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Resist, My People, Resist Them: Poetry Is Not A Crime, Except For Palestinians


Resist, My People, Resist Them: Poetry Is Not A Crime, Except For Palestinians

After what critics call "a hollow charade of a trial," an Israeli court Thursday convicted Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour of “incitement to violence” and “support of a terror organization” for publishing her poetry on social media, particularly her airing of a fiery anti-occupation poem. After the ruling, a defiant Tatour said the trial proved "what Israel's democracy is - a democracy for Jews only." "If (this is) my terrorism," she said, "I give the world a terrorism of love."


It is both tragic and ironic that the state of Israel daily comes to resemble the Third Reich in many ways.

As far as U.S. support for Israel, Americans need to ask themselves this: “Is a Palestinian less human than an Israeli? Is an Israeli life worth more than that of a Palestinian? Why does our country demonize the one and laud the other?”


It’s a shame that many Americans seem to see Israel as a sort of USA 2.0 and therefore can do no wrong.


Their ignorance and naivete would be somewhat excusable if they didn’t take so much pride in it.


That pride shows how deep the sickness runs. It’s like talking to a brick wall.


One of my deepest wishes is that there be a mass movement of people calling for DIGNITY rather than “pride”. To dignify something is to connect fully coherent elements; to take (note the gesture) “pride” in something is isolationist at best and a breakdown of integrity appealing to ego rather than integrated meaning. It is also addictive in that it NEVER is satisfied/satiated because of what it “externalizes”. Hence the highly focused resources in advertising to falsely promise what it is designed to NOT deliver.

Military use of this is demonic, IMHO.


Especially to so many of the Jews themselves. Heartbreaking.


Persecution of another Innocent is Again Painful

Like Death from a Thousand Cuts
And Each Cut still Wounds

But Truth Cannot be Put to Death

Reality Itself Resides in Truth

Oh Israel, in Denying Truth
You will Deny Yourself Out of Reality

Only Madness and Death Abide There


The US Fourth Reich is assimilating all the faults of the Third Reich quite rapidly, and it pays the Israeli Reich quite handsomely to do the same. In the '30s and '40s, the world had to eventually deal with the Axis, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan. When we finally “won,” we thought we had ended that particular scourge forever. Now we have a new Axis to deal with. The US Fourth Reich, Fascist Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
*It cost the world a generation of its youth the first time around, and with today’s weapons, God knows the cost. The problem is, it must be done. The growing alternative is unacceptable.


The ongoing pathetic policies of the Zionist State against the indigenous peoples of Palestine are an ongoing criminal act. It’s too bad that not many people know the real story behind the creation of this criminal state. Not enough real history is learned in our esteemed learning establishments. And, then there is the direct collusion between so many western governments in support of this Zionist state terrorism. Nothing will change until it all explodes in those same western countries. That is real history.


Completely agree. A banned history of Israel convenient for sharing with skeptical friends and family is at


Thx for the link. To add to my own “real history” of the establishment of the Zionist Israeli State…