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Repudiating Trump DOJ, Court Delivers Victory to LGBTQ Advocates in Workplace Discrimination Decision

Repudiating Trump DOJ, Court Delivers Victory to LGBTQ Advocates in Workplace Discrimination Decision

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a victory for LGBTQ Americans, a federal appeals court delivered a blow to the Trump administration's Justice Department, ruling that the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits anti-gay discrimination in the workplace.

Urgent that we do whatever we can to prevent Dump & Cabal from filling these judges’ seats with their ersatz Nazis. Please, Mr. Mueller, we need something to get rid of Dump and his line of maniacs.

Trump hinted early on that he might replace Sessions, what a liar! Dumb ass minds think alike. All of the latter day attorney generals have sucked bigtime. Sessions takes the police state absurdity two steps forward, enough to wreck citizen justice smack in our faces.

I wouldn’t get too excited. Here we are, half a century and counting since the Voting Rights Act, and still we’re faced with voter roll purges, gerrymandering and felon disenfranchisement. And electing our first non-white president hasn’t done much for anonymous African-Americans that I can see. Let’s see how this plays out before popping the corks.

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The Department of (IN)Justice targeting of the LGBTQ community for discrimination is so-o-o unconstitutional, I wonder what kind of lawyers they have advising them? Probably no more qualified than any of Donald Trump’s picks for his inept and chaotic administration.

Rain, I 100% agree with you…and have been warning people about the whole line of succession as certain groups call for impeachment of IQ45.

I know it doesn’t sound very charitable…but then, there’s not a millimeter of charity or kindness in any of them…I “pray” for a huge plague to wipe out the whole Cabal up there in D.C. You’ve probably seen my quips that I didn’t go thru all the activism in my life to wind up living in the Fourth Reich. These sub-humans are really atrocious…throw in creeps like the Kocks and ALEC and Heritage… I’ve lost the ability to be philosophical about the Pendulum’s arcs. Worse, to the best of my knowledge, there’s no Underground forming…the sheeple are in a torpor…except for the awesome teens who are hurt and pissed…