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Republicans, Where’s the Backbone?


Republicans, Where’s the Backbone?

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

Congressional Republicans, we watched you at the White House Thursday. Just before Donald Trump’s rambling, manic, often snarky press conference — delivered more in the manner of a churlish insult comic than leader of the free world — the president met with a group of you, a self-titled “Trump caucus” of early supporters.


Other than keeping the name Republican these people in Congress who call themselves Republicans have little in common with more high-minded Republicans who served in the past. The have completely abandoned the idea of serving for interests of country and are now only loyal to the party and its drive to cut government to the bare bone and completely ignore all the suffering that would involve. After the 2008 election the party largely embraced climate denial and most members have no concern that their position will probably lead to the collapse of human civilization before the end of this century. The Republicans in Congress who are obstructing an independent investigation should not be regarded as part of the cover-up.


Republicans sold themselves cheap - betrayed the people to become destructive to the Common Good and truth, consumed by ignorance, "religious" extremism, wealth and power, but a better question is:

Democrats, where's the backbone - where has it been for the last several decades of collusion, complicity and capitulation?

Where your principled leaders and fight for the Common Good and Mother Earth above wealth and power? Also sold cheap?

A Republican's words: “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.” ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

A Democrat's words: “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt


Moyers and Winship are correct, of course. The Democrats can't impeach Trump on their own; they will need some support from the Republicans. Unfortunately, Republicans are more interested in ramming though their far right agenda for now and seem content to overlook Trump's madness. If and when they begin to worry about Trump, it will likely be closer to the 2018 elections. They'll do as much damage as they possibly can in the meantime.


Trump is the best bonus the GOP ever had, providing hourly distractions that provide cover for them to enact record regressive legislation.

Don't fall for any GOP good cop / bad cop theatrics, they are all in with Trump.


This is the party of Lincoln? Lincoln would shoot himself in the head if he saw what Trump was doing to our Democracy.


The secret of the Trumplican's behavior lies in their absolute political fear of Trump's ability to Tweet them out of office (in 2018) or primary them, as Kantor was primaried by Tea Party--This is why they're fawning and keeping quiet about all the (impeachable) offenses Trump has already committed in less than a month in office--As Trump begins to take hits, and starts to look less powerful, once he starts to bleed (such as through leaks), then the Trumplicans will smell the blood in the water, and then they will join in the attack, but not until Trump looks mortally wounded--Until then, they will continue to be well-behaved little fawns--You can bet that most of them would prefer Pence (yuck!) to Trump if they had their druthers..


When you quote the lead of the cover up of the 911 crimes, it doesn't do you article good. And the Dems constant harping on Putin is also BS. If you want a President Pence which will be much worse for average Americans the dumb ass Drumpf. Pence will gut Medicare, kill Social Security, trash the environment, etc.. I think it is better to have a dumbass Drumpf then the Pence Chisto Fascist.


Trump is NOT the leader of the free world. He put a nail in that coffin with his cabinet appointments and his Muslim ban. He is now only the leader of a banana republic oligarchy that is in its death throes. Are we still dangerous? You bet we are, and exposed and vulnerable.

Trump has, in less that 100 days, managed to smear the office of the president to a degree that will take a hundred years or another internal war to recover the prestige of that office, if at all.


The author writes...

"It’s well reported now that Trump campaign aides.." and "were in regular touch with Russian intelligence and other officials during our 2016 election cycle and the presidential transition. Were they coordinating dirty tricks to damage not only the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party but the fate of American democracy as well? It’s possible."

It is also possible that Trump's campaign aides spoke to Russian officials to tell them that would not continue Clinton's policy of provoking civil war in the Ukraine, demonizing Putin at every turn, cooperating with them to defeat ISIS and removing sanctions so that American oil companies can get their hands on some of Russian oil reserves.
Instead the media is focusing on leaked emails (which should have been public anyway) showing the under handed corruption of the DNC from accepting corporate bribes from 'speaking engagements' to undemocratically disposing HRC's nearest opponent (Bernie Sanders) in an evil and expedient manner. On top of all that we are to assume that enough Democratic supporters regularly watch RT (Russian news network) and that no one had any idea prior to the 'leaks' that Clinton was bought and paid for by corporate America!
To add insult to injury, no mention is made of how other countries through lobby groups (like Israel's AIPAC) have bribed every politician in D.C. with donations of up to $350,000 each for their unconditional support of Israel's racist policies. If that isn't the very definition of 'foreign influence of our electoral process', I don't know what is
Though I am no fan of The Donald, let's give credit where credit is due. Ending the previous administrations aggressive attitude towards all things Russian, was a collision course with the apocalypse. Trump may soon reverse his honeymoon with Putin, but at least as it stands now, we have moved a few minutes back from nuclear midnight which may piss off defense contractors, but pretty much everyone else would welcome an end to the proxy wars we have been engaged with over the years trying to undermine everything Russia does.
It would also be nice if we stopped trying to encircle Russia's borders with a massive nuclear armed NATO and maybe even get the Russians to pull back their nuclear submarines from our Pacific and Atlantic coastlines, but that was definitely not going to happen under a Clinton Administration.
From supporting ruthless dictatorships that came to power via a coup (Honduras) to fomenting civil war in faraway places (The Ukraine), Obama's administration failed miserably. If we really want to sabotage the Trump presidency, it would be far wiser to concentrate on his domestic short comings from resisting the urge by Republicans to dismiss the $15 an hour minimum wage to replacing the ACA with an insurance scam designed by Big Health insurers.
The focus by MSM only on Russia-Gate, only damages further the media's collective image as a corporate cabal of special interest groups that is still adamant about not debating working class issues that are dear to all Americans. After all, have any of us ever met a single person who said they decided not to vote for Hillary only after the revelation that she was a corporate sycophant? I think not.


Obviously, the backbone is in the Cayman Islands getting a nicely oiled back rub
(paid vacation at our expense).


The GOP\Tea Party holds no hope in current form for any kind of reform or redirection to privileging the PUBLIC INTEREST over the PRIVATE INTEREST. The dedication of DEMS to Neo-Liberal E-CON doctrine that privileges the PRIVATE INTEREST OVER THE PUBLIC INTEREST looked to be challenged by the President-elect's campaign rhetoric championing bringing back jobs and opposing FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS that are the fruits of Neo-Liberal E-CON and whose outcomes can no longer be hidden by those of U.S. wondering where our Social Contract went!

However, as reported by the non-profit REAL NEWS NETWORK last month in their investigation into the primary deep-pockets underwriter of TRUMP's SWAMP, billionaires Robert and Rebekah Mercer
the take-away for all that WHITE WORKING CLASS RAGE and RESENTMENT is this observation of the cabinet appointments and first Executive Orders:
"In the end, there are no workers, or little guys on the Trump team. Only the allies of rainmakers Robert and Rebecca Mercer, the billionaires whose political hedge pushed Donald Trump into the White House."

Mr Moyers and Mr Winship can only help by exposing the desperate DLC succession-struggle that appears to be fighting against any real opposition-building within the utterly discredited Democratic Party, LLP by trying to BANG THE COLD WAR DRUM SLOWLY and blame Putin's team for the poor turn-out of the Democratic Party base when left only with the prospect of a return to rule by the House of Clinton. Note no movement by party elites to organize against the ELECTORAL COLLEGE that has now robbed two recent DLC Presidential Candidates who won on popular electoral votes but lost the Presidential office. That tells you how committed the DLC is to changing the very profitable status quo for the CRONIES who comprise the Duopoly's anti-competitive CORPORATE CALIPHATE's conquest of the CRO-NEO\LIB\CON DADDY WARBUCKS franchise.

Our own Oregonian Sr. Senator Ron Wyden, Liberal Pedigreed son of Peter Wyden and supporter of all those FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS that turned the U.S. into the CHICAGO CUBS of GLOBAL TRADE is now out BANGING THE COLD WAR DRUM SLOWLY, instead of confronting the numbers reflected back in the outcomes of his support for the 2012 Obama signed KORUS, FTA which was opposed by the majority of the Democratic Senators and Congresspersons but supported overwhelmingly by the GOP\TEA PARTY.

Readers of this fine non-profit publication and other PUBLIC CITIZEN studies are able to view a TRADE DEAL SCOREBOARD something denied on the PUBLIC'S AIRWAVES where there remains not one program from the perspective of LABOR yet daily programming from the perspective of the MARKETPLACE to complement the so-called 'FREE TRADE' indoctrination of PLANET MONEY, THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET etc.

When Ron Wyden is as ready as his pappy Peter Wyden to answer informed and PUBLIC INTEREST-based questions defending his TRADE DEFICIT BALLOONING OUTCOMES and SUPPORTING ISDS in TRADE DEALS that SURRENDER SOVEREIGNTY and even REMOVE OUR ELECTED REPS FROM THE LOOP (via TRADE PROMOTION AUTHORITY now in the hands of Trump's Swamp) how's about he pays a first time in his many terms visit to this under-populated state of Oregon's Community Radio station KBOO whose support he and the BLUE STATE MACHINE HAVE TAKEN FOR GRANTED to reach those unemployed masses he's lost touch with.

We'll have DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS, DEMOCRACY@WORK, WORKING FAMILIES (Turned away from Homeless Shelters while Senator Wyden has done zero to establish a NATIONAL ARMORY HOMELESS SHELTER system like Paris & London established after WW I as chronicled in George Orwell's DOWN AND OUT IN PARIS & LONDON while mayors across the country have declared HOMELESS EMERGENCIES and RENTERS' EVICTION WITHOUT CAUSE CRISES). We'll serve up some of the lead-poisoned drinking water at Portland Public Schools and Parks with the OBAMA EPA and DEMOCRAT-CONTROLELD DEQ not even testing for decades.

Funny how since 9-11-01 and all the fear-mongering of our CORPORATE CALIPHATE CONQUERED AIR WAVES and CYBER-SPACE it hasn't been ISLAMIST TERROR FORCES who infiltrated and compromised our NATIONAL SECURITY. We as in U.S. have surrendered our sea-to-shining-sea security and community to self-regulated then de-regulated MARKET FORCES.

Perhaps we could discuss with our 'humanitarian' and Public Service-oriented Senator Ron Wyden more than is allowed at his stage-managed dog and pony shows on his rare visits to defend his LOSER policies. Maybe he can even debate our few real Working Families' Democrats like his Junior Senator Merkley who voted down these disastrous trade deals and Obama's power-grabbing for future Execs In Chief via Wyden's support for the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority)!

{Creative Commons Copyright}
Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Shifters
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Space, personally, I think your Russia focus is rather fuzzy. I do, however, agree with your last sentence.


The media focus on Russian influence on the 2016 election combined with Trump's serial asinine comments and edicts is more than enough distraction to give the GOP the cover they need to enact the sinister and regressive agenda that they have formulated since Saint Ron's revolution more than three decades ago.


It would be completely irresponsible of the press to avoid the apparent connections between Trump and Russia. This is especially true since Trump still refuses to release his tax returns and to completely separate himself from his business interests. The press should keep on this story until we can find out the truth. And calls for an independent or bipartisan investigation should continue. This issue is not a distraction. Rather it is central to democracy.


Today Tavis Smiley interviewed education historian Diane Ravitch who has served in rw thimpk tanks as education consultant. She left them all when she realized she was a lone wolf who would never again be able to reach common ground there. Her observation about school choice beginning as a byword after Brown v Board of Education is very telling. This hard line on the right is of course a co opt of the Southern racist leadership with backward thinking Bircher types...with lots of $$$$s. For some reason any real republicans with any shred of principled patriotism remaining have been sworn to some evil oath. I think they've been threatened with figurative political assasination in a very convincing manner. The South has indeed risen again and feels confident that Trump, Eric Prince et al, the NRA, militarized police forces everywhere, an NRA favoring Gorsuch, and a cabinet full of rwnuts is going to assure re-ascendance of the New South and it's heavily armed Klan. An independent investigation is the only hope. They all need to be exposed for where they' re planning on dragging our country back to. It ain't pretty folks. This is a broad and deep RW design. The bitterness of the South's Civil War losses are alive and kicking. WE need to kick back very effectively. Lives and our democracy depend on it.


Unfortunately, Trump is merely the tiny tip of a very nasty iceberg. Money...power....resentment...ignorance....blind greed....
Is there a principled adult in the "room"? Moyers is calling you out. It's time to take a stand.


And the islands are untouchable from the rest of the world. An ideal place to stash $$$ without letting the US know about it.


Hitler's Deutches Beobachter published well-reported stuff about the Jews. Yes, it was well reported, meaning that the same old lie was repeated tirelessly and endlessly.

When will the USA get around to realising that 134 million Russians are no threat to more that 220 million Europeans, 2 countries of which have nuclear weapons only 4 minutes flight from the Russian border, and 324 million USAians and that China is the imperialism about which we should concern ourselves?