles on Common Dreams anymore, because they are mostly anti-Trump/pro-impeachment. How can anyone could look forward to a President Mike Pence is inconceivable. He's a theocratic, milaristic, anti-gay, extreme rightwing ideologue; a man who doesn't believe in evolution, but believes in "Dominionism". Trump is bad, very bad, but at least he puts an ugly face and incompetent behavior to the policies that Republicans advocate. Mike Pence is experienced, polished, and knows the tricks for pushing through unpopular policies. Obviously he's the one who chose most of Trump's cabinet, and what a horror show it is. Please CD, stop pushing relentlessly for this impeachment, which is a distraction. We should all be focusing instead on pushing progressive candidates for 2018 and 2020.


Nobody wants to see Trump impeached more than Ayatollah Pence does.

Focus on 2018 elections indeed, AND focus on pushing out Pence and other members of Trump's inner circle. Just as pushing VP Agnew and other Nixon henchmen out was the only way to push Nixon out, it is critical that Trump not be the first one pushed out.

There is zero chance that Trump will be impeached by a GOP AG and GOP controlled Congress.


Yes. Probably true. But, frankly, I'd rather be doing this than having Trump and the Republicans, to use your verb, "addressing" our needs, because they would most surely be doing just the opposite. Better to delay and obfuscate than have these criminals get their way.


Exactly correct, which is why the impeachment process should be dragged out until September or October of next year.


I'd bet that Steyer would rather have Hillary than Bernie, in a similar way that Wall St. would prefer Don to Bernie.


At the very least, Don is turning a blind eye to what has been established: Putin hacked our election.
Don doesn't care about that, and even described the Constitution as "archaic."
He is a threat to our country, and the rest of the world.
Too bad you can't see that.


Except that hasn't been established. There is still no conclusive proof that Putin did hack the election. At this point it is still only conjecture.


On the other hand though all this talks of impeachment might be having the effect of masking what the House and Congress are doing. Such as the House voting to repeal Dodd Frank during the Comey testimony. Granted even if the Comey testimony wasn't happening M$M likely wouldn't have mentioned this news anyway.


Can't claim you're mistaken, but my impression (from Comey) is that it is clear that they did so. Comey also added,, "they'll be back."


He will be impeached. It will be the first order of business when the new House members are sworn in January 2019. Until then, El Presidente Naranja Mentiroso, Bitch McConman, Lyin' Ryan and the Reptilians will do all they can to make the rich richer, the poor poorer and resurrect a 1950 style society.


Spare me the Trump trolling. It isn't about the Dems despite what the Repubs are trying to claim. It is about our president and his people/family and minions having secret doings/meetings/conversations with a FOREIGN POWER! It could be any foreign power. This president betrays us and he needs be impeached. Whether it was Flynn or himself revealing intel to the Russian ambassador, this is not a person to be trusted in the role as president! Conservatives have flipped from being obsessed with Russia during the Cold War to excusing Trump and minions secretly playing footsies with them for profit now! Hypocrites!

Trump should face facts! So should all Trump Trolls! The country doesn't want Trump. How much more obvious does that have to be. He is not only corrupt but he is also incompetent and something of a fool who hires people to be smarter than he is.

If he were on the "Apprentice" - Trump (as president) would be fired!

Btw...the electoral college gave Trump the election but the votes of the people of this country went to the Dems! He lost but gerrymandering and corruption not democracy put him in the Oval Office!


Are you able to read English? The word impeach is in the dictionary, maybe you should google the meaning of the word? Like many a Trump troll, you have just joined the site. Maybe you have and maybe you are one person using several names?

Perhaps you don't follow the news but it was revealed that Trump shared classified intel with the Russian ambassador. No one elected Trump to act like he was a king who could do whatever he wanted to while in office. Trump was elected mainly due to opposition to Hillary and the way the democrats sabotaged the Bernie Sanders nomination. You are too willing to excuse behavior which should be investigated.

You are thinking challenged perhaps? Your nonsense about a coup is truly ridiculous. What coup? The one you fantasize about on a drunk?