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#ResignCameron: Thousands Call for Prime Minister to Step Down


#ResignCameron: Thousands Call for Prime Minister to Step Down

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Thousands of protesters converged in London on Saturday calling for British Prime Minister David Cameron's resignation in the wake of the Panama Papers release.

As Cameron spoke to a group of Conservative ministers at a hotel in Covent Garden, where he admitted fault in his response this week to revelations that he had profited from offshore tax havens, up to 5,000 Londoners surrounded the hotel where the meeting was being held, chanting for him to step down.


Cameron should resign. He's done worse things than being involved in the Panama Papers. He is like Obama & McCain. One war is not good enough for him. He wants there to be wars until Muslims go the way of the Neanderthals or until the Human Race goes the way of the Neanderthals.


It makes me wonder what will happen here in the States, will anyone come forward before this hits here? Or are they going to let the chips fall as they may? As we wait with baited breath. This is one time I'm glad I'm poor. Kinda like Letterman putting watermelons under an asphalt roller.


It's all about the systemic media complicity. The Clintons have offshore havens, not in Panama, but they are not hounded about their hypocritical tax policies and personal fortunes.


Thanks for the link. If it looks like an Empire hit job and walks like an Empire hit job, it sure ain't a duck.


This may be true but who else hides in the woodpile? There are oh so many to be sure and the Panama issue is but one example.


Absolutely. One of the key points of the Panama Papers uproar is that this is systemic, and the system is functioning as designed.

An independent media would be picking through that woodpile, seeing what scurries out.

At the same time, on multiple levels, there's evidence that more people everywhere, at all levels of all societies, are unable to ignore the endless barrage of evidence that the whole system is designed to be corrupt, and that no tinkering with individuals or components will "clean up" the system.


It really is fascinating to see who it is that's breaking the big stories these days. The Corporate-Owned-News (CON) is a con game. The only reason to pay it any attention is so you know what the day's lies and misinformation from the-powers-that-be are. More and more real journalists are finding ways to be real journalists independently, and it is a wonderful thing to see.

This story will be unraveling for a while, and few here will be surprised when the names of powerful elite Americans are revealed.


There may be no way of "tinkering" as it were but I'd still like to dream that the original intent was for the betterment of man and mankind, not without a few faults that have slowly been corrected and thrown away again such as voting rights. I do still dream that the founding documents were written at a higher level of human endeavor; yes, I am a dreamer. hehehehe, no, I don't wanna wake-up :slight_smile:


I just found this interesting take on the whole sheebang. Maybe some of you will read it and reflect? It has given me pause for thought, oh, there I go again thinking I can think, ooopppsss...



US citizens are by law supposed to declare all their foreign accounts since 2010. I guess if these Panama papers show any discrepancies some people are gonna be in trouble. Otherwise it's perfectly legal to have foreign based accounts.


If a Minister of the Crown is found to have been dishonest, he should be sacked. A British Prime minister is a Minister of the Crown; he/she is not Head of State.


legal makes right, okay


You've obviously not been paying proper attention to the BBC news who've took great pains to spell out via carefully chosen pundit after pundit that David Cameron has actualy done nothing wrong and this whole story is now really about how Labour are exploiting it to attack poor innocent Dave. But that's what you get when you have a former Murdock employee and part time Tory spin doctor, James Harding, as the head of BBC news.


I just hope Killary's name comes out b4 she can buy the nomination.


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Who's Larry Sanders?


Only if the self-same uh-merikkkan parasites are also toppled by the PPs.:stuck_out_tongue::hugging:


I think he might be Bernie's brother, or at least a relative of Bernie's.


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