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Resignation Not Enough, Wasserman Schultz Drops the Gavel, Too


Resignation Not Enough, Wasserman Schultz Drops the Gavel, Too

Jon Queally, staff writer

One day after she announced her resignation in the wake of the #DNCLeak scandal and just hours after being booed by angry party delegates during a morning press conference, news broke early Monday afternoon that Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not gavel into session this year's Democratic Party Convention.


They act like her resigning fixes what she and others did to rig this election. Where does her resigning do anything useful for Americans who have been disenfranchised of their choice by her unethical dirty tricks? She should be prosecuted or someone should for defrauding people of their campaign contributions for one thing and for misuse of tax payer funds for another.

Does it matter that she was successful in trashing our democracy? Her resignation is after the fact and irrelevant. She rigged the election. Is that legal? Is that acceptable? Do we truly have democracy anymore? How is it possible that what she did is allowed to stand as if it didn't matter and the nomination was legitimate?

She cheated us. Democracy matters.


Holygeezer and Wereflea are right. DWS's losing her DNC chair and position at the convention are side issues. The fact remains that she presided over a fraud election and instead of owning it, doubles down by taking a position in her benefactor's campaign.

I watched Bernie talk to his supporters and tell them that they needed to support Hillary and a great many of them booed. I hope that they keep that sentiment until the end of the convention and walk out during Hillary's speech.

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I think the fact that Clinton appointed her as head of her campaign is indicative, of not only crass anti-democratic callous, but also indicative of how people that have scores of damning information on each other, form alliances to keep each other in check.

The ruling oligarchs have countless such relationships, there is no doubt.


This is election fraud and of course it was done at the bequest of HillBill --
This doesn't originate with DWS.


The Don is showing the Capos that loyalty is rewarded.


Precisely my friend.


This is so important to remember. Not only did DWS cheat us, the entire Democratic Party establishment cheated us. The Clinton establishment cheated us (nothing new there, though). We have a Constitution that was created by the signing of the Declaration of Independence by some very brave people. It gives us the words to continue to use to build toward a more perfect union and a peaceful, better world. Where is the bravery. Where is our pride?


Thanks for the post Georgy. Most useful. Very encouraging. Open and fair elections are the law of the land ... or used to be. Our democracy matters to us. My guess is that the cynicism of the permanent government elite/ruling class in Washington made them get so used to paying only lip service to democracy instead of actually believing in it, that they never noticed that we're going way too far and destroying democracy not upholding it. Now they want to move on to unity having gotten their way. How willing would they be to have unity if Sanders challenged what is a fraudulent nomination process? Sanders would win with the independents vote and Hillary might just lose.

Unity should include the independent voter.


That is the way I see it too. They rig the nomination and then say lets all move on to unity about it?

I believe that 'they' carefully calculated this strategy based on seeing the tepid response of Americans towards each incident of dirty tricks during the campaign. Had people began to protest and demonstrate against being disenfranchised (and in fact defrauded) each time then they would have not pushed so far so openly. Oligarchy sees no problem with weakening democracy (allowing for easier manipulation of the process) and making the public cynical and disinterested in politics and other issues. Democracy is an inconvenience one must suppose to powerful people who want to have things their way.

Clinton was the presumptive anointed appointed and to hell with what the majority of the voting public wants. They rigged the game and now they want us to know our place and go along with the decision of our betters as good work serfs should. Afterall lets not take this idea about democracy too far. There is a lot of money invested in keeping things the way they are.


Not if Clinton looses which I sincerely hope she does. The ambition, corruption and arrogance of both of these people should not be rewarded. Jill Stein has virtually no chance of winning but I'm still going to vote for her unless Hillary really pisses me off in the next couple of months then it's going to be Trump.


Of course they do! I am so tired of supporting a candidate I believe in, and then being discounted because he or she doesn't kowtow to the desires of the head honchos, the "big and powerful" people who run the party. This is what they call Democracy? You've got to be kidding! I was a "good Democrat" for close to thirty-five years, working at the polls, making phone calls, even going door to door for my candidate. No more! I recently "divorced" the Democratic Party and re-registered as an independent. Not that it matters much in this depressingly preordained election year. But I will not vote for "the lesser of two evils" this time. If my one measly non-vote gives Trump the victory, so be it. I have to live with myself, and I cannot in good conscience pull the lever for Mrs. Clinton. She and hubby have pulled far too many shenanigans over the years to merit my respect and/or trust.


Clinton supporters keep shouting "unity" which means "fall in line with the status quo we created by cheating". Why isn't the path to unity for Hillary to resign her ill-gotten gains?

The way to party unity is for Clinton and Sanders to agree to release all their delegates, then have an open vote. This time it would be a fair contest, not a rigged game.


If citizens had only gone to the streets in 2000 over GW Bush stealing the election we (our country and the world) would not be in the mess it is today and over 2,000,000 people would still be alive! Again, 2004 proved elections could be stolen with very little outcry from the citizenry. Now here we are again in 2016; same thing. If this election fraud and the conspiracy it took to make it happen is allowed to stand then goodbye Democracy, goodbye America.


500,000 ballots to go as of this morning, 7/25...


Have all those "PROVISIONAL BALLOTS" dispensed to Latino voters registered as Democrats and seeking a VOICE OF ADVOCACY THAT BERNIE SANDERS REPRESENTED been counted in California yet? How about all the other MIGRANT LABOR-DEPENDENT states of our Union? Oh yeah, Hillary Clinton backed by the HOUSE OF CLINTON "won fair & square!" Successor Donna Brazile's comments on CNN notwithstanding...

Just like her boss President Bait & Switch Obama. Whose campaign I worked my tail off to get elected in '08 only to have him turn around and name his Primary Foreign Policy Rival who led the OPPOSITION's charge into Iraq in '03 as SECRETARY OF STATE. Madame Clinton then retained instead of purged the Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Condi team of Nuland & Kagan, aka the REGIME CHANGERS. Nuland & Kagan started Madame Mao's career off at the STATE DEPARTMENT by backing the Honduran military coup that overthrew democratically elected corruption reformer Mel Zelaya's Partido Liberal de Honduras just like her husband had escorted democratically elected Haitian political reformer President Aristide out into exile. Next was trying to prop up kleptocratic Ukrainian leaders with the best U.S.-shipped weapons tax-payer money could buy. And that was the last thing Madame Mao of the HOUSE OF CLINTON ever did for U.S. workers.

As for the DNC campaign rhetoric of bringing TRANSPARENCY TO GOVERNMENT we can expect less follow-through than her boss, President Bait & Switch Obama whose 7 plus years as Chief Executive has resulted in more prosecution of those who blew the whistle on run-away INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION and longer delays to comply with journalistic FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT requests than any previous administration. Which is saying something when Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Condi preceded BAIT & SWITCH OBAMA leading our once FIRST WORLD country into our current status as FOOD STAMP & HOOVERVILLE HOMELESS NATION.

The Global Trade Deals the House of Clinton kicked off with NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT to such disastrous outcomes for the 99.99% of U.S.? Madame Mao backed with the full force of the STATE DEPARTMENT President Obama's 2012 KORUS, FTA (Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement). Didn't see any TRADE DEAL SCOREBOARDS on the corporate-captured news about the winners\losers or score of the deal? Try non-profit and bi-partisan PUBLIC CITIZEN's online web 'zine COMMON DREAMS headline and revealing sub-header of March 2015:
" Unhappy Third Birthday for Korea Free Trade Agreement Drags Down Obama Push for Fast Track Trade Authority
US Exports Down, Imports from Korea Up and Job-Killing Trade Deficit With Korea Balloons 84 Percent on Third Anniversary of Korea Pact, Which Is TPP Template" Not one campaign question asked before a live mic or camera about that outcome of her advocacy.

Now her choice for VP running mate Tim Kaine an unrepentant advocate of LOSING TRADE DEALS THAT TURNED U.S. into the CHICAGO CUBS OF GLOBAL TRADE. As former Texas Agriculture Commissioner commented on his Community Radio HIGHTOWER LOWDOWN program last summer: "THOSE NOT SEATED AT THE TABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE NEGOTIATIONS ARE ON THE MENU!"

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Okay, I am not sure how all of this works, or the legalities (not that something being legal makes it "right") but it seems that serious fraud has been committed on a number of levels.
Like the uneven application of justice that has inspired BLM, it appears that DWS simply gets to say "whoops" and walk away- to another high-level position in the HRC stable- with no repercussions.
Back to the fraud issue...I have to wonder, given the many contributions that I made to ActBlue in support of Sanders campaign, how that squares with the fact that they were seeking to undermine a candidate for whom they were soliciting contributions. I don't know the affiliation between Act Blue and the DNC, but something is terribly wrong here.
I won't even get started on Sanders now telling us how we need to make sure the Red Queen is elected.


You are exactly correct and damn if Bernie didn't totally capitulate and lose his spine, if he had one.


What happens to people who rig games and horse races?


Could they be too invested in the system?