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'Repulsive': Outrage as Texas Lieutenant Gov. Says Seniors Willing to Risk Coronavirus Infection to Protect Economy

Have you noticed too, that the urgency applied to the virus should also apply to the climate crisis…
I hear it behind the words of concern for the virus. And when the health crisis over, the green new deal will still be ignored by the trumpites.




Sorry wings, didn’t see your post. But a repeat here doesn’t hurt anything.

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As a senior, I just want to send a big “Fuck you” to this Texan.


Hey Dan, lead by example. America will be better off.


Saw Brian Auger & The Oblivion Express due their take on this one night in the mid-'70s. Interesting, but there ain’t nothing like the real thing.

Molly Ivins & Jim Hightower are from Texas.

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I am suggesting we LIVE. And discover exactly what that means,


What kind of patriot wouldn’t be willing to die for Trump’s hotel profits? Surely the oldest amongst his base are lining up right now to die for their hero fuhrer…


Seniors (and everybody else) you better shop until you drop! AG Barr, on behalf of the Trump administration, is urging Congress to pass legislation that would allow for the suspension of due process and habeas corpus during the coronavirus crisis. In plain English: If you are not willing to protect the US economy, you might end up in the slammer never to be seen or heard from again…


Hey, I’m a senior who’s ready to immolate myself on the alter of Capitalism if Dan Patrick and the Texans want me to; but Benito The Cheeto, Lloyd Blankfien, and Jamie Dimon have to strike the match or it’s no deal. I drive a hard bargain.

Oh, and Dan Patrick has to suck a dead bear onstage in a mega-church packed with Trump drones of all ages on the first Sunday in May. That’s my final offer.


Eugenics was my first thought when I heard this ghoul speak. The fact that people are lining up behind this sentiment is scary af.

  1. No you DON’T love your children, you lying hypocrite!
    a) if you did, you would be forcefully working to stop Global
    Warming; curbing fossil fuels,
    reign in big agriculture/ stop pesticides wiping out
    pollinators like bugs & birds; (biodiversity overall)
  2. stop the greed of corporations by no longer giving tax breaks.,
    There is and never was an American Dream
    and methinks
    this Lt. Governor will be banging on the doors of an ER
    the moment he gets a cough & a fever!

you don’t want to “sacrifice” yourself —“Lt. Gov” Patrick —
you want to sacrifice the nobodies…


Yes because the virus is an “in your face” real threat. Whilst climate heating is something happening to other places.

Yes., I was just speaking to relatives there…not enough medical equipment…

Will they be given 3 meals a day? :))

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So, die to prop up an undemocratic, inequitable, corrupt and environmentally destructive system? No thanks. It wasn’t working for most people and is completely incapable as far as dealing with the environmental crisis. We need far more radical changes to deal with the environmental crisis. This has laid bare also the utterly worthlessness of the establishment. They simply have no actual solutions to any of our problems and most of them are outright sociopaths. The status quo is going to kill us, and the working class should use its leverage. If those in power continue to make thee arguments and continue to operate in this way, bring the economy to its knees. It isn’t the CEO of McDonalds keeping the company going, it is the workers and there isn’t going to be a long line of applicants to replace existing workers. So, use that leverage.


Yeah, thank heavens we’re more enlightened, up here in NYC? Maybe FOX could organize a boomer brigade to Iran, while Comcast’s better half drops US on RussiaRussiaRussia? I’m wondering if those of us olds, still working at Amazon or in NYC triage tents (in week old masks, slathered with frozen hand sanitizer) will start to post scary videos of our workplace reality as the internet’s disinfected of nascent truth. And whistleblowers rounded up?





The same place they find all the cowards and political fascists…THE REPUBLICAN, AMERIKAN, PARTY!


Molly Ivins died about 13 yrs ago and I lived in Illinois for 54 yrs and would NEVER go back there to live. I live in Ar now and hate the govt officials BUT love the small town atmosphere and small population. Texas is grossly over played in almost every way possible. Been there twice and never want to go back. Oh, I do like Jim Hightower AND LBJ.