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Resistance Is Real


Resistance Is Real

Many of Standing Rock's almost 20,000 Native water protectors, veterans and supporters held "the world's largest prayer circle" to honor the Army Corps of Engineers' announcement Sunday they will deny the easement for DAPL. While vowing to keep fighting if necessary, they celebrated the historic victory, the power of peace and prayer and protest, and the hopeful principle to "never give up." "This is what happens," said one, "when we organize."


Finally something to honor the first light peoples


Conclusions??? Is this a temporary victory? Will they just redirect it? Is it getting to costly for them? Is DAPL dead?


The Tide is Turning.


I don't know. Good questions. Trump may reverse all this. Hard to say. Then again he's backed off many of his radical positions he used to win the election.


DAPL isn't dead, only delayed. There wasn't a lot that DAPL could do for the next four months anyway due to the bitter cold weather. That's why they wanted to be done by the end of November, so a HUGE shout-out to the Water Protectors for delaying construction to the point where this nominal victory was possible.

Despite the easement denial, this battle is FAR from over. What they're hoping will happen is that the Protectors will assume that they've won and so they'll start to go home to their warm houses instead of freezing their butts off for a battle that's on hold for now. Then, after Trump takes office the easement will be granted and by the time the Water Protectors get organized again, the police will occupy the campsites and construction on the pipeline will be complete before they have time to react.

So what we're looking at is a temporary cease fire, nothing more. Until the entire project is killed and the parts of the pipe that have already been built are taken apart, this battle won't be over.

Stay strong and stay warm, Water Protectors, but most of all, STAY.


What exactly has Trump backed off on? I guess I missed it.

What is hard to say? Is it hard to say given that CEOs of Big Oil are being considered by the Trump for Secretary of State?

Somehow he will get points for his "honesty" on that.


You do realize Trump has a lot of money invested in the DAPL?

Today starts the injustice boycott and it begins at Standing Rock:


Trump has backed off on a number of hard-core promises to his hard right supporters.

His pick for Sec of Defense, Mad-Dog-Mathis, said he's against torture and won't do it. Trump acted surprised, but seemed to accept this.

He's not putting Clinton in jail.

He's not building a super Great Wall of China anymore, he's leaving chain link in place.

He's not denying all Muslims entry into the US anymore, just those from terrorist countries.

All of his remarks seem to be subdued compared to the Trump of the election. Of course, his picks for cabinet are very disconcerting. The Goldman Sachs banker is the most glaring to me.

But Trump may not be president after all. Two candidates have now complained to the Federal Court system, so the Supreme Court is going to have to hear it. They will likely decide when to stop recounts (and that will be the second Clinton pulls ahead in certain counties.)

Because that's now the precedent set by the election of 2000. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the payback's a bitch!

From several days ago, but still interesting details:


This Administration will be the most hard core right wing corporatist war mongering Administration in our lifetimes.

It is pretty pathetic when fun-to-kill-people Mathis somehow represents some token bulwark against the wannabe Torturer in Chief.

The qualification on Muslims has been in place since he named Pence as VP.

It's ok, you still have the nuclear war argument to make for Trump.

White flash....


Yes Chicken,

I can't argue with any of that. What's particularly scary is if Trump is like GWB and goes on permanent vacation leaving Cheney-Pence in charge....


lol, uh oh.

The worst part of opening your mouth is that there becomes a space for your foot.


nah we'll oust this motherfucker