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Republicans Unveil Proposal to Push One Million Off Food Stamps


Republicans Unveil Proposal to Push One Million Off Food Stamps

Julia Conley, staff writer

Social welfare advocates on Friday denounced a proposal included in a draft of the 2018 Farm Bill which would impose work requirements on most adults who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly called food stamps.


Question for House Agriculture Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway (R-Texas):

When my step-son was serving in the US Army in South Korea in the early 1980s, his wife and two children in Texas had to resort to food stamps. What work requirements would you have imposed on him, and based on what assumptions?


When are We the People going to impose work requirements, supporting all 330,000,000 people in this country “equitably”, on this administration?


I would love to see “work requirements” and “drug tests” imposed on the wealthy before they are allowed to claim any more tax breaks–or avoid taxes altogether. This is why they are so arrogant in every aspect of their lives–they get away with everything, including lives of leisure at the expense of others, and rampant drug use (boutique drugs, mind you).


Yep, penalizing people because they are either poor or having bad luck - typical GOP BS


I propose each of us take a urine sample marked perishable material and preferably from our pets, and dump them on the White House lawn or better yet mail them to Conway at:

Congressman Michael Conway
104 W. Sandstone
Llano, TX 78643

Crash his phone line: (325) 247-2826


I fucking hate what this country has become. Not sure how much more I can take. This will affect me directly, as currently I’m being affected that I’m one of those people that just can’t get medical care, in the midst of need of medical care. Now on top of all that stress, this and possible drug testing to boot.

Seriously, all of you rich jerks, fuck off.


Everyday it’s something new.
Repug’s., take a break, you don’t have to be assholes everyday.


The Republican mantra has always been “stuff the rich and starve the poor.”


Organize! Revolution! More of us than them!


For every rich fuck in the world there are ten folks that have to work their asses off to ‘subsidize’ them. We ‘slave’ and they get to ‘fuck off’ in their life of leisure…


Yes you mutha fuckers, I use MMJ to treat chronic pain under state law–So I do not deserve to eat.


We are constitutional peasants.
“Now we see the violence inherent to the system.”


I have heard that most people on food stamps are working including being in the military!


Let’s see- aren’t we doing that now? Stop buying their products, stop ( or never ) invest in Wall Street. and stay involved in local, and state issues not just national.Give back and volunteer, and yes- protest- with a plan.


No kidding- this is new?


Maybe they’ll get so fat( like Dump) they’ll croak.


Why can’t you get med care? Sorry about that.


Another thing- go vegan or at least vegetarian- it is better for health and for the Earth. Dump tells people to eat meat like him - his own life could be shortened notably.


Yes, and required military service for the wealthy who get away with not serving ( like BONE SPURS)