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RESIST: Thousands in the Streets Nationwide as Weekend of Protest Kicks Off


RESIST: Thousands in the Streets Nationwide as Weekend of Protest Kicks Off

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The resistance is taking many forms this weekend, with some constituents showing up to lawmakers' town hall events to demand accountability and others taking to the streets to protest the Trump administration and its draconian policies.


You know, there was the Day Without Immigrants protest. There was the a general strike. I wouldn't have even known they were happening if I hadn't heard it on Fox News. I live in downtown Dayton, a block away from the courthouse square where the usual crowd of aging hippies gather to protest, and not even that loyal group showed up. Irrelevant? Yep.


Like all USAains they were immigrants. Therefore, not showing up showed what it would be like if the USA had had no immigrants...............


While I must say that I too oppose Trump's stupid, draconian immigrations measures (for which Obama led the way, breaking all prior records for deportations) I will add that if these "resisters" aren't also protesting the war policies and the CIA/Dem party undermining of any attempt to ratchet down military tensions over Russia/Syria/Ukraine, then they are merely useful idiots gobbling down one red herring after another. But here is Glen Ford on the subject, from about three weeks ago:

"Well, we should all be most concerned with the possible big war. We saw these huge crowds this weekend in Washington and in cities across the country and most people viewed them as a kind of groundswell of resistance to the new Donald Trump presidency. However, I think that, to the extent that this outpouring of anti-Trump sentiment is also all caught up and all tangled with the Democratic Party's insane and monstrously dangerous pro-war and anti-Russian propaganda campaign, that it is actually poisoning the well for any progressive movement under a Donald Trump presidency.

"So I think we should be very clear. There is no such thing as a progressive movement that is also pro-war. And there is no such thing as a progressive movement that is aligned with the CIA. And yet, that is exactly, exactly the position that the Democratic Party is taking, including its black luminaries, such as Congressman John Conyers, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and even Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who is considered to be the most left-wing person on Capitol Hill. All of them are busy attacking from the right, the very right-wing president, Donald Trump. And any fool should know that countering right-wing politics with even more right-wing politics can only lead to a disastrous and definitively right-wing result. You cannot create a progressive movement out of a McCarthyite, anti-Russian, pro-war propaganda campaign such as the Democrats are waging now and which they have now enlisted the support of lots of people who call themselves progressive. And even some who consider themselves to be radical.

"Any movement that takes its cues from the CIA is a danger, not only to world peace, but it is a danger to itself. It's a danger to the very civil liberties that a progressive movement claims that it's trying to defend from the likes of Donald Trump. And, frankly, it's just plain stupid and it's stupid in a very peculiar and very American imperial kind of way.

"It's very sad. But I think this Democrat led movement is very likely to succeed. It will succeed, I think, in stopping any hope of lessening tensions between the United States and Russia. And the reason that it's likely to succeed is not just these so-called progressive people in the streets, the more important reason is that the Democrats have lots of Republicans in Congress who are basically on their side. That is there are plenty of warmongers on the Republican side of the aisle as well as the Democratic side of the aisle.

"And we'll know whether the CIA has won its battle against Donald Trump and has declared war on his presidency, and that should be very clear. They've launched a kind of color revolution only domestically. But we'll know if they've been successful if heads do not roll at the CIA. And I mean roll massively and publicly under Donald Trump. If the heads don't roll that means that the CIA has won.

"What progressives ought to be doing is fighting for issues, the same issues that existed before Donald Trump assumed the presidency. We need to be fighting for single payer healthcare, we need to be doing it now as Obama care is going out the door. We need to be fighting against the banks and calling for the nationalization and repurposing of those banks. And we need to be fighting for black community control of the police and especially we need to be fighting for peace. But if the Democrats get their way in their fight against a man, this is not about issues, this is about a man and it's about a party and its fortunes, if they get their way we won't even be able to talk about the possibility of sometime in the future maybe having peaceful co-existence among nations. And there's nothing progressive about that situation at all."


Yes, except for those immigrants called Native Americans. Oh, and those millions that were forced here by slavery.


Well, the native Americans migrated to the Americas around 15000-20000 years ago........and the local fauna suffered accordingly. The camels and horses and mastodons and mammoths all got eaten.


My first LOL today! Thanks


And I didn't notice any difference. That's the point. Either the people who walked out are so insignificant as to not be noticed, or not very many people actually participated.