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RESIST: Neil Young premieres video for new protest song, "Children of Destiny"


RESIST: Neil Young premieres video for new protest song, "Children of Destiny"

- Common Dreams staff

Canadian rocker Neil Young and Promise of the Real have just released the video for their new Trump resistance song "Children of Destiny," urging listeners to “stand up for what you believe, resist the powers that be.”

The video for “Children of Destiny” intersperses scenes of recent large-scale protests alongside imagery like picnics, children waving American flags, fighter jets and Fourth of July parades.


This seems better than the bush/cheney singing with trump on trumpet new video release "where have all the flowers gone" and they even added lyrics-"where has all the money gone"


Sing it Neil.
Stand up for what you believe - the corruption cannot be rooted out with Dems or Pubs in power.


This song is not an anti-Trump song. It's a song that urges people to "...resist the powers that be..." (a long time refrain of rappers and social movements). This article is yet another piece of lib/prog/Dem disinformation meant to distract people from the primary source of our problems - neoliberal capitalist imperialism.


I was hoping Neil Young would update his "Impeach the President" song about Bush and come out with a Trump version.


Saw Neil at r.rocks on a cool late spring, clear evening, began close to dusk. Only time to see him.
Great production of Greendale, the 10 song rock opera. A most excellent time had by all it seemed. I think it is one RO underappreciated, but not conceptually as simple as most I suppose. Was an engaging story-line, and the lead actress was smashing and stunning (loved her boots).
Refreshing. (From a usually non rock opera listener.)


Rock operas are essentially a North American form (though they are going global) that will eventually outstrip the narrow confines of Euopean opera and the bastardization of that form called "Broadyway musicals," one of the most retrograde human expressions of music ever created.Yet another wonderful aspect of U.S. exceptionalism.


my goodness, i've seen several videos throughout day and each one gets better with more lyrics, where have all the houses gone, then added where have all the food gone, then added where have all the good jobs gone, then added where have all the hearts gone with cheney singing real deep baritone and to keep forever single payer health insurance out of u.s.-that all hearts belong to him


It is far past time realize that the world is littered with the graves of those who believed they could control the world, buried right next to their collateral damage


Nice and "catchy" tune. And "believe me" (in the words of our Moron-in-Chief), I have the utmost respect for Neil Young. I just believe that we have gone too long now with the status quo and we are FUCKED. We are leaving no future for children born today. I think that a child born today will not reach their 40th birthday due to the declining habitat on our planet. And this fucking Clown-in-Chief and all of his minions who voted for his ignorant obese ass are hastening our demise. Shame to all of you who voted for this incompetent Fuck-Wad!


CD, You be Jahmin'!


I thought "Tommy" was a rock opera and it surely isn't North American, neither is the most famous of all, "The Wall." Not sure why this misattribution of the genre to the USA.


Why do Canadians who are ripping apart the lives of Latinoas think Trump is worse than their pitiful excuse for a human named Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canadian democracy destruction?

I don't get it. Canadians are among the worst of the worst for destroying democracies.

What a crock of bs. The Canadian flag stands for killing and maiming peasant farmers.