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Researchers: Trump Tweets Reveal 'Neurotic' and 'Unstable' Leader


Researchers: Trump Tweets Reveal 'Neurotic' and 'Unstable' Leader

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

What do the frequent tweets from Donald Trump say about his online personality?

According to a team of international researchers, they indicate he's an "emotionally unstable motivator."

The study was conducted before Trump took office, analyzing 3,200 tweets he issued by October 2016, and was led by Martin Obschonka from the Australian Center for Entrepreneurship Research at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, and Christian Fisch from Trier University in Germany.


“Researchers: Trump Tweets Reveal ‘Neurotic’ and ‘Unstable’ Leader” Oh come on now, Tell us something that we didn’t know, before this brilliance!


Really?..DUH! And he is spiraling downward with the dawn and dusk of each day…so rapidly, in fact, he could corkscrew himself into Haedes where he would find kindred spirits.


Trump has always been an unstable moron. The only reason he is where is now is that people wanted an “outsider”.

The nation was and is tired of the standard political partisanship we continually face, election after election. But, the idiots running the Democrat Party refused to see that an insisted upon running Clinton, even to the point of questionable behavior on their part.

The next President is going to have a massive mess to clean up.


As long as the orange turd doesn’t drag the rest of us, and possibly the world, with it.


And the Democrats will do it again. They’ll let Bernie and Liz lasso a bunch of new recruits, as Bernie did last year, promote a false platform, possibly win big due to the rampaging Republicans total theft of our country’s treasures, then, bow down to their corporate masters, kiss their feet and give them the keys to the Kingdom.


Corporate paymasters HAVE HAD the “keys to the kingdom” ever since Saint Ron’s revolution and the concurrent Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation more than three decades ago.


God, don’t you just want to stuff some smart ass Trump voter’s face in this shit?


I bet many such voters are regretting their decision. As for the ongoing supporters, I doubt anything would phase their choices. Trump could launch a nuke (knock on wood) and it would still drive uproarious applause from such supporters.


Along with the banks since 1913.


I truly question whether there will be another president.


Psychiatry and psychology have nothing to contribute here, simply because anyone with half a lick of sense and a little experience of people knows that Trump is batshit crazy. He’s the bully everyone hated in grade school, the pervert no one wanted their daughter to date, the businessman every bank and contractor learned to hate and mistrust. It’s not him who needs his head examined, it’s the people who voted for him but, as I said, psychiatry and psychology are of no help here because you just can’t fix stupid.


Have a little faith my fellow American.

But, please do not put that faith in those who would deceive you, namely, the Duopoly.

They have sold this country down the stream and we must begin to recognize their betrayal, and do everything we can to reverse the damage we have made by giving our support and votes to those who have taken their 30 pieces of silver.


The sooner, the-flokking-better!


C’mon, I am neither a clinical psychologist nor a psychiatrist, and I already knew Trump is “neurotic” and psychologically “unstable”. So, tell me something neither I nor the bulk of humanity do not already know.


Sorry, Z54, I commented before scanning the other comments, and thus didn’t notice your comment preceding mine. Thus, I employed almost the same words as your employed. Please accept my apology for exhibiting an affirming diagnosis of this sick son of a female dog (please excuse the sexism of American derogatory expressions).