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Requiem for the Asterisk


Requiem for the Asterisk

Christopher Brauchli

Omissions are not accidents.
— Marianne Moore, Complete Poems, author’s note


Has everyone forgotten the " shock power " of the 60s and early 70s protests, regarding street and slang language? It was used by both men and women to shake up the polite racial and sexual status quo embedded in Uncle & Auntie Whitey's closed, stuffy minds. Part of the agitprop of the street fightin' men and women who've moved the country positively forward on many levels. As an old political operative once told me, " some stuffed shirts couldn't say shit if they had a mouthful of it " before the many battles for more equitable outcomes occurred in the 60s and 70s. Donald Trump talking about one of his daughters or any pageant contestants has nothing to do with the current 2016 election. But it has everything to do with white privilege telling us who gets to say what to whom, and when. And, in what tones, too. " Fuck the Pigs " still sounds about right in context concerning the goings on in N.Dakota or in the BLM movement. Sorry if that offends you, Uncle & Auntie Whitey and all your privileged curtesies and niceties, meant to exclude" the other ", of course.