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Resistance Groups Protest #TrumpShutdown as Women's March Begins Weekend of Action


Resistance Groups Protest #TrumpShutdown as Women's March Begins Weekend of Action

Julia Conley, staff writer
At some of the hundreds of Women's March events taking place across the country on Saturday, attendees voiced their anger over the GOP's refusal to include immigrant protections in a spending bill to keep the government running


Not sure if i am reading this right, but the spending bill is fine and would pass. someone is trying to attach the DACA renewal to it and that’s where the contention come from. Let’s pass the f-ing spending bill and then worry about immigration. WTF is wrong with people in Washington?


There’s nothing wrong with the people not signing on to this. The problem is the Republican Congress that wants to deport millions of people who were brought here as children and know no other country as home.
It’s called using leverage. There would be no way to get a just decision for these people without using it.


Spending billions on the military while holding funding for civil rights is not just. Any program run to help people requires funding. CHIP should be an established program not one where the funding is due to negotiations. A country that does not take care of its children has not moral ground. This congress just approved funding for a limited time. The dream act is just another example. So you see passing a spending bill does demand negotiations.


I don’t have problem with people protesting their immigration agenda, but don’t hold my federal services hostage. Whatver those services are.


These marches are all well and good an accomplish…well not much as far as policy is concerned with the government. The shutdown was due to the hard right racist faction of the GOP, Steven Miller the most obvious. The GOP hardliners are the reason for the shutdown. To have an effective protest there has to be more effort than showing up to march and protest. Case in point are the anti-war protests against the 'Nam. They began in 1964, the 'Nam ended in 1975 after Nixon was forced to resign and Congress found out they had been lied to by Nixon’s administration along with the war criminal Henry Kissinger. Good luck


That maybe true but note the other 47% are mad as hell.


Attaching a “hanger” to a bill is quite common. The recently signed ‘tax scam’ had a sneaky provision that ‘back-doored’ the ACA mandate to make all sign onto healthcare insurance. This effectively eliminated one of Obama Care’s main provisions. They couldn’t repeal the ACA outright but ‘back-doored’ part of the ACA with the tax scam. That’s how Congress operates on a lot of legislation.


Ma che peccato che non caspisce proprio niente:


A song for Rachel Maddow The Wolf that Lives in Lindsay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtKSvJTz-KA


Your beloved Repubs are now 34-4 in statehouse elections in the last few months.

Hillary wasn’t on the ballot, yo. But Trump was. Ouch.


Car insurance, manditory. Are you stupid or willfully ignorant?

Never mind, what difference does it make?


flood insurance where I live (for another 3 days).

malpractice insurance.

a bond here and a bond there.

for what it’s worth, I detest the mandate and I also agree that forcing anyone to buy a private product at profit makes a mockery of the idea of liberty. but let’s not pretend that this sh*t just started with Obama. And conservatives were among the loudest supporters there were of mandatory car insurance back in the day.


Excellent post Olhippy.

Thank you for naming names for those responsible for this shutdown: Stephen Miller in particular. Could we liken him to Trump’s Albert Speer?


How else could the ACA work? Without getting younger healthy people into the insurance pools and giving subsides to insurance companies such insurance companies could not offer affordable insurance to uninsured people o the exchanges. The Republicans have been working for over 7 years to find an alternative and failed. I think if there was another way to expand health insurance using insurance companies the Republicans would have found it by now. Either offer another solution or the assumption will have to be that you are okay with tens of millions of Americans not having any health insurance.


You’re no longer mandated to buy health insurance. You lose.


Stephen Miller states we should limit immigration to affluent, skilled English speakers.

Even though his non-English speaking ancestors arrived here in 1903 from Belarus with $8 in their pockets.

In the classic example of the chain immigration he decries, several more relatives followed.

Fuck him.


The mandate was passed into law and upheld by a number of court rulings. So explain its unconstitutionality.


You seem to be lacking any sense of moral core. We should ALL have health services, without regard to our nationality, economic status, race, sex or other distinction. Who in their right mind would deny a human being this most basic social support? Apparently you. But that says everything about you and nothing about those you would oppress.

The Republican Party and you, apparently, are all about self-interest and greed, with no sense of moral obligation to your fellow citizens.


Unless Bruno’s net worth makes him part of the .01%. the GOP will eventually push him into poverty or worse. Impoverishing and deporting Immigrants is stage one for the Fourth Reich. Anybody who doesn’t have tens of millions to buy and maintain a stable of politicians is on the GOP’s long term program to transfer wealth from the 99% to the .01%.

The signs I saw being carried at the march i walked in today was well attended by Murkins who understand the wealth transfer game. There would have been more signs had the sub freezing chill factor made it hard for older folks to carry signs even with mittens on.

Although the individual mandate may be constitutional because the SCOTUS says so, requiring Murkins to buy a product from a private corporation is NOT consistent with the principles of democracy. SCOTUS Justice Louis Brandeis confirmed this a century ago saying “you can have democracy or concentrated wealth, but you can’t have both”.

Bruno, however, fails to mention that the individual mandate was initiated by the right wing Heritage Foundation and introduced by Newt Gingrich’s GOP Congress 20 plus years ago. Obama adopted it only to please Wall Street and their insurance industry. Although nobody at the march I walked in had any signs supporting Obamacare, single payer signs were widespread.