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Research Exposes $16 Billion Bottled Water Industry's Predatory Marketing Practices


Research Exposes $16 Billion Bottled Water Industry's Predatory Marketing Practices

Julia Conley, staff writer

Bottled water companies have relied on predatory marketing practices and exorbitant lobbying efforts to sell Americans on the inaccurate belief that pre-packaged water is cleaner and safer than tap water—a notion that is costing U.S. households about $16 billion per year.


Thank you to CD and Ms. Conley for reminding us. If I may add: According to the most recent (2015) information, in California, Nestle’ purchased from the state 36,000,000 gallons of water, for which it paid $524.00. The State Water Board (licensing agency) only charges Nestle’ to operate its equipment, and NOT for the water. The Arrowhead and Pure Life brands are both owned by Nestle’ (they have others too). Nestle’ operates the exact same way in Michigan (and likely other states). Even in Canada (British Columbia), they have the same sticky sweet deal. Per the Council of Canadians, for every million litres of water (264,172 gallons) that Nestle’ buys, it pays the princely sum of $2.25. Neither of the dollar figures cited here are typos. Somewhere on YouTube is a clip of Nestle’s CEO, opining that he does not believe that access to public water is a human right.


This information has been public for many years. A lot of people do not want to hear the truth and those that already know…well nothing has been done about this except those in MI who have been protesting and speaking out against Nestle. How much is Nestle paying to the government officials ?


The Trump Administration doesn’t really care about jobs. It is just a cover. What they really care about are Privatization and Profit; the Commodification of Everything possible. This applies equally to the Republican majority in Congress. Lobbyists are indirectly making all policy decisions now.


He believes that water should all be corporate owned and everyone should have to pay him for it. It’s libertarianism/vulture capitalism run totally amok.


From a related post on today’s CD:
“The International Bottled Water Association, Nestlé Waters NA, Nestlé USA and Coca-Cola lobbied Congress on issues including bottled water, water infrastructure, California drought relief and a National Park Service policy to allow parks to ban bottled water sales. These companies’ lobbying expenditures between 2014 and 2016 topped $28 million.”


This helps illustrate the con that is Capitalism and modern mainstream economics.

If water is free and you get out from a tap there no impact on GDP when it consumed. There being no “value” assigned to the water monetarily it is not an asset or a measurement of wealth under this fraudulent system.

Now charge a fee for it. The more that is consumed, the greater the GDP growth and the more the Economists chortle in glee and call the system a success.

If water is free and owned by the Commons then none of us have any “wealth” as far as that water concerned under that stupid system. If it PRIVATIZED and deemed the property of a nestles it suddenly has value of biilions on billions of dollars and it then claimed “this proves Capitalist systems create wealth”.


My concern is public schools that offer the plastic bottled water in all school events. The kids have no sense of polluting the planet with more global warming ocean killing plastics and discard those bottles often half full of water. I have seen city sponsored events that sell bottled water by nestle and other uncaring profits before life corporations.


I have been watching this horrible trend of charging for everything that used to be offered as part of the whole purchase at no extra charge. However things are categorized, utilized and charges applied by breaking costs to make them look like separate items not part if the whole.


I wish all problems were this easy to solve. Don’t by the crap!!!


Not mentioned - the health hazards of drinking or eating anything packaged in plastic.

The clear hard plastic used to bottle water, soft drinks, fruit juice, some alcoholic beverages is PET (polyethylene terephthalate) leaches endocrine disruptors into the contents.

Endocrine disruptors cause diabetes, obesity, low sperm count and some cancers. It is no coincidence that global rates of diabetes & obesity skyrocketed immediately after the introduction of PET plastic bottles in 1973.


We desperately need our truth in advertising laws back. So much consumer BS could be eliminated. I remember about 20 - 25 yrs. ago the eggland co. promoted their eggs as more healthy, (they are not), than others. They were fined, (don’t remember amount). The laws were dismantled, and they are making the same claims today, scamming the consumers again.


Corporations stack plastic bottles in the sun waiting to be loaded on airplanes.

Solar radiation decomposes plastic into chemical stew.

Solar decomposition in nature yields plankton sized bits of water bottles floating in the sea. Gazillions of them. The plastic plankton even looks like plankton. Pollution molecules stick to it like a plastic balloon before the plastic plankton is eaten.

Plankton eaters at the bottom of the food chain eat the plastic plankton and poop it out clean and electrified by rubbing to collect another batch of pollution before being eaten again. And again.

This is a direct method of recycling human poisonous pollution into human diet.


The theft of the peoples water resources is criminal. I don’t drink tap water because it tastes nasty here in a more densely populated area, plus the chemical content it holds. I grew up drinking well water, now I pay 20 cents a gallon from a machine that claims a 10 step process to filter it. It tastes good but who knows how pure it actually is. I never buy any Nestlé product or store shelf bottled water product. What’s next a meter on the air we breathe.


Fill in the blanks:

“A ______ and his _______ are soon parted.”

“There’s a ________ born ever minute.”

You now understand the consumers of bottled water.


How about the air we breath? When will that come under corporate rule? Oh, I forgot the EPA is taking care of that.


So nice for them that it’s legal.


The EPA isn’t going to bottle air. They’re just going to make it chewable.


Wowzie! I’ve never seen quite such a vacuously mindless pass for predatory corporate practices on the commons. Any of chapdrum’s business?? - Whahahahah!!! Good luck with that perspective. Goliath just slipped on a banana peel - no need for David at all. Kinda like prison wear prancing down a fashion show runway. PRICELESS!


Water is life. Capitalism is death.