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Researchers Thought It Would Be At Least 30 Years Before Arctic Ice Time Capsule Was Found. It Took Just Two.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/researchers-thought-it-would-be-least-30-years-arctic-ice-time-capsule-was-found-it


A powerful message – from the not at all distant past!


“How much proof do we need?”

We have all the proof. It’s in plain sight:



Granted this is Antarctica, but equally disturbing.


Hi wingsofadove:
Oh my…it was sent in 2018 and found in 2020. I wonder how long it will be before all the drinkable water is gone -----and what cities of the word will be underwater. : (


It won’t be long Gloriana. The UK contemplated at one time dragging an iceberg down to provide water. Here in Spain villages have been abandoned because of underground aquifiers drying up. Egypt is in dispute with Ethiopia over the “renaissance” dam. Rivers all over the world are polluted:


See the film “the man who fell to earth” starring David Bowie. (Science fiction, but scarily prescient.)



Peak Fake News.

“…And when they found our shadows
Grouped around the TV sets
They ran down every lead
They repeated every test
They checked out all the data on their lists.
And then the alien anthropologists
Admitted they were still perplexed
But on eliminating every other reason
For our sad demise
They logged the only explanation left:
This species has amused itself to death…”
-Roger Water, Amused to Death



It is already a problem, and will be so in more places as time goes on. We are not going to get a clean date at which this happens.

Set up raincatch and filters where you live. It’s a few hundred dollars if you hire a handyman instead of a plumber, less if you can do the labor yourself.

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I guess they got a sign of what life was like in the early 21st Century.

“They would not listen, they’re not listening still
Perhaps they never will” - DM

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Good news: Our planet can fix the problem if it can find the political will. My solutions for greatly enhancing pack ice formation and for affordably stabilizing the snowy polar albedo on land are at ~http://klinkmansolar.com/arctic.htm

Bad News: No, even on clear pain of death the planet doesn’t have the political will to do anything of the sort.

Good news: Somebody actually offered to pay innovators real money in exchange for getting work done. The Helsinki Energy Challenge picked up a vast number of new alternative energy ideas by simply offering a pot of one million euros. Let them be a light to any economy that wants to succeed in this world.

Bad News: I entered it. I’m certain that I dominated the talent division with economical, robust, low lifetime carbon ideas. I’m sorry to say that I probably stunk in their swimsuit contest, which counted 30%.

The drinkable water problem is fixable. Economical solar solutions exist for large scale drinking water distillation and for creating ground fog each night in arid lands.

The ice sheet collapse part of the underwater cities problem is surprisingly fixable, if governments care to fix it. The category 6 and category 7 hurricanes part of the underwater cities problem isn’t fixable except by reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases in the atmosphere back to 300 ppm.

Looks like we need some female “emotionalism” in regard to saving
our planet – this spaceship we’re on … ?

The rate of Global Warming will begin to show us the harm done to the planet
AFTER 1970 – so everything will begin to speed up in number of events and severity of events.

Hi PaulK:
I think I read something a long bit ago, where saudi Arabia ws coercing dew from weirdly built structures—is that what you meant?

Dew won’t produce enough water, by far.

A solar pond is a pond covered with a certain fairly stable type of oil. The sun’s rays heat up the water below and the oil keeps the pond from losing any heat through evaporation. Pond temperatures of up to 180 degrees F. have been reported.

My fog pond is a solar pond with a swimming pool-style lip on its edges and a pump. Late at night after desert air temperatures have plummeted and natural dew might or might not form, the pump clears the oil layer off of the solar pond’s top. Now the hot water meets the cold air. Billows of fog form and drift to the shore with the wind. Half of the fog is caught in fog netting and goes into a cistern for human use. The other half blows over the netting and lands on the crops beyond the pond.

This system works well with seawater pumped far inland by solar power or by windmills. It also distills brackish water, agricultural wastewater and sewage into potable water.

My more elaborate system sends very hot and completely moist air up a tall mountain through a chimney on the mountain slope. Moist air is like hurricane fuel. As it rises in elevation it condenses into rain droplets, and that just drives the updraft in the chimney even harder. Wind turbines in the chimney harvest this updraft energy. We sell the pure drinking water and the on-demand renewable electricity.

Researchers think that it will be 30 years before we can develop 100% renewable electricity and plenty of affordable distilled water, but for certain communities we could do it in 2 years.

Hi PaulK:
OMG, this sounds like science fiction! What kind of oil covers the water? Can you really separate oil from water? What does fog netting look like and where does it come from?
LOL, I love this-----what communities could do this within 2 years? I love it when science fiction becomes real! : )

“Fog Collection” is a Wikipedia article.

My information on solar pond technology is apparently antiquated. Modern solar ponds (another Wikipedia article) don’t use a layer of oil. They use a supply of fresh water on top and extremely salty water deeper in the pond. Fresh water weighs less than salt water, so the fresh water acts as the pond’s insulating layer and the inherently heavier but warmer salt water layer stays on the bottom of the pond.

Having said that, I could design floating hollow glass beads that could last for decades, that could improve the performance of a solar pond and that could also be removed at night.

Thank you:
I appreciate the work that you do! : )