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Rescue Operations Underway in Japan After Typhoon Hagibis Kills Dozens and Causes 'Immense Damage'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/13/rescue-operations-underway-japan-after-typhoon-hagibis-kills-dozens-and-causes

The answer is none. The reality is many.

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Many area’s of the planet will become uninhabitable due to the Climate Emergency. The arctic is melting, sea and land, releasing methane and CO2. The methane will breakdown to CO2 and water vapor, increasing storm strength and rain/snow amounts. This is also disrupting the jet stream making everything unstable. None of this is new but it must be repeated. For a closer look you might visit my page “Sea Ice”.

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Just another freakishly bad late season storm. Nothing to see here.
Move along.

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Hey, look over there, Ukrainie-gate!



I’m very sorry for the people suffering this catastrophe but I’m extremely sick of the how media, even this media does the damage report. On and on, in language that has become cliche, in details that are the same for every event. It tatters the soul to read of calamity in cliches. Why not some greater depth. What are the politics behind this, is Shinzo Abe involved, was the neighborhood working to protect itself, what do the public think about global warming, Greta and is soccer really such a succor. No one ever really got behind the disgrace that was Katrina to report on it and we’ve been following that model ever since.


“How many more extreme weather events like this should happen til all governments & corporations act seriously on the #climatebreakdown?”

They are the problem and not the solution until they decide to ditch capitalism. We must act.

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which was wrecked by a deadly tsunami in March 2011, reported irregular readings from sensors monitoring water at the facility.

Let’s stop defending nuclear energy, shall we? We need, obviously, a radically different way of being and living and our indigenous brothers and sisters hold the key.

To the Japanese people, we stand with you.


reported irregular readings from sensors monitoring water at the facility.

Emi Iwasa, a spokeswoman for Tokyo Electric Power, said the storm had triggered 11 leak alerts at the plant, eight of which were confirmed as having been caused by rainwater. The utility has not confirmed if any radioactive water leaked into sea.

Think They’ll tell us if there a radioactive leak in to the Pacific? I don’t.


The other problem is, with human population way too high, humans live in more and more marginal places susceptible to natural “disasters.”
The more of us there are, the more of us in harm’s way.

The population has more than doubled in my life time. Did you read the link I posted? Earth will be cleaning house soon enough to get rid of the infestation. The troubling thing is this is the 9th comment posted here but the Bernie he said she said article has some 66 comments, meaning, our focus is very misplaced and people will panic when they are caught by short hairs. Be aware, beware, everyone has a gun.

From what I understand it’s been one ongoing leak since the get-go, and they still haven’t told us about that.

What, investigative reporting? Sorry, we are addicted to nightly sensational news. Can’t wait a month or two for an in depth story. I guess the surge of books being written are taking the place of in depth journalism.

Not salacious enough I guess Ditton. We have to wait for our own roof to blow off or our front yard to flood. It’s an I, me , mine world we live in.

It’s the new normal don’tcha know. Actually scratch that. The new normal will actually be much worse.

Yep and as you well know, it is driving me nuts. I feel like a squirrel getting ready for winter :-)))

I agree. At least it saved books, that 15 years ago were heading for the ash pile. I hear Rising is good for real analysis, and intercept is good, but seems to snub politics too much. Jeremy Scahill seems too liberal and not enough progressive but I like Matt Taibi
a lot. Mostly I like Jimmy Dore, a madman of the note!!! But he’s only US not World.