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Republicans Suddenly Value Big Government as Cities Go Liberal


Republicans Suddenly Value Big Government as Cities Go Liberal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Newly emboldened Republicans are looking to crack down on liberal cities implementing rules on everything from sugar taxes to environmental regulations.

The party that trumpets its love of small government is now leaning on so-called "preemption laws" that allow state legislatures to supersede local measures.


It's really tempting to say, "The cities should call the states' bluff, tell them if they're threatened with funding loss if they try to enact their own rules, then they shall not contribute taxes to the states anymore...see how much of a fight the bullies want to take on. The voters and the money are in the cities. I say this and I am a rural person who hates cities.
But--there might be a better way--an alliance between cities, with their progressive populations and legislative bodies, and the surrounding countryside, as cities draw up plans for sharply reducing greenhouse footprints and increasing local food security, relocalizing their economies and preparing for the decline that's now inevitable as the US empire collapses. Some of the elements of this agenda might have little to do with anyone outside the city, but an important element would be setting up arrangements whereby much food would be sourced from local farmers who agree to use regenerative practices that sequester carbon in the soil, keep ecosystems healthy by growing many crops, don't pollute the water or air, don't abuse animals, and yield clean, healthy food. In return, the farmers get a guaranteed local market, probably at a better price than they get from the monopolized Big Four.
But the threat would be just what this article talks about--the Powers That Be (they're not all Republicans) might see the possibility of the Threat of a Good Example, and outlaw critical elements of the plan.


What did we expect ?

Chomsky thinks the Republican Party the greatest threat on the planet today.

I agree, but I am even more pessimistic.

Democracy, as practiced in the western world, is an abject and total failure.

Where are half the voters ?

Where is the well informed and judicious electorate ?

No need I suppose, if the Rapture is just around the corner, but I don't want to single out just this. It is a symptom of something far worse - the inability to think clearly - to face reality and react well.

Is there any way to nullify this election - and more - to run things without a government per se ?


Their hypocrisy is as profound as their lack of ethics.


They go hand in hand, I suppose. If you have no ethics, your'e unlikely be phased by hypocrisy.


This may be the last resort to stop the coup taking over the government.
Since all the Republicans want to do is destroy the US government I don't think it's a big leap to call it treasonous or at the very least identify the Republicans as a hate group and not qualified as a real party.
They're nothing but a wrecking crew.
And I thought they were big on states rights?


OK - I just read the link you posted.

Makes sense, but then I am a Canadian - though I think increasingly that hardly matters - we are a fifty-first state in all but name - a client country.

Suppose this worked - what then ?

Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republicans deserve to hold office - both are irredeemably corrupt right to the top.

Jill Stein is literally the only sane politician I see in the western hemisphere - Evo Morales of Bolivia excepted - but he will soon be done in I think.

I cannot but go back to Lysander Spooner - and John Gofman, who alerted me to Spooner in his anti-nuclear book "Irrevy".

Spooner, a constitutional lawyer, became - after a long life - an individual anarchist, and I am thinking this might be worth a try, Lincoln's thoughts on this having been proven categorically wrong.

In Spooner's essay "Natural Justice", he makes a compelling case that all legislation is a "usurpation" of natural rights.

Tribal life would seem to indicate this is true.

I don't like debate - and I don't want it now.

The reason I suggest an alternative is because this system is the pitts - and I don't like failure on any level.

We, if there is in fact any meaning to the term "We the People", cannot win under this system of governance - not in any democratic sense.

So, as I learned the hard way in my own life, if something is not working -

"Try Something Else !"

PS: In the age of the Internet - for the first time it might be possible to govern without elected officials.

No - the electorate is not ready for this - but there is nothing like immense responsibility to sharpen one's faculties, and, if, in he end, little got done - why would that be a bad thing?

All we're doing now is spiraling in. There is a red line - then the wings come off.


Yes, Trump is bad, horrible, pick your adjective. But I'd rather have the buffoon/loose cannon, than someone like Pence who is both evil and able to aim the cannon and do harm far beyond what Trump can do. I don't want to buy the pig in a poke that this would get us. Having the the Republican loony tunes in the House of Representatives elect our president couldn't possibly improve our situation.


No surprises here -- Just as conservatives in the antebellum US would stamp their feet about "state's rights" and in the same breath push for the Fugitive Slave Law. SOS.


Republicans have been a threat to this country since Nixon and when Fox news emerged, they had control what people believed and what the rest of the media had to deal with.


Good creative thinking in your ideas. A confrontation between states and cities/localities is in the offing. The people will have to stand together and with the entities that look out for all of our interests (along with those of nature) - most likely the cities and localities.

Ever heard of CELDF (the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund)? They are an environmental law firm that is challenging the preemptive actions of states (who are usually acting on behalf of corporations. A documentary - "We the People 2.0" - chronicles the work of this organization.


"Newly emboldened Republicans are looking to crack down on liberal cities implementing rules on everything from sugar taxes to environmental regulations."

Not sure what is more f-d up: governments of " liberal cities implementing rules on everything" or another part of government trying to implement other rules to prevent the first. That what you get when you grant government too much power. Good luck. You wanted it, you got it.


Looks like some people are still in the bargaining phase of grief.


Republicans are the conservative party of business. Business is war and all is fair in love and war. Liberals fight fair and conservatives fight dirty. Its not a fair fight.

Democracy is supposed to level the playing field. But big money conservatives turned democracy into oligarchy with gimmicks like buying representatives.

Today billionaires hoard most resources, despoil the earth, make war, imprison and kill the "unproductive" and seek to turn our kids into consumers of plastic, automatons, killer militarists and cogs in their money machines.

We need to take our democracy back.

Online Direct Democracy


Certain cities and regions have for decades been creating their own vibrant regional economies, with extremely low unemployment. Your city or your region can do exactly the same thing. Here's my ten cent guide to what works and what is sheer political fraud:

What works:
1. The amount of graduate-level research in critical technical fields directly correlates to jobs. The State of Massachusetts seriously funded its state engineering school, Massachusetts Institute of technology. The economy of Cambridge, Massachusetts exploded and now people commute to Cambridge for the good jobs. The California university system gave free tuition in the 1960s and soon their state engineering school, Stanford University, was at the dead center of Silicon Valley. There simply aren't any available workers for hire in Silicon Valley. Smaller successes were reported in Pittsburgh, North Carolina and Utah. If your state is on the massively jobless list it's only because your politicians haven't tried.

  1. Rural Hardwick, Vermont wanted jobs, so they talked with everybody in town, mostly farmers, about adding more value to the local farm products, and they helped average people to build businesses. As a result the township of only 2,000 people created 3,000 new jobs. The giant sucking sound was all of those other regional workers being pulled into Hardwick. Errata: I wrote the number 2 in front of this paragraph but it got changed to a 1!!

Now, here's what will never, ever, ever work:

Some politician proposes building a sports stadium on the taxpayer's dime.

The same goes for a new convention center, a casino, or the worst one of all, a monorail through the city's downtown.

Some politician wants to give $100 million dollars to an out-of-town corporation to come into the state. Always, always, the gold digger company leaves the state ten seconds after it gets released from its contractual obligation to the state.

The jury's out but don't bet on it:

Some politician wants to train thousands of ordinary people to become skilled labor. Guess what? The market for that labor becomes flooded.


Communities in many states have sought out the legal help of CELDF to stop corporate harms where they live by passing local laws that assert the rights of people and ecosystems to thrive and be sustainable. Those local laws elevate those rights above corporate claimed "rights" and state preemption.

All of these communities that rise up to protect their own health, safety, and welfare and those of nature in local law have discovered that our current system of law and governance isn't broken. It is working perfectly as designed to protect the the property, profits, and rule of the rich, propertied, white upper classes from the inception of this country. This is NOT a democracy and never really was. We the People can't "fix" what is broken using the same broken system of rules and laws that got us here. We the People must rise up in the places where we live and directly confront this illegitamate system. Just like the Suffragists and Abolitionists did.


Great summary of CELDF to add on to my post.


The rest of the main stream media have whole heartedly gone along with the whole Neo-Con Globalization Corporatist agenda.