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Researchers Warn Melting Permafrost May Awaken 'Giant Viruses'


Researchers Warn Melting Permafrost May Awaken 'Giant Viruses'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Yet another giant prehistoric virus has been unearthed in the frozen tundra of Siberia, where scientists warn climate change is melting the permafrost and awakening potentially dangerous microscopic pathogens.

Reporting this week in the flagship journal of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, French researchers announced the discovery of Mollivirus sibericum, found in the permafrost of northern Russia.


Sometimes you just can't believe that any of this is real even though you know it is real. Very real. This is of course the plot of an amazingly crappy 1950's horror movie where some prehistoric virus is 'awakened' and escapes ... sigh.

Daily life should not resemble a crappy 1950's horror movie... that's my theory. It just shouldn't. Meanwhile what do we read. They found four of these ancient viruses already and what do they want to do? That's right ... exactly the same stupid damn plot of the 1950's horror flick... they want to revive the virus!

We have met the abysmally moronic and... he was smarter than we were.

Feeling relaxed and comfortable with incipient calls for war, looming global warming and oceanic collapse, nuclear meltdowns ala Fukushima, drought that becomes world wide fires that burn permafrost and ...permafrost? Methane not so perma- permafrost? Nah ... freaking extinct viruses brought back to life just to see if we can do it thawing permafrost!

A lot has happened this last year. I am wondering what will happen next year. A single year never used to seem all that long but these days each one seems an eternity of bad news.

So we find prehistoric viruses that we may revive because why? Sigh.

These stupid movies scared the hell out of me as a kid... it is very disconcerting to think that they might turn out to be real now.

When they announce that they have discovered a prehistoric virus that turns people into zombies... damn it to hell I'm probably going to believe them.

Once! Just one F'N mention of a zombie virus and I'm outta here!


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I think it will not be be a blessing for the planet thank you very much!
Give people a break. I like people. Some of my best friends are people! Okay fine they take some getting used to but nevertheless...!!!


I read it and others. Oh my Gosh!!! I just realized ... what if the virus is a zombificating virus which turns people into ... republicans !!!! How would we even know? Now that's scary!


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Want another worry?

Melting icecaps will shift the weight balance on the earth's crust - so more earthquakes.


I remember around a year or so ago, there was an article about some bioweapons lab thawing out a sample of the Spanish Influenza. The report stated it proved just as deadly as ever, even after being frozen almost a century.
* My thought was, why were they thawing out that virus? What happens if someone goofs and drops the test tube?
* Or, is this just the start of another horrible bioweapon?
* A reporter asked Mahatma Gandhi what he thought of Western Civilization.
* "It sounds like a wonderful idea," he replied.


But, um, is there any safe place to run to? Better stick around and fight the power that would place/has placed death on the throne.


I'm pretty sure Robin Cook wrote about an attempt at unleashing this virus in one of his bestselling, prophetic thrillers. Damn, it's been a while since I've read any of his books. Guess I need to see what else is in store for us.


As I predicted some time ago, the leading causes of death in a few decades will not be cancer and heart disease, but war, starvation, infectious agents and suicide

War will not end because it's incredibly profitable for the MIC.

The resources on this planet are finite..you can't continue to abuse the environment and feed starving people.

Infectious disease epidemics are largely the result of international trade and factory farming.

Suicide is a viable option in the "Mad Max" world that is appearing before our eyes...


You should be ashamed of yourself. You do not have the right to encourage people to commit suicide. You are in effect suggesting that they murder someone (themselves). Suicide is violence. Suicide for health reasons and other extreme cases is one thing but you are subtly suggesting that people do this for what purpose? You need psychological help.


I hope you know that I was joking of course. Besides the fact that I won't be running anywhere (I'd take a cab there maybe...lol).

There is a real zombie fungus (two actually) which certain species of ants. I hope that helps. Lol.

Your comment is the guiding principle of my life. I agree that it is best to stick around and fight the power that would place death on the throne.

I would add >>> and fight the power that would export death too.


Read more slowly. I do not encourage people to commit suicide.

You may be unaware that people are already committing suicide in huge numbers. I doubt any of them are doing it because I have mentioned it. Should the topic be forbidden from discussion?

I actually learned a bit about suicide in Psychology classes. It's war, seeing family members killed, and lack of food and water that lead many to commit suicide.


Spare me the intellectual discussion that you did NOT include in your comment. I think you need psychological help if you think telling people this is okay. Suddenly you play innocent. You are irresponsible and should pray that someone susceptible and in need of professional help doesn't take your creepy suggestion to heart.



Again, I did not and do not encourage anyone to commit suicide. You read a lot into people's comments that isn't there.

I predicted the third phase of the Iraq war in 2003. Does that mean I was encouraging going to war?
Predictions are not wishes.

But please, ignore my questions, and keep the insults coming if it makes you feel better...


You did not include any of these intellectual qualifications in this statement. You just threw it out there and it is creepy and reckless. Get that word? RECKLESS.

If you had even just said it about yourself that would be one thing but you are telling other people this 'solution of yours. It is creepy to risk influencing someone who might not need encouragement in a severely depressed state etc.

You are telling OTHER PEOPLE this falsehood. That is why you are a creep for doing so. It is wrong and extremely dumb to do. Big deal you took a psych class... it seems you didn't learn much from it.


It was more depressing a few years ago because people were still babbling about whether global warming was real or not. That has changed even for the die hard deniers (you can tell that they know they are wrong but are just being spiteful about it as yet).

The very fact that people all know is so exciting. I remember back in the sixties (by then it was the early seventies) when everybody knew the war was wrong and wanted us out. Even those who had been most vocal about supporting the war wanted us out. Everybody you talked to felt much the same. The war should end and then it did. The government and the military wanted to continue but it was obvious that the country did not want that. The government knew it had no support.

I see that happening now about global warming. For the first time everybody knows about it. They may not know much about it but they know what it is. Nobody says "Global warming? What's that?"

At that point whenever there is something about global warming, a march, a protest, a sit in, a bit of street theater or civil disobedience people will participate or support or take notice and talk about it. Children learn about it in school. Things happen around the world and are covered in the news. Humanity has become aware and is awake to the danger ahead.

That is so damn encouraging. No matter what else... THAT creates hope. We know now.

That was the critical thing...that we needed to know. from now on it is just a matter of time, The fossil fuel companies may try to delay of course but they know that they have lost the key battle. The age of denial is over... the next battle ???

The Age of Delay... begins...lol. We will win that too eventually... hopefully quickly...


So true. The greatest failing of the human species is the inability to understand the exponential function.


I kind of give people a pass on this, mainly because deniers cast doubt and most people aren't scientists. If originally people had been told definitively that global warming was happening then they would have accepted the exponential characteristic.

It wasn't and that doubt made accepting something confusing like the exponential rate on something that wasn't evident as yet and moreover was in dispute ... and you got disinterest.

But people know. what they wait for is something concrete like another storm as big as Sandy but as destructive as Katrina. That will flip them over to full belief mode. Until then they wait as others fight it out (the scientists and the Fox news type deniers). But people know now. They won't be fooled by some twit saying "Oh it is just a big storm" People know more than they used to.