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RESIST DAY #42: What You Can Do Today

RESIST DAY #42: What You Can Do Today

Common Dreams staff

Thursday, March 2, 2017

  • Demand President Trump Tell His Attorney General "You're Fired" After Revelations He Lied During His Senate Confirmation
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Today I started to organize in earnest for single-payer health care in my community. Asking someone who should be fired himself to fire a known bigot and liar as himself is rather dubious. Yes, we should keep the pressure on regardless.

I fail to understand so many of you, using terms with no definition/proof.
Nonetheless, the Sessions issue is another laughable ‘Russia’ ploy, when your candidate, and party, continue to play footsie (and sell uranium) to same.

there are others as well…so sad, what valiant and earnest folks have sunk to by not being aware of the insidious and nearly complete destruction of everything you claim to hold dear.
You pretend to be for peace, but want more war! I fail to understand.

I love the daily actions, and I’ll be adding them to my Inspire to Resist page on facebook…I just have one quibble. A peeve of mine: in this case, “every day” should be two words.