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Resist on the Fourth of July: Republicans to Face Trumpcare Protests Nationwide


Resist on the Fourth of July: Republicans to Face Trumpcare Protests Nationwide

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) gears up to bring the Senate Trumpcare bill to a vote by mid-month, resistance groups across the country are preparing to rally and confront their lawmakers over the July 4th holiday.


Of healthcare, and something going viral: the oxymoronic “Trumpcare.”


Whatever happened to committee hearings on important bills? McConnell is a disgrace trying to rush through a bill that will take away healthcare coverage from more than 20 million people and also hurt people on Medicaid. Trump’s lack of decency seems to be rubbing off on many Republicans. Without any sense of decency what are we?


Republicans do not fear nationwide protests.

Do they fear the coming nationwide insurrection?


Now you’re talking JB. Insurrection indeed!


“Like the mother fuckin’ weathermen”


(Those FBI/NSA/DEA files on me are getting thicker with every freely spoken word.)


Could not have said more succinctly and logically myself. Our prison rate grew 600% from the 80’s to day, reflecting the fact that even though we have only 5% of the world population, we have almost 25% of the world’s prisoners.

How did we get there? The War on Drugs, which tries to counter the most basic human rights of our own bodies.

I do not legally have the human right to grow a harmless plant in this state, then use the herb for medicine, in hopes I can help delay the onset of dementia via Parkinson’s, which killed my mother a yr ago-- “researchers believe onset is due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors.”

Given its antioxidant properties and its ability to activate CB2 but to block CB1 receptors,9-THCV has a promising pharmacological profile for delaying disease progression in PD and also for ameliorating parkinsonian symptoms.



The People’s Revolucion will take many forms. Each will bring different strengths, and together the People rising will be Strong! We shall Overcome! Resist at all Times, together!!! Support and Love, and Cooperation…


These murderous malevolent misanthropic sociopaths MUST NOT SUCCEED. Strength



Freedom of Speech is guaranteed by the mother fuckin’ Constitution.


Only property has rights — People do not

There are many ways to establish that the impoverished laboring-class must be given free healthcare if their economical slavery is ever to end. The very best way possible is to demand it without explanation, for to argue the point destroys our ability to suffer fools lightly.

The second best way is to point out that the impoverished lower-half of society has no ability to pay for healthcare and for two reasons: First, they exhaust their time and energy doing the hard and painful manual labor required to generate all the wealth for society. Second, the educated upper-half hoards all the land, wealth and political power.

But, to do the will of the cunning and deceitful rich who funded this article, by arguing the stupidity of rights, in a world that has no rights, surely, this will destroy our cause before it even gets off the ground floor.

For the right to own property, the right to enslave anyone who sets foot on your property, where did that come from? From the rich nobility of England, who else? For are they not the most intelligent of the rich and best able to hoard wealth, invade nations and by capitalism plunder the poor?


Only freedom of the press is guaranteed by the Constitution.
For we have not the freedom to be heard as the rich press decides who gets heard.


Sorry for your loss. Haven’t you heard, that harmless plant has no medical value? (snark)


“Problems are the penalty of progress,
don’t bring good news, it only diminishes me

Surely, for most of the posters here are either rich or strongly motivated by the rich, as the solution is simple. Design a healthcare system that frees people from addiction to the average American diet of 50% fat, a diet that clogs up every internal organ in the body and is the root cause for 95% of illness.

Perfect solution being, give healthcare only to those with a 10% fat diet and no addictions, for in less than a year most hospitals would go bankrupt.


Why is there so few posting today? Could it be that paid actors don’t work holidays?


A guilt complex — Lay it on the rich

For the rich ruling-class, the 25% most wealthy who own 75% of our Empire wealth, they take great pride in being free of guilt for the healthcare disaster, as they know that the average American diet of 50% fat is the root cause for most illness and the cooks that they hire must have a strong background in nutrition, because the rich eat a diet that is second to none when it comes to keeping the body healthy and the mind alert.

For unless the public is well informed about nutrition and strongly motivated to switch to a healthy 10% fat diet, if they were to receive free healthcare and thereby relieved of the cost to repair the damage done to the body by processed food that is void of nutrition, in a couple of years we could be looking at a medical industry that doubles in size.

So, if we could motivate society toward a healthy diet by giving free healthcare only to those with a 10% fat diet and no addictions, surely, the rich would feel most guilty if they stood in the way of such astronomical progress.