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Resist Tonight: Courthouse Protests Against Trump SCOTUS Pick Expected Nationwide


Resist Tonight: Courthouse Protests Against Trump SCOTUS Pick Expected Nationwide

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Donald Trump is expected to announce his Supreme Court nominee at 8pm Tuesday evening, and the resistance is mobilizing.


The Senate blocked the last nominee (Merrick Garland) because they thought that the next president should appoint the Justice.
The precedent has been set!
The Senate should block all of Trump's nominees (unless they are moderate - fat chance) so that the next president can appoint the Justice.

(Maybe there is something wrong here? -- Nah...)


The crowds are doing exactly what they are required to do---resist resist resit,
resistance and crowd violence is EXACTLY what they are trying to kick off

surely that much is obvious?

When insurrection and civil unrest is at a sufficiently high level, there will be no choice but to introduce martial law, then the president to assume emergency powers (aka dictatorship) Already the constituition is being ignore after only 10 days---imagine a year from now.

Temporarily of course, but temporary will become permanent.

Then the transfer to police state will begin in earnest---sure there will be armed resistance, but against the military, the Bundys and their ilk will be swatted like flies. The Praetorian guard is already being recruited
The military will side with whoever pays their wages

The USA will be turned into USA inc---for the benefit of elite shareholders.
The rest will become workers. (and forget minimum wage too)

Forget the 2020 election,,,there wont be one.

Emergency powers will shut down awkward media, and imprison journalists. (Unamerican activities)

This is how it will be:


I wrote a warning about the inevitability of a fascist state in 2011 (as did Noam Chomsky, but we didnt exchange ideas on it)


The Democrats must muster some decency and refuse EVERY NOMINATION from this maladministration for the whole four years. This is an urgent matter for all aspects of US life since the Citizens' United decision and the terrible consequences we see now. NO MORE SCALIAS (or the other RAT and Kennedy).


Strange how the women's marches and the other protest rallies have not provoked police harassment. Have we forgotten something? Maybe we just shut down the anarchists for a bit. I have noticed also that the Black Lives Matter marches attracted these same types for their efforts but kept them in check.Could it be that the People have realized that smashing stuff only attracts the baser instincts. Resistance is not equated with mob violence.
We do however need to convince our legislators that doing a McConnell has now a precident set by the Party of no so it is time for them to show us what they have learned in the last eight years. They should have plenty of depth in their knowledge in how to be a congressional Asshole.


But there will be midterms in 2018! That's when the angry masses need to get out and flip the Senate AND the House.. and "nut" this sociopathic obese clown.


Put a hold on the nomination right away and be done with it. That is how you deal with Trump. If the democrats screw this up, I permanently done with these useless tools.


Yes. Once the Democrats get control of the House and Senate, THEN they will show some backbone.
But wait - when the Democrats did have control, they just rolled over for the Republican minority.

Do you really expect anything from the corrupt Democratic Party two years from now?
The Democrats (and one Independent) are already rolling over to let Tillerson Advance.

I am shocked, just shocked, to learn that the Democrats are just as corrupt as the Republicans.


The population voted for this because the TV and the radio instructed it to do so. Fascism can't exist without media. The media will tell us again that everything is just fine, except for the protesters. Remember, Rwanda was driven by a fairly simple radio broadcast. Stay safe and peaceful! Nothing less than Ghandi's example has any chance.


Adding Insult to injury: From Truthdig "Water Protectors Called Back!"

"Groups and individuals are already moving to
support the new wave of #NoDAPL action. Following
Trump’s memorandums, a group of U.S. veterans
launched a fundraiser for the water protectors."


"America leads the world in shocks", a spoken word lyric from world-acclaimed Blues artist (deceased), Gil Scott-Heron.


What is amazing about all this is that a new POTUS can sack the entire USAian Public Service as well as appointing is own judges to the Supreme Court. It was recognised by the British government back in the 1860s that permanent, adequately salaried tenure at all levels in the Public Service was the best way of avoiding corruption whilst providing continuity of expert and if necessary dissenting advice to politicians. Thatcher did her best to break this by appointing senior Public Servants on contract, as did other Commonwealth countries at around that time.

Once the USA gets rid of Trump and his cabal, it needs to look at this issue. Clearly, Senate oversight of senior Public Service appointments every 4 years is an unsatisfactory protection.


Will there? Remember Hitler's Enabling Act of 1933. He simply had members of opposition parties rounded up and shot if they didn't comply with his wishes. There are plenty of USAians who would agree to do that, just as there are plenty of such others in all countires.


He seems to have strong creditials, a great education...


A couple things on Gorsuch:

And, surprise surprise, he doesn't care much for gay people, or civil rights, for that matter:


Schumer seems to be saying that they're going to filibuster, demanding 60 votes for confirmation. I say don't give Trump anything at all, ever.


If there are any, then a true Progressive needs to start running now. Four years is not a long time (although it seems like it under Trump). There is NO time to waste. There needs to be a unified, organized alternative making traction now. And many more need to run as Greens/Independents, etc. at the state and local levels


DOA if all Dems will hold fast.


That won't work. The next president is likely to be Pence -next month or next year. Let's just go back to Garland, or somebody better. Gopers even liked him. They just didn't like Obama.


Sherrod Brown is the first Senator to say he won't vote for Gorsuch.


Gorsuch is the pick I was most nervous about Trump making. First, he is rated as the most conservative of Trump's infamous list of 21. Secondly, he is the strongest on the list in terms of academic and career credentials on paper - so he stands a strong chance of being confirmed despite his outlandish opinions. Most importantly though, he clerked for Justice Kennedy. Kennedy is currently the median Justice on the Supreme Court, and is likely to be the swing vote on most 5-4 decisions. Picking someone who has a special relationship with Kennedy creates a bad situation for seeing positive rulings out of the court.