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Republicans Want To “Make America Work Again”? That Would Be Real Change


Republicans Want To “Make America Work Again”? That Would Be Real Change

Dave Johnson

Tuesday was “Make America Work Again” day at the Republican National Convention. But this day wasn’t about making America work again for working people. This was, as always with conservatives, all about tax cuts for the rich and corporations, deregulation of oil and coal companies (and other paying corporate clients) and austerity cuts in the things government does to make people’s lives better.

There was nothing about how to actually make America “work again.”


Were the legal muscle in place, all of the following would fix the U.S. economy:

"Americans for Tax Fairness says:

“Congress should make U.S. corporations pay the $700 billion they owe in taxes on their $2.4 trillion in profits stashed offshore."


  1. A transaction tax on all Wall St trades
  2. No more fiscal payouts to large corporations under the ruse that they create jobs
  3. A Progressive tax rate--added to taking the cap off the Social Security cut off point (set up at a time when $150,000 was worth more than $1 million dollars today).
  4. Hire more IRS to audit those who make more than $150,000 a year
  5. Back to Work GREENING AMERICA jobs programs where incomes not only pay income tax, but these newly employed persons spend money that regenerates their local economies
  6. Cut military spending by AT LEAST half and start the process by selling off 60% of the bases that dot the entire globe
  7. Make the polluters and industrialists pay--rather than allowing these felonious chieftains to pocket the profits and defray the costs (externalizing them) onto the very communities that were harmed
  8. Stop the foreign wars of aggression
  9. Cut Insurance companies OUT of all health care (apart from private concierge services if the elites demand that for themselves).

In lieu of these sane approaches, ones that actually benefit a majority of citizens, the right wing functionaries loyal to their business behemoths make a lot of noise about the NEED to cut the very programs put in place to protect the most vulnerable from the most predatory.

Of course when Mars rules, it's the law of the jungle unleashed with every dog for himself, might makes right, and the ends justify the means ALL the way!

And Trump supporters, about one-third of the voting public, applaud their own enslavement added to the poisoning of the very ecosystems their children's and grandchildren's lives depend upon.

I'll add an optional #10: Put a bounty out on every hedge fund operator... and see if the nation can't collect on those that gamed the entire economy turning it into a fragile house of cards.


I would add two more items:

  1. tax capital gains as normal income
  2. strengthen the estate tax for very large estates with protections for "family farms"


This recovery by any historical standards has been very weak; The job growth has failed to produce raising wages for the middle class....it has been fueled by forcing money out of banks and into the stock market by Janet Yellins fiscal policies, Clinton's deal to free Wall Street effectively isolated the Stock Market from the real economy.Untill the powers that be clean up that mess no tax policy will work because the elites love the way it is. They win you lose.


Maybe the context is misunderstood: One definition of the word 'make' is 'to force'. In other words the real message is: Force American to Work (for nothing) Again, to be slaves. This would be fully in line with American tradition.


An effective series of usable concepts to "make America work again" may be found in Michael Moore's movie: Where To Invade Next.

Watch it and see if you don't agree.


The Big They want to "Make America Work Again" with slave drivers and house slaves to keep everyone's noses to the multiple grindstones till our faces are burned off as we are worked to death because plenty of perfectly workable conditioned to be compliant replacements will always be readily available. What I think needs to happen is for the leftist-liberal-progressive movements to coalesce into something along the lines of the old 19th century Abolitionist Movement with a goal of freeing the wage slaves.

All the other problems that get discussed extensively (too extensively) -- ethnicity, ecology, income disparities, overpopulation encouragement, war making and war materiels production occupying a too large portion of nation states' budgets, religious indoctrination leading to controlling repression of women, children, and male bosses who don't see how exploited they are -- all this could be framed as ways that keep the wage slaves from gasping that slavery is their actual condition. Then that means that if enough of the working class could begin to be propagandized (contrary to what we have been led to believe, propaganda could work for us as well if not better than it works for the slavemaster-banker complex) to alert people that there is an identified movement that is trying to free them and that a Free The Wage Slaves movement could actually do just that.

The many faceted components of those of us in opposition would do very well to put a bit more of "workers of the world unite" out there and be able to answer back that we aren't godless commies doing anticapitalist confiscation of unearned wealth but are fighting to free slaves as was done during the time of the USA's most glorified memory treasured historical epoch.

If I could diffidently suggest a place to begin it would be with the clerical workers -- data entry clerks, secretaries and word processors, file clerks, fillers out of the supplies replacement requisitions -- who do most of the actual organizational work that keeps the systems running, are ununionized, underpaid, and who know very well that the bosses couldn't just jump in and do their jobs and keep it all operational.

Clerks of the world unite!