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Resistance in a Time of Gunfire


Resistance in a Time of Gunfire

Richard Eskow

The smell of gun smoke had net yet lifted from an Alexandria baseball field when the calls for unity began. “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan. “You’re going to hear me say something you’ve never heard me say before,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi responded. “I identify myself with the remarks of the speaker.”


“it’s coming from the left”

It came from slave-owners. Long before the Civil War, they had urged gun ownership even among non-land-owning whites, the need for whose help was anticipated in suppressing potential slave uprisings, (regardless of the very limited availability of guns at the time).

It came in a HUGE surge immediately following the Civil War among the Klan and other white-supremacists, who used them obviously, for the purpose of terrorism.

Race-based terrorism is still, and has always been, a cardinal trait of US culture.


Unless Republicans unite around what’s best for all of us, not just the wealthy 1%, Ryans’ words are just more lies and misdirection intended to deceive.


… and the USA has shot or bombed 20,000,000 children women and men since WWII, but that doesn’t count, because we’re the force for good in this world …


Richard, how can you say Sanders is committed to non-violence when he votes for war, war budgets, and supports the Israeli apartheid policies!!!???