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Researchers Warn of Looming Oil Spill Four Times Larger Than Exxon Valdez If Urgent Action Not Taken

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/researchers-warn-looming-oil-spill-four-times-larger-exxon-valdez-if-urgent-action

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Well why not? Prince Williams Sound is contaminated, the Gulf of Mexico is contaminated, and the Indian Ocean is contaminated, might as well spread the “wealth” around and ruin all of the oceans. /s


Get ships to pump that oil over to.
Can’t be rocket science to get this done.


As an Alaskan resident who has been to Valdez, Alaska many times, I can tell you that after all this time, I could show you where your post is true. If you turn over rocks on many beaches, on Prince William Sound you will find oil contamination.


I guess we have gone full circle. We started with back yard oil seeping from underground and called it a scourge. A pollutant.
Now we end up with it once again being a pollutant.

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My understanding is the herring industry has never returned to anywhere near it’s pre-spill numbers in PWS. It’s the same here in the Northern Gulf of Mexico where the oil was sunk to the bottom with dispersants (BP didn’t even try to clean it up). The shrimp were deemed safe and legal for sale, but only after the safety levels were lowered dramatically, compared to pre-spill levels. i won’t even talk about the oysters being sold from the Gulf.