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Republicans Want Clemency, and With It, a Return to the Status Quo

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/12/republicans-want-clemency-and-it-return-status-quo

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The first two years of Biden’s presidency will be enormously consequential, and if his party is to make the most of this opportunity, it will have to develop a coherent ideological identity.

It has one: neoliberal Cold War anti-communism and Wall Street hegemony, along with a more recent veneer of neoliberal identity politics. This is the road to Trump II.


The Reich is simply trying to put the Dems back to sleep so they can regoup and

Problem is that this lame ploy has been successful in the past - almost every time.

No clemency, no quarter. The guilty must be found and must pay the full extent of the law


Biden of course, is our friend. He will set up eviction clinics to buy the soon to be homeless more time, and ensure they get representation so they can negotiate a place to put their possessions at lower than market rates. If their incomes are below the poverty line they may even get the legal help for free. He’ll make sure they have vouchers for several nights of free cots at the homeless shelter. He’ll set up places in parking lots across the country so they can sleep in their cars at night without being hassled by the Man or catching coronavirus like the people in prisons and old age homes are catching and dying from in large numbers.
Our system is preserved!

Now this is benevolence.


Crucify them! (/sarcasm)

Draw and quartering, is one of many traditional punishments for treason under a monarchy.

This means that each of a persons limbs would be attached securely to four different horses who were driven in four different directions pulling them limb from limb, usually resulting in a painful death.

Less serious crimes would be sentenced with “transportation” to some colony far away, to do hard labor (breaking rocks or other dangerous work) for some period of time. (Seven years) But there was an implicit death sentence were the miscreant to attempt to return home. They were banished from the homeland forever.

Or the gibbet.


A cage like structure that the condemned were welded into, then they would be exhibited by the sides of roads as they slowly died and then were consumed by birds until only their cleaned bones remained.

In China, those condemned during the Qing dynasty were often sentenced to slow slicing, or the death of one thousand cuts.

If the executioner was paid a small sum by the family, the executioner would give them opium and slit their throat so they could be spared the excruciating pain of having small pieces of their bodies removed bit by bit.

You missed one major step in the drawing and quartering. Before the horses were whipped away, your guts would be spilled out onto the ground. That was the drawing part, drawing the entrails out of the body.

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Michel Foucault has a book, Discipline and Punish, the birth of the Prison, which is basically a observational history of governmental punishment and its implications for power and society. Its interesting in the context of the recent global financial crisis where literally the largest theft in history occurred and absolutely nobody was punished for it. (and people don’t even realize who did it) Virtually guaranteeing it can and will happen again.

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What the somewhat sane Republicans want, since they realize that their party is now the party of Trump - with or without him at the helm - is to absorb the Democrats, or be absorbed by them. The Lincoln Project was the vanguard, and they are still at work. This may be a relatively easy thing, since Joe and Kamala are basically Republicans ideologically. So the outcome will probably be a lunatic fringe right party of Q-Anoners, and a rightwing party of pro-business, tax break loving, anti-worker party. I think it’s time for our own party.


the Republican insurrectionists in government can go suck eggs–they deserve NOTHING but contempt for their attempt to overthrow the election and enabling Trump’s fascist revolution–in fact they deserve to be arrested , tried, and punished for their anti-American attempt at power grabbing and sedition–they are–simply put–traitors—and should be held accountable for their treason

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NO Clemency!!! Like the rest of us, you pay for your crimes.

You are not exempt or special, this is how common people live under this system.

You break the law , you man up and answer to the judge!

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only 6 reps are going to vote for impeachment??? The Republican party needs to go the way of the Wiggs.

A real progressive party could emerge----but I doubt it-----when people like Glen Greeenwald and Dore are on Tucker Carlson promoting Trump the left is compomised. And these are just two pathetic examples of why the the left will never emerge thanks to corporate tools like these clowns.