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Resistance and Resolve in Russia: Memorial HRC


Resistance and Resolve in Russia: Memorial HRC

David Smith-Ferri

In late October, while traveling in Russia with a small delegation of peace activists from Voices for Creative Nonviolence, a young Russian lawyer and his brother took me to Dacha Na Pokrovke, a Moscow restaurant where we enjoyed some of the best food I’ve ever eaten: delicious Russian dumplings, tender kabobs, and the most exquisite, tender, and juicy beef tongue, cut in small, thin slices that I can still taste two months later. I had eaten tongue once before, in New York, and hated it, vowing subconsciously never to eat it again. But this was a revelation.


I dont think the Putin (and Assad) loving, black-and-white thinking readership here is going to appreciate this article too much...


I saw someone on twitter wondering why so many liberals in the US are defending Putin instead of siding with progressives in Russia.


With all the opportunistic Red Square scaremongering extant in the US, it's good to see a piece that can delineate the very real repression that exists in Russia while placing it in the context of the shrinking of space for dissent here, which has never suffered from "partisan gridlock".

MoveOn and ilk could learn something from it, although I'm quite certain of the utter unlikelihood of that outcome.