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RESIST DAY #45: What You Can Do Today


RESIST DAY #45: What You Can Do Today

Common Dreams staff

Resistance in your community, across the country, and around the globe


I am an American citizen who has lived in another country for about 15 years. My current fantasy is to head to the American Embassy here and throw my US passport over the wall.

In a "back to reality" move, I am applying to acquire citizenship in the country where I now live.

I have researched pretty thoroughly the ins and outs of renouncing my US citizenship and the only real sticking point is being able to get a visa to travel to the US to visit family or attend weddings or funerals. It's impossible to predict how that would go. So I suppose I will keep that US passport and only use it for travel to the US.

I am proud of the country where I live now and ashamed to be a US citizen. When people here ask me "How could it happen that Trump was elected?" - what am I to say? People everywhere realize that a government is not the same as the people - but - since "the people" elected him, how can I differentiate between the two? I have tried to summarize the election in a couple of sentences that people can understand but it is not easy. Sometimes they ask me "What kind of work did he do before?" and when I answer "He owns hotels and casinos." they look puzzled as if to say "What? Really?"

So my "What You Can Do Today" is to acquire citizenship in another country. Of course, this is not something everyone can do but for the many thousands of US citizens living in other countries, it's certainly something to investigate.

My acquiring dual citizenship changes nothing that is happening in the US. Except it is my small and personal protest from a person who has participated in virtually all of the progressive changes that have happened in the US that are now being rolled back to 50 years ago.

Resist in your own way - but RESIST!


Resist Day #2920: There are less than 2920 days to the end of Trumps second term--unless he goes for a third term. The DNC has learned nothing. The American people are blinkered fools. And the rapacious elite are in a hubristic delirium, drunk on their power, and useless to any issues relevant to mankind or the planet. Welcome to the armageddon of mediocrity.


Must we say 'resist'? It really turns me off. Sounds so like a trite 'jihad'.
No one is going to change their values because of who is President.
Just live upright and go ON.




Yes, I do say "resist."

If every person just thinks, "Oh, well.... I don't like what's happening, but what can I do about it?" then the US is kind of lost.

There are many ways to "resist" what is happening without taking to the streets! Writing your Representative to let him/her know your views on issues; contributing to organizations who have had their funding cut off or diminished; volunteering at one of the many charitable organizations that help the poor or immigrants; and really, just letting it be known at work or wherever that derogatory speech against any group of people is unacceptable.

Pick your way of "resisting" and do it. It can be something small - it doesn't have to be monumental. If many people do ONE SMALL THING then it all adds up. One "small thing" you can do is just be kind to everyone you meet.

Remember that just because these new policies and outlooks don't affect you now, it doesn't mean that they won't have an effect in the future. Also -- you do owe something to humanity for this time that you are on earth, even if your "payment" is something small.