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Republicans Using Populist Rhetoric to Sell Greed

Republicans Using Populist Rhetoric to Sell Greed

Sonali Kolhatkar

The GOP’s tax reform bill is arguably the biggest test of the party’s ability to sell greed in the guise of helping most Americans.

Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., right, unveil the GOP's tax overhaul plan.

Ryan brags about filing your individual return on a postcard? I’ll go him one better: a 1040 with two lines. Enter your gross income on line 1. Line 2 says, “Mail it to this address.”

Ooops, I probably shouldn’t have given him the idea…


They know that they will not.


Corporations will most likely use the extra monies to invest in added forms of automation. Automation will eliminate human employees. We already see it all around us, supposedly for customer convenience and to help lower costs. Of course, robots won’t need health insurance during all their working lives.
How will Congress guarantee that tax breaks for businesses won’t provide more companies with enough money to move their businesses overseas where labor is cheaper and health care is provided for all nationally?
The GOP tax reform is nothing but a **TRICKLE AWAY plan. We’ve had it with TRICKLE talk because we can see right through it.


I am thinking I feel a sea-change here. Because of the Paradise Papers being released and the almost daily analysis of the wrongness of this reform it may not move forward, much like the healthcare scam. The mood in congress is leaning toward; “oh, they see our scam and smell dead fish”.
In a democracy, majority rules. The country is damn tired of being ruled by an ugly minority, the trump base of 30+%, The recent voting across America is a loud ringing of the bells of warning to republicans and if they want to keep their jobs they best change their tone and sing a different tune.

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Both parties of the duopoly sell greed; only the rhetoric is different.

I think the election in Virginia and New Jersey point up a simple fact - if proposed tax bills and health care do not help the middle class in a big way then the efforts should be voted down. Health care was the major issue in Virginia. The Republican’s plans cut 23 million people from health care and result in closing health facilities and hospitals throughout Virginia and rural America. The result is a cry for fixing the ACA in a matter that reduces costs for all Americans and assure health care for more people no 23 million less. And what is the Republican plan for the corrupt pharmaceutical industry.
The next major issue was tax reform. Everyone wants their taxes reduced and believe major corporations and the 1% should pay their fair share of the taxes which they certainly don’t do now. Repealing the alternative minimum tax provision means that many of the richest people will pay little or no taxes. Trump being one of the bigger beneficiaries. Repealing the estate tax is a big loophole on the largest earners. Most of the assets that major tax payers have never had their capital gains taxes collected. So now they go the assets go to the aires without any capital gains tax and the basis for these assets is reset. Repealing the estate taxes is just pure greed.

The way to win an argument? Ask a question nobody would really disagree with, just for her to avoid addressing any real specifics about the bill’s impact. F*cking crafty indeed.