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Republicans Slammed for Utter 'Perversion of Constitutional Duties' Over SCOTUS Nominee


Republicans Slammed for Utter 'Perversion of Constitutional Duties' Over SCOTUS Nominee

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Scores of organizations representing a wide range of interests have denounced Republican obstructionism on a Supreme Court nominee, writing to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday that its "unprecedented and destructive" decision represents "a dereliction of constitutional duty."


Business as usual for the Republican racism machine. Breaking: Chris Christie just endorsed Trump. One Tri-State area bully endorsing another Tri-State area bully. Ho-hum.


Since the Republican party are owned by the .1% you can see the .1%'s behavior by watching the Republican behavior. These people do not care about government, people, the planet, or other life on this planet. They only care about money and will do absolutely anything to get their way. They have no sole.


Didn't take long for the conservatives to piss on Scalia's originalism.


Is there any sort of impeachment proceeding that can be brought for failure to perform the Constitutional duties? Perhaps some senatorial censure motion? Granted, it would presumably be merely symbolic, because anything requiring a vote would not be passed. But at least it would be, in the media, one more Scarlet Letter on the RepubliCons jackets.


In reality. it is simply a poor strategy on the Republicans part to announce that they won't consider any Supreme Court nominee. They easily could have kept there mouths shut (imagine that) and just drug out any hearings and ultimately not confirmed any President Obama nominee.


Rebukes? Water off these _ ucks' backs. As if they give a damn.


Nothing but a bunch of heels!


Not that I don't like your comment, because I do, but I would use a much harsher adjective than "heels." Ha


And while they're making up their pea-brains about what to do they should be held at Gitmo! It is beyond disgusting that we have done nothing about this b4 now -- they seriously do need to be tried for treason, and I don't think they should have a chance to 'think about it' prior to being charged!


Constitution of the United States

Article I, Section 5

Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two thirds, expel a member.

Article III, Section 3

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. . . .The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted."


"It may be Vice President Joseph R. Biden who dooms President Obama’s hopes of reshaping the Supreme Court and picking a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia after Republicans unearthed a 1992 speech in which then-Sen. Biden said it was “not fair” to let a lame-duck president make such an important decision.

Mr. Biden, who was chairman of the Judiciary Committee at the time, was laying down a marker against President George H.W. Bush, saying once the “political season” had started, the president should back down and wait until after the election."


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A recess appointment is the only solution. If ever Obama believed compromise was possible with Republicans, he has now been told very clearly by the racist traitors themselves that no compromise is possible. He needs to do his duty as our president and make recess appointments, not just of a new Supreme Court judge, but of every single judge in the lower courts that the Republicans have blocked. We have huge backlogs in our justice system because of racist Republicans' refusal to work for a "black" president. I expect Obama to do his job and get those positions filled--ALL of them--in the very next recess. Then I expect him to pursue his options in filing criminal charges against these traitors. It is treason to attempt to block the American government's ability to govern for ALL citizens, not just for racist whites who are controlled by the 1%. I would like to see every one of these traitors held without bail--and of course without habeus corpus, since we no longer have that in our "democracy"--in Guantanamo until we decide whether or IF we will charge them. They are a clear and present danger to what is left of our democracy and have revealed themselves to be domestic terrorists bent on obstructing democracy. I'd like to see them subjected to daily "anal rehydration" too, but you can't have everything.


"Groups say GOP blocking Supreme Court justice nominee 'would cause a constitutional crisis that would shake the very foundation of our democracy'"

I would say the foundations of democracy have been shaking for quite some time now, in fact i would venture to say that those foundations crumbled long ago, what we are seeing now is the system breaking down due to years of picking away at said constitution.

I think the system is broken beyond repair, money broke it.


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When was the last time you saw either the "D's" or the "R's" pay any attention to the Constitution of the United States or its first ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights?
* That Constitution no longer exists in the US Fourth Reich. As with the Third Reich and its "Enabling Acts", which took away the civil rights of the German People, the Fourth Reich has its illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed "Patriot Act" to be the rule and guide of our nation, and which has spawned legions of similar "laws" to further remove any rights of what used to be Citizens of the United States, but are now no more than Subjects of the Reich.


The Washington Times is a right-wing rag. The Dems may be a lot of things, but they have NEVER obstructed the eventual confirmation of a Repuglican president's supreme court replacement-see 1988, which gave us Kennedy.
Biden was not advising to actually actively obstruct as McConnell, etc. are doing now. This is unprecedented, and NO, both sides don't do it.


The oligarchy party never sleeps. It can afford to hire dedicated experts in deceit to forestall and prevent a future when their empire collapses, as usual.

The part of the larger poor people's party that has not sold out and cannot afford to preempt anything forever seems to be stuck on damage control.


Doubt Bush would say that. There is no evidence he said it. Honestly sounds more like Obama.
The "Author" of that leak has retracted the story.