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RESIST DAY #47: What You Can Do Today


RESIST DAY #47: What You Can Do Today

Common Dreams staff

Resistance in your community, across the country, and around the globe


The time will arrive, better sooner than later, that before protest fatigue sets-in, we working people must coalesce all the Movement Marches & Protests into the ONE FORCE. This weekend, alone, there are scores of actions by dozens of disparate groups - all wanting the SAME DAMN THING:

That ONE BIG-ASS nightmare of which corporate America trembles in fear is: AN ACTIVIST, ANTI-CORPORATE, takeover of all media events: fb - tweets - talk - internet - Democratic Party - Green Party - calls to D.C. - Independents - AS ONE ENTITY. The BIG-ASS elephants in the room that have set in motion a kleptocratic takeover of our Commons have two names: "Rampant Liars" and "wall street" (a common noun since 9-17-2010). Admittedly, we who are caught in the U.S. corporatocracy, see a duopoly that eats its young, especially competitive "other" political parties. Taking over the Democrats is decidedly less complicated than the other solution of surrounding the federal capitol with several millions of us - the second solution has no defined political solution as derived from the The Constitution or our founding framers.


I blame the very sick (in my opinion) minds of the likes of David Duke and KOCH brothers for the ongoing inflammation of our "elected" FAKE leaders, whether in Congress or the White House. All of them are now involved in the destructive makeover of America. As Michael Winship said, "...an intemperate, dangerous little child shall lead them.". This is a dangerous time for any THREADS of democracy in the USA. I wonder what George Washington would do right now, whom he'd reach out to for discussion on such matters. I wonder if Abigail Adams would advise him to bring out whatever it takes to overcome the situation. Would John Adams allow a tyrant like we face today, to continue on without any great concern or any action to bring him to justice? Somehow the spies of those times made it all work eventually, but the spies of our times don't seem to be doing a darn thing to get us out of this mess, those blinded right wing extremists seem so hell bent on shoving down our throats. Journalism has suddenly become one of the most important careers in the entire world. But what of the Corporate Board Rooms who own them? They seem complicit in the Extremist Demolition of America. Until we see nightly news, morning news, lunch time news all bringing out the FACTS on the GOP, the KOCHS, the ALEC, the so-called President, we are not going to stand a chance at any fix to this mess. We need the Corporate Board Rooms to step up and side by side enlist TRUTH with all journalists on their payroll.


Correction: NOT "... since 9-17-2010)." BUT ... 9-17-2011). - Bob