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RESIST DAY #39: What You Can Do Today


RESIST DAY #39: What You Can Do Today

Common Dreams staff

Monday, February 27, 2017

  • Demand your lawmaker support the "Resolution of Inquiry" into Trump's conflicts of interest and his team's contact with Russian officials


Make Trump/Bannon supporters in Congress put their name on the line as preventing the investigation of Trump/Putin so that when the time comes they will be first in line for the guillotine.


Since the 'Russian Connection' became a news item, it's been all Rhetoric and zero Evidence.

I'm not too confident about how that's going to turn out, but I do like your style of execution.

I'm personally for greasing up those guillotines now. And, running them 24/7 until the Organized Crime Family and the Ship of Fools in D.C. are toast.


march on the IRS, release that tax return Trump.


I made the call, I hope it helps. If it was Bernie or Hillary they would've never gotten away with half the crap the Orange Cretin is.


I cannot believe that CD is endorsing the McCarthyite demand to "investigate Trump's contacts with Russia". Don't you see where this is leading? Is Russia our big bad enemy again, so we need to spend more on war and root out the communists (oops, i mean russian agents) in our midst?