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Researchers Detail How Slashing Pentagon Budget Could Pay for Medicare for All While Creating Progressive Foreign Policy Americans Want

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/17/researchers-detail-how-slashing-pentagon-budget-could-pay-medicare-all-while


GREAT IDEA! Too bad Amerika is a fascist, military, dictatorship. We have a Frankenstein $$$$$$$ monster that would rather murder lives than save lives and will never allow any significant slashes to their gravy train.


Privatization - private contractors in military theaters is as privatized as it gets for the corporate predators. The 99% are - at this point - one heck of a mass of “human shields” for these #*)!!#%.
The tragedy being that they became this way because their entire operational premise is to DENY (externalized “costs”) anything inconvenient to their predation. After a century or two, despite the writing on the wall these institutionalists have institutionalized the null set as if it were not the big goose egg. Hard to hinge that to any reasonable articulation of reality. They have become the twisted residue of all that they have ‘externalized’.


Hate to burst your bubble but estimates are that M4A would necessitate raising an average of an extra $3 trillion extra per year in tax revenue over the 10 years 2022 through 2031…not $300 billion.

Although one of the possible ways to partially fund M4A suggested by Bernie’s team is a 4% tax on household income with the first $29,000 excluded. That would have raised about $300 billion last year so the $300 billion military cut could have been used instead.

Not only would I slash the Pentagon/defense budget. I would ELIMINATE Homeland Security, ICE and cut the NSA and CIA. According to Snowden’s book. Contractors make up almost all of personnel in those corrupt agencies with little or no oversight and outrageous amounts of money. No politician is brave enough to mention cutting any of theses wasteful, worthless expenditures. I wish Bernie would refuse to answer the bulls@it question about raising taxes for Medicare for all. Tell multimillionaire Anderson Cooper that he never asks how much the wars are costing. Or how the pentagon was audited and they couldn’t account for something like 23 trillion dollars.
That would stop that tax nonsense.


Isn’t this the essence of our American delusion?

There is what could be, and there is what is and will continue to be.


Do not ignore the fact that Americans already spend 3.65 trillion a year on health care for their current system. A great chunk of that is on premiums to Insurance providers that will no longer have to be paid.

Insurance providers do not provide health care.

Added to that it a fact that medical procedures for the same treatments in the USA are around twice as high as in Canada. As example in Canada heart bypass surgery on a patient sees a charge of around $10000 dollars from the provider to the payer (In this case the Government) . In the USA that same bypass surgery is billed out at around $20000 distributed between the insurer and the patient via deductibles…


When it comes to truly challenging the war machine

Every candidate waves the (white) flag


Trump and his gangsters stole 30 percent of all corporate tax revenue. GONE. STOLEN. TAKE IT BACK. And pay for Medicare for all. I have medicare. It saved my life and it is not free. I pay fees and about 20 percent of all costs but it allows me to see whomever I want and everyone takes it. The attack on Medicare is from within, led by corporate private companies like Humana who are not reporting charges on time or accurately intentionally and this makes it more difficult for Medicare to regulate price and systems. If it fails, citizens would then be forced to private insurers who are trying to kill Medicare with advantage plans. They are the principal defrauders of Medicare which works just like social security, all money which is earmarked to be used only in the medical industry or for seniors to spend to survive. Take the corporate 30 percent back and help pay for Medicare for all with it and the insurance industry can concentrate on paying hurricane claims the owe poor displaced Americans living in tents. Literally. Take the money back!!


The military and military-warmonger-industrial-complex are the biggest welfare programs in the USA.
Everyone who volunteers for the American military, or works for a military contractor, is complicit in war crimes, and is sucking from the public breast.
All these people should be fired from their violence jobs, and tasked with rebuilding America’s parks, libraries, schools, infrastructure, etc.


Imagine the good that could be done just from a fraction of the waste that goes into the MIC.

On a related matter, I’d love to see an expose of the Army Corps of Engineers. Supposedly part of the military, the Corps seems to be at the beck-and-call of corporations and the wealthy.

Look at how they run roughshod over ecosystems with their dredging and pipeline permits processes. Also, just heard how they actively pursue coastal communities to pursue beach replacement which gives the corps work after storms and as a result of normal beach erosion.


Endless war. So endless expence, endless misery in affected countries, endless woundings, endless killings, endless hatred, endless revenge, endless torture… Is it starting to sound diabolical and insane yet? Do these words of Ghandi start making sense to anyone: “The way to peace is peace.” And wouldn’t that be nice? Instead? Imagine, America could then have universal healthcare too!


We have always known this is possible but we have had all kind of lame excuses over the years. We are tired of lame excuses and the people who make them. It is time for big changes in this country. Sanders, Warren and most of us can see this. I hope the rest of the U.S. can lift their heads out of the sand and see that this really is possible - that our priorities have been wrong for so long. We need to change today!


This is why we need a limited (or not so limited) wealth tax until we can restore the losses to the 99%. Then we need a very progressive tax system with high marginal rates. It is time to end the decades of neo-liberal republican and centrist democratic pandering to the wealthiest and most powerful. End the lobbying and start listening to the people for once!


Great response. Yea, they seem to leave that out of the equation when they say we can’t afford Single Payer. They need a course in primary mathematics and also in ethics.


I’m aware of what we spend and am 100% behind M4A (and behind Bernie). I was simply pointing out that the writer is about 9/10ths short when saying that cutting military spending by $300 billion would fund M4A.

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I’m 100% behind M4A (and behind Bernie). I was simply pointing out that the writer is about $27 trillion short over 10 years by saying that $300 billion less in military spending per year would fund it.

It can easily be paid for without raising taxes on households by much at all (way, way less than Biden claims) but writing articles claiming that just cutting the military budget would do it is not doing our cause any favors.


You mention centrist democrats. A fun song that could be the theme song for any middle-of-the-road politician. “Stuck in the middle with you.” A good cover of this song is one with Josh Turner, Reina, and Toni.


“No politician is brave enough to mention cutting any of these wasteful, worthless expenditures.”

I don’t disagree with you, but there’s a reason this topic never comes up in political circles. The last President to bring it up, he didn’t last long after that, and you can bet the date Nov. 22 gets whispered into their ear when someone does open this can of worms. Reducing or eliminating the alphabets will require almost military precision and planning beforehand to ensure whoever is sitting in the WH will be there after it’s announced and implemented. Presidential protection will have to be dramatically upgraded beyond the normal SS protection he/she gets now. And that includes the VP also. I believe it can and must be done, but many things need to happen in secret, before an attempt is made. They will have to be hit fast, hard, and be totally unaware it’s coming to be successful.


Good luck with that “getting what Americans want.”