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Republicans Struggle to Reboot Their “Small Government, Personal Responsibility” Scam

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/18/republicans-struggle-reboot-their-small-government-personal-responsibility-scam


Trump punching bag animation

to go along with the rest of the kabuki being fiddled while the planet burns.

The DNC … hmmm… … gee wheres the hilarbilly pair? where is the wavy haired schmuck from Florida? The fact that DNC has kept Tom Perez speaks volumes to the footprint of the DNC… or is it boot heel?
I am keeping my eyes peeled for puppet strings considering the tangled mess that that crew scrambled last time, the time before that and …

Green New Deal
Public Banking
Co-op models for ALL kinds of businesses being monopolized
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I believe the latest columns from Thom are more effective. Less complicated and more primer.


Do we mostly have “two” teams fighting what is right? Yes. Are they pretending? Yes. Two flanks keeping progressives and America down? Yes. Washington Generals vs The Harlem Globetrotters? Yes. All the people you name etc? Yes.

Why are you joining them?


Republicans will forever be known as the party of "Greed, Racism, and Financial Irresponsibility."

Being blind to this while supporting this, will never erase the damage those who enable this have caused.


They would throw a drowning man a rope and refuse to pull him ashore and then say a rope is better than a stone.

They have had their minds mined by millennia of myths and fallacies passed down through the generations, they just repeat these myths .

No critical thinking allowed !


I’ve always answered when someone calls Democrats the “Tax and Spend” party. Better than the Republican “Borrow and spend” party.


I dunno Thom; I’ve had a lot of democrats spout the “personal responsibility” line at me, telling me it’s all my fault, etc., etc.

John F Kennedy was a democrat, and proposed, and got from Congress a large tax cut. Calling democrats “tax and spenders” is quite wrong, as we see in the cases of Clinton and Kennedy.


The fact that the DNC insisted on keeping Super Delegates is all you need to know about their intentions to Rig it now and going forward. Nothing will fundamentally change

…(not you TOG) anyone who wants to make excuses for SD still existing, can bite my crank


“Will Americans Buy It Again?”

This wouldn’t even be a question if the choice was something other than
Wall Street Red or Wall Street Blue



That the two parties are total opposites and offer clear differences. Sheeple believe this nonsense.


As opposed to what?

A party that cannot produce a candidate looks bad presuming others’ motives. It’s a sort of ad hominem anyway, and one with a bad history. In this case, Biden will favor war, sexism, racism, corruption, persecution of journalism, and persecution of the poor. Hartmann’s correct enough to criticize Republican politicians, but his dismissal of the motivations of voters who decline Biden shows an unfortunate bigotry. There are people who buy the “small government” nonsense, but the overlap of those and people voting against Biden is not overwhelmingly large.

Many are voting for Trump for the same reasons that many readers here will vote for Biden, without much apparent difference in understanding or intentions. Both records are straightforwardly abusive. Both are abundantly corrupt. Both banks of voters vote to avoid the other candidate.


You’re right Thom,
but this is America.

A little clarification, JFK wanted to decrease the rate, end tax shelters and thereby increase tax collections. Never works. Because as soon as the Reds are in power they will pass what ever loophole you want. Only fair taxes are on wealth, income and a tax on the gross not net income of corporations. LBJ got the tax cut passed as is my understanding.

I believe the virtual convention today will feature Mr Bill, who ended welfare as we know it, and prescribed to underachievers (with his fellow perv, and fellow Bill) pulling up their pants, while incarcerating them.

Maybe there’ll be time for him to reboot his saxophone.


I don’t know. I have seen it since the 60s. But again my view is that the majority of people are just sheep, easily scared and led.
And as long as they react to fear and not common sense, they will never learn that their masters are keeping them as poor as possible.


Two cheeks of the same backside>

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Generations brainwashed to believe the Conservative mantra…added to the fact they’re spread out across the country, from polluted sea to polluted sea. Michael Lind has written several books about this issue, and how it leads to a divided comity. Not just urban/rural or liberal/conservative, but little echo chambers teaching their children the same tropes from the same textbooks, all emphasizing American Exceptionalism and how being white and male is the path to success. Add to this the religious teachings(I’ll have to research this, but I think the US has the highest number of those who self-describe as being Christian in all of the developed countries, which explains a lot) that slam people weekly that it’s their fault they’re poor. And that god predestined them to be this way. That the rich and those who become rich are god’s chosen people. Etc, etc, ad nauseum.
Small wonder we do have the highest per capita usage of opiods and other psychotropic drugs and addiction to all sorts of stuff, including…stuff. We’re taught from birth we’re a failure and we have to compete and step on other people to become successful. Or we’re worthless. And we’ll go to hell.
The very thought the consumers(not citizens) of the US will fall for this shite, the same as they fall for the trickle down, rising tide raises all boats mantras makes me grab the Xanax, pour a jigger or two of bourbon, and chill out with my cat.


It is nonsense, why are you spouting it? Nobody with a half a brain who’s paying the least bit of attention, would say the two parties are total opposites , clear differences in a few areas, maybe, but mostly no. The only crystal clear ( should be anyway)reason to vote this year is to get the psychopath owner of what used to be the R party out of the WH.

As opposed to Trump’s favoring? You conveniently left that part out, sport. Oh wait , you did say both are abusive and corrupt. Yeah sure, but there are levels of evil and you can’t seem to be able to discern them and BTW Trump is psycho, nuts, if that makes any difference in your “evaluation”.