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Republicans Succeeded in Making 2018 Yet Another Year the Rich Got Richer


Republicans Succeeded in Making 2018 Yet Another Year the Rich Got Richer

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With year two of Republicans' Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) now underway and the party touting the $1.5 trillion tax plan's supposed successes, critics of the unpopular


Apparently we can’t even find the “yellow vest” aisle at the local ShitMart, unlike our French brothers and sisters who still remember how to raise a ruckus.

But never fear. Democrats are back and surely there will be peace and prosperity on the horizon again, right?

Okay, well, probably not.


“The #GOPTAXSCAM isn’t working”
Stop lying, the tax scam is working perfectly, exactly as planned, and most of these publications did their part to help the scam succeed.


What alternative universe are you from? Are you saying CD was for the Tax Scam? Are you referring to the MSM?


No surprise here. As long as people continue to buy fossil fuels, the “oilgarchs” of the world will continue to feed on our misery. There is a solution, but most people won’t even consider it because they’ve been programmed to reject #Cannabis #hemp as a “pipe dream” … too bad… respect for Nature is a terrible thing to lose.



To the barricades, mon ami.


The rich got richer… Maybe, I wouldn’t mind that. If the Trumpian trash got poorer, however, then that is something to celebrate.


The People are intrinsically stupid, and there is nothing you or anybody can do about that. All you can do is save yourself.


I’m referring to the Tweet page in the middle of the story, with front page stories from different MSM publications, most (not all), were cheerleaders for this scam, and no CD wasn’t part of this.


Is that you Steve? Mr. Mnuchin? That’s you right?


“Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche


What a disgraceful year that We let these puny Rich people clean us out while we Refuse to take them on! U bet 2019 will be the same. We know who these people are, where they live and work. Are we that stupid that we can’t come up with a plan? Santa sure as hell didn’t come to my house this year.


stop lying …it’s not the republicans it is both parties…two heads of the same evil


That’s right anything that can be made from Hydrocarbons in oil can just as easily be made from Carbohydrates in vegetable crops like Hemp.

Wake up humans ,we are being played like fiddles .

Time to raise a ruckus .


Overturn Citizens United. Without that action we are totally under corporate power. Is that what you want?


Portrait of fucking money pig and his trophy wife. One of Trump’s “best people”. Sickening.


Walmart, Costco, Target and Amazon will not be stocking “Yellow vests.” Not now - not ever.


We have basically returned to the robber baron days when there was no shame and massive accumulation of wealth without regard to the people of the nation. They flout everything and they are above the rules for the rest of us. This is an ugly time the I had hoped I would never see in my lifetime. It is out in the open, shameless and ruthless. We have a great challenge facing us.


Wakes us up to a reality or two. This clip portraying the French won’t work in the U.S.
The people here in America are mostly individuals that sometimes gather into relatively small groups to protest one thing or another. The French, and other countries, gather and protest as a PEOPLE.
In the U.S. small protest groups appear to the policing entities as subversives and trouble makers that need corralling, arrest, or harming, to shut down the perceived riot.
A protest, as I gathered from the clip, has to have overwhelming support of many thousands or more to show the policing units that the public is going to win unless you start shooting them.


Sadly, for most of the country, the Republicans succeed quite well…repeatedly.
One example: In less than two years in office, The Don has placed two Supreme Court “justices.”
The good news: Only a mere two more years of willful mayhem (if we’re lucky).