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'Repugnant': On Top of Trans Ban, Trump DOJ Tells Employers It Can Discriminate Against LGBTQ Workers


'Repugnant': On Top of Trans Ban, Trump DOJ Tells Employers It Can Discriminate Against LGBTQ Workers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just hours after President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that transgender people would no longer be permitted to serve in the armed forces, the Department of Justice on Wednesday launched what is being characterized as a separate attack on the LGBTQ community, this time by arguing in a legal brief that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not protect gay workers from discri


First they came for the ________, but I was not a ________.


These people are just inhumane. One has to wonder how many of them are closet gays who project their self hatred onto everyone else. Quite a few I suspect. With all the real problems in the world all they can focus on is other people and their relationships. Sorry to say these hateful folks are a complete waste of a human life. Unfortunately the rest of us have to endure their miserable lives as they attack people who are simply trying to enjoy theirs.


“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Prophetic, but apt.


you know it’s going to be god, gays, or guns with both these parties. they have to have something to argue about while the looting persists.

Democrats should be happy. It’s exactly the kind of fight they crave.


It seems to me that the position taken by the ‘so called Justice Dept’ is that any person can be fired from their job for being heterosexual. How quickly can this be tested?




This is how colonizing empires spread. It cannot be said that this is how they “function”, because those who benefit from the ‘spread’ are so exceedingly few that choices to engage in the way now so prevalent MUST be called ‘dysfunction’. Speaking of which, it is my understanding that the military spends more on medications for ‘erectile dysfunction’ than it would on treatments for transgender persons. That alone speaks a spectrum of volumes. But the military is gorging on every institutional disorder it can grab. Come to think of it - mash-up with the drumf should be expected and treated like the disease that it. Strengthen and immunize communities.


This works better than old-fashioned anti semitism because Trump can come up with a new hate target at will: Mexicans, Muslims, gay people - who’s next? Maybe Jews? Maybe even Russians. And like all hate systems, it can be turned on any possible rivals to the Leader. Sessions in the morning. Priebus in the afternoon. Maybe even Pence tomorrow?


Expect them to role back employment equality on a number of areas.

I could see a return to the old days where security clearances are revoked because people are susceptible to blackmail

Asses fully realize their actions are the only basis for hiding status


That’s one huge class action lawsuit.

Direct Democracy


I really don’t think that gay blackmail would work nowadays… Times have changed.


The GOP makes more hate, every single phkn day…Truly a degenerate class of folks.


This is how collapsing empires fall. Intellectual pygmies become quasi-tyrants and promise a return to an alleged era of Greatness. Said demagogues provide simplistic and dumb ‘explanations’ for the complex problems of late capitalism. They scapegoat minorities and immigrants. They valorize extreme masculinity and militarism, which always appeals to the number, dumber segment of the population. Professor Johann Galtung was right about the US empire when he predicted it would collapse by 2020. Everything seems to be proceeding just as he predicted in the mid 2000s.


Ignorant savages, programmed to breed …


Off topic but you have check this out. Bill Black on the whole Trump circus. Funny stuff.



What a crime to have a small-minded, pig-headed, racist homophobe for Attorney General who has historically exercised his cruel, inhumane agenda throughout his adult life (and probably from the cradle on). This move by Sessions surely put him back into the diabolical despot’s good graces while the ignorant, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic so-called “base of DJT supporters” are also celebrating.

There is no justice anywhere under the demonic tyranny of the DJT “administration.” It is not a presidency, it is a dictatorship ruled by an insane, non-human magus.

It is now open season on all LGBTQ human beings in this country…with the well-being of my son in jeopardy.

Will the horror never stop?


Sessions is an abomination and a threat to the constitution. Anyone with any dignity and self-respect would have resigned before serving under someone who has belittled and disgraced them. Not Sessions. These are hypocrites of the first order and they are running/ruining this country.


Here is where Trumpie aligns with Putin,viciously attacking the LGBTQ community and endangering their very lives and ability to function in society. This is the 21st century, yet it reeks of 16th century ignorance, malice, cruelty, and intolerance.


Sometimes it pays to just pack your kids and leave, for their safety and sanity. God knows I should have done that a long time ago with my bi-racial children. Now all 3 suffer from PTSD and struggle daily as the attacks increase in number and viciousness.