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Republicans Take Aim at Public Lands


Republicans Take Aim at Public Lands

Jenna Ruddock

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump demonstrated little interest in the Republican agenda of transferring control of federal public lands to the states and opening them up for private development.


Why not call a spade a spade and admit that the Republicans and their big money backers are the enemies of all humanity and all life on the planet?
With this kind of focus I think we can begin to move against them in a very big way.


The GOP's long term goal is neofeudalism whereby the 1% own everything, including what have been public assets for decades or even centuries, and the 99% own nothing. Between now and the 2018 election the GOP will make long strides toward achieving that goal.


When the revolution won't be televised, my guess is the first shots not heard by our present Congress, will be over our public lands and their sale or long-term leasing. Already we see cancellation of increased fees on extraction off these public assets. In so many ways this raping, pillaging and plundering of our shared space mirrors our treatments of developing nations outside our borders. We are truly pigs on the wing, flying and shitting on everything we pass over, searching always for more.
However, where the rubber really meets the road, skidsmarks and memorials are also often found. Those who cherish the public lands and national parks of this country are not going to be mere roadkill, either. Watch where you dare to tread here, extractors, and lightly won't cut it either. Just sayin'.