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RESIST DAY #37: What You Can Do Today


RESIST DAY #37: What You Can Do Today

Common Dreams staff

Resistance in your community, across the country, and around the globe


What You Can Do Today

Get your pitchforks and tar and feathers ready...


Let me just add another bullet point to this nifty to-do list:

evacuate the Democratic party (at least if you're not a corporatist. they can stay put) and start helping the people doing the hard work of building a real resistance. Not a resistance to Trump, or to the GOP or to any other diversion, but to corporate rule itself. Everything else is a symptom.


Join me in leaving the Democratic Party for the Green Party. Unlike the Dims, the Green Party welcomes disaffected progressive Sanders supporters with open arms and is inviting us to take offices in the party and run as Green Party candidates in the next cycle. It is high time for the high-and-mighty Democratic establishment of billionaire apologists to be taken down once and for all. If all they end up with is the empty shell of a party after all the citizens who care leave, then that is what they deserve. #Demexit.


Was amazed that my city even has an indivisible group. Saw on the news they had a town hall but they don't know about announcing it at RR.

My immediate thought was. "If this group can exist--and make the local news- in this red town in a big red state, there may be some hope."


It's the system stupid.

Online Direct Democratic Party


Stein voters like me felt pretty lonely. I couldn't take it again. Instead of Demxit I prefer Demin and fixit from within in a decentralized way.

Online Direct Democratic Party