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Republicans Silenced Warren's Reading of Coretta Scott King, Provoking Dem Resistance


Republicans Silenced Warren's Reading of Coretta Scott King, Provoking Dem Resistance

Nika Knight, staff writer

Senate Republicans voted Tuesday evening to formally silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), prompting widespread public outcry, for reading a letter by Coretta Scott King from 30 years ago that condemned Sen. Jeff Sessions's (R-Ala.) record on voting and civil rights.

President Donald Trump has nominated Sessions for attorney general, and a vote on Sessions is expected to take place Wednesday.


Well, it looks like Hope does spring eternally after all!


The republicans have no shame. They have no decency. We better get used to it. But we will persist. Indeed. And they better get used to that.


Don't you get it Elizabeth? Look, we killed her husband MLK to silence the people's voice and now you are lauding it again?


Finally, we have a few good Senators stand up for the peoples right to speak. That is not enough! We have a dem party that is incapable of speaking truth to power as they have been bought out by banks and corporate raiders.

When will the dem strategists and dem politicians learn from history? We know the republicans do and have been doing a fine jobs of market saturation in every aspect of our lifes including a women's body. They are greedy sycophants.


Mitch McConnell would not recognize integrity if it were a flashing neon sign in a dark room. His invoking of Rule 19 was his Trump card; he had it in his pocket and was ready to use any excuse to double down on Senator Warren, simply because the truth would interfere with his agenda, which was and is to confirm Sessions as the next AG of the United States in order to purge democracy.

I can only say this one time, McConnell actually led the American people; he led them to the letter that was written by Coretta Scott Kind thirty years ago; and, had McConnell not been so eager to shutdown and silence Senator Warren, perhaps only a few thousand people would have heard her read that letter during what could have been a routine debate over a controversial nominee. However, Senator Warren's Facebook page, specific to the post where she read the letter in its entirety, has had, as of this time, 6 million views.

Senator Jeff Merkley defied the GOP and read a letter by Coretta Scott King on the U.S. Senate floor, as did Senator Tom Udall, Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders. McConnell said nothing, yet he said it all. McConnell is no different than Trump, because he thinks his power is limitless, but it's really rudderless, and his attempt to impose himself on the will of this nations representatives and the citizens they represent will not stand.

Mitch McConnell is a fossil [I apologize to fossils all over the world who actually deserve respect]; he is an outdated member of the Good Old Boys Club who has wandered into a party, The Republican Party, where they play the old and tired hits of yesterday that celebrate oppression and exclusion.

We know that the people, the judiciary and many of our representatives are not signing off on this travesty and threat to our democracy. Elizabeth Warren has spoken, and her voice has been heard around the world, thanks to Mitch McConnell.


"McConnell is no different than Trump" indeed, and neither is any other GOP operative, elected or staff.

Don't be fooled by any white hat / black hat theatrics within the GOP. The biggest threat from Trump is not his loose cannon characteristics, the biggest threat from Trump is his willingness to hold the door open for every GOP operative to check every item off their sinister buckets lists between now and the 2018 midterm election..

Although there may have been a few GOP moderate holdouts at the turn of the millennium, Cheney and his puppet Dubya made sure the moderate holdouts changed parties or found new careers by the time of the Iraq invasion.


The White House tells the press to "shut up"----democrats have a "filibuster"(joke) and a sitting Senator is told to shut up and take her seat. I heard numerous rep senators scold the democrats for there bad behavior------

A sitting senator silenced-----and we hear a whimper-----the whip of the senate Dick Durbin laughed and said "Elizabeth just gets under there skin"

The republicans just spent 8 years blocking everything Obama tried to do---now they will erase the little he accomplished---I hope we will see some of these dem face challenges in primaries.

The State of Massachusetts should respond in a real way for silencing their sitting Senator.


Mitch McConnell is a rich white pri(k bully who abused his 'power' in the Senate to silence a woman who dared to quote another woman speaking 'Truth to Power'.

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth". ~Buddha~

Mitch McConnell, the rich white pri(k who silenced the Truth about Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions yesterday, has enabled the whole wide World to learn the Truth about his fellow Rich White Pri(k, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, today and forever.

Way to go Addison!


Yes indeed. A moderate Republican no longer exists. The few who remained were "primaried" out over the last 15 years or so.
McConnell is a worthless piece of excrement, along with the rest of the GOP. He proudly announced at the beginning of the
Obama presidency that he would obstruct everything for the next 4, then 8 years. That's exactly what he did, his masterpiece
being refusal to ever even consider the appointment of Judge Garland for the Scalia vacancy. In retrospect, that is probably when
all of us should have hit the streets!

I am not excusing the obvious flaws in the Democratic Party, but the fact remains that the Republicans are infinitely worse,
putting always their extremely regressive ideology ahead of what the majority of the people want. They only care about "their
kind/class" and do not give a damn about the rest of us!


"Revolt" by the same Dems that cost our nation 4 years of destruction? Too little, too bloody late, fools! Sorry, I haven't seen any "revolt" or actual reforms yet, just more dem establishment weakness and smarmy image-shift!

Meaningful reforms and change in overall direction has yet to become fact; any claims to be "in revolt" or be a strong opposition party are BS when the party is STILL a Republican-lite charade that serves big-money and banker/wall street/corporate power!

The same Dem-establishment sycophants that fell to their knees whenever there was a fight on principle or policy during the Obama compromiser-in-chiefs tenure (and before), and rigged the nomination of HRC rather than Bernie Sanders, cannot "lead" any longer! The issues Sanders championed and his/our coalition that would have saved us from the current freakin nightmare were sabotaged by the same people now in power! The same sellouts are still the so-called "leaders" of the party - Schumer a craven compromiser and Pelosi as weak and blind to what is needed and what the millions of the Dem /Progressive/independent American base demand to resist the trump neofascist regime!

Real, basic foundational change in direction of the Dem Party is required!


These damn Republicans make fools of themselves every time they open their mouths. I do believe that if they couldn't steal elections, they would never win any.


Yes, so true.


All I can say is Elizabeth Warren is lucky she is not as powerful as MLK, because instead of being told to shut up and sit down because she is in violation of article 19, she would be shot down in cold blood!


If only the millionaire club would get as upset over 50% of citizens living poverty.


Where I work, we register people to vote. Its appalling how many decline to register thinking that their vote doesn't matter. But that's exactly the kind of defeatism that the republicans want people to think. Anytime one of my clients complains about how little they get in food stamps, I will ask them if they voted.


Do not forget to include the wingnut batshit crazy Tea Party that took over the GOP in a very short time.

The GOP in both the House and Senate are now the Republican Reichstag...jackboots and goosestepping in unison included. They have no courage of conviction, integrity, nor allegiance to anyone (especially not to their constituents or all Americans) except for the current fuhrer, Herr Drumpf (and his puppet master, Bannon). That way they can ram through all the anti-human, ant-environment, anti-peace, anti-planet dictates while pandering to their moneyed backers and banksters. They have to make sure that their pile of money continues to grow to prepare for their retirements and/or to purchase yet another vacation home in Aspen, the Caribbean, or Switzerland..


Going to be interesting to see if any Dems vote to confirm Sessions............


Essentially, Rule 19 says that no Senator is allowed to mention another Senator's Crimes or Corruption.

Just like their attempts to make themselves Immune to Ethics probes, this is Hypocrisy of the Highest order.

Saying aloud that Jeff Sessions the 3rd is a Bigot and a Racist violates Rule 19 because it's True.


This is just the type of thing that helps the general public to see how ridiculous the Trump Administration & Congressional Republicans are. Elizabeth Warren has now generated a hundred-fold more attention to Coretta Scott King's letter than she ever would have by just including in a Senate floor speech.