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RESIST Day #34: What You Can Do Today


RESIST Day #34: What You Can Do Today

Common Dreams staff

Resistance in your community, across the country, and around the globe


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Resist what? Unless your own county or state is supporting their own policies ( like clean energy for instance) then what? Folks, Trump is the president, and federally that is that. Look to your states and counties for support in what you believe and join with a group of others who think like you do.


Yeah...sure..Trump is an insane anglo warlord wannabe..but as an old-school liberal/x-er, my question, which remains as yet literally 'unmentionable' by the new left, is this:

'Why would I help the new left, when they would never help me?'


I believe in AUTONOMY. The new left believes in rigid, fanatical...CONFORMITY. Worst of all, they're camouflaging this as 'diversity'. Why should I participate, help, commit resources, when many of you out there think its perfectly okeedoke to 'tell' me that, for example, I 'can't' use certain words! Or..that I 'shouldn't drink a soda, and if I dare to do so, then I MUST pay more because they....they....think its 'bad'. Why would I willingly support these fanatics and what amounts to a religious cult.

No? Not a cult? Well, lately I've noticed the birth of a new trope, from the new left. This 'meme' has to do with 'dialoging'. The idea, is that 'we need to just INSIST on a dialog with (whomever) them'..who else does this? Jehova's witnesses. Mormons. Zealots. I've yet to hear anyone say, while discussing this idea, typically on NPR et al, that 'hey..umm..only someone who already believes utterly that they are right, would suggest some sort of mass quasi-confrontational dialoging program'. Nope! The reality is supreme arrogance. The arrogance of fanatics.

Why would I volunteer to help that? Those of you swallowing this neo-fascist fake left insanity would never help me. Not to own a gun. Not to have real freedom of expression. Not to live autonomously. If you 'love' us so much..and 'respect our diversity'...then how about loviing us enough to leave us alone?

Nope! And therein lay the grim reality. The new left is deeply authoritarian and even totalitarian. When the 'black block' finally has a violent confrontation with some trump supporter, the new left will have its 'Horst Wessel' and away we'll go.

Hail Victory!


Who are you calling the new left? Your varied descriptions could cover left right or other.

And autonomy is all well and good but on a planet where all and I mean all beings are connected probably not much more than a paranoid pipe dream.


i not gonna do a thing whatever it is thanks the democrats that we are in this mess i just watch how we going down hill in a hurry im going too butt i just dont give a damn too many desinform people in this country is nothing that you can do about it ignorance run king at here