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'Resistance Is Working': McConnell Forced to Delay Trumpcare Vote


'Resistance Is Working': McConnell Forced to Delay Trumpcare Vote

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told senators on Tuesday that he would delay the vote on Trumpcare until after the July 4 recess, a move viewed by many as a testament to the strength of the bill's critics and the tenacity of its opponents.


The real reason that this putrid piece of scum, Turtle Boy McConnell, is calling for a delay on the Senate vote is because he will use every tactic he knows of to swing this trend back to approving this appalling bill, Trumpcare, that he supports. He must be stopped at all costs as he is a puke of a person without conscience who cares ONLY about the right-wing political agenda of his treasonous party, a party that would love to send this country back to the 19th century if they could. That involves the long-term assault on every piece of positive legislation passed since FDR.
This country shames itself before the world every day that scum like McConnell and Ryan remain in power. I have never been so disgusted with the U.S. government or with so many of my “fellow Americans” who continue to support the Mango Mussolini no matter WHAT he does. I am not a Christian but if ever there was an American politician who resembles the Anti-Christ it is Donald Trump, a twisted, reckless, lying sack of shit who has no conscience or compassion. He should not be in the Oval Office but in a mental ward or in prison. I am yuuugely in favor of the latter.


Props to everyone who has done anything to oppose this bill. Keep pushing, hard, harder.

And talk repeatedly to your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, and “representatives” about the real solution to this ugliness: Single-payer, with Universal coverage.


First toll of the death knell. So pleased to hear it, so ready to keep it ringing.


It won’t be easy to pass a bill that eliminates healthcare coverage for 22 million people. A number of Republican senators must realize it probably means they will not be re-elected if they vote for it.


Mango Mussolini? Lol


This is far from over. The resistance that caused the bill is from the conservative caucus, the far right. It is misleading to believe that the reason they did not have the votes is from the left and the people’s resistance.

I cannot see how this bill does not pass. With the billions in tax cuts setting up for even larger tax cuts down the road this bill must pass. As Mitch said “failure is not an option.”


Put this bill in Grover Norquist’s bathtub and drown the sucker.


This isn’t over from both directions. It would be inaccurate to say that public anger over the bill had no effect. It most certainly did as only one more defector’s vote kills the bill. So Mitch played it safe at the last minute before that last repub put the kibosh on the whole thing.

You are right that Mitch will be working overtime on the holiday but it may already be too late. The whole country is furious at this creepy republican behavior and I am sure that many Repubs have serious regrets over the furor that has been raised. Moreover, many Repubs are starting to think that because of Trump and this attack on Medicaid just to give tax cuts to the rich will see them losing their reelection races.


If you all remember, the house bill was pulled, ever so briefly, then brought back and passed after the hand shaking ceremony in a smoke filled room.
The same will happen here. Back from vacation the senate will immedietly pass this abomination and thus begin the eviceration of the Great Society.
By 2020, you won’t even be able to recognize America.


Maybe but I think that despite their putting on their poker faces that the Repubs are scared that they have gone too far with this attack on Medicaid. They know how bad all this looks but they were committed already. I think many are hoping that the bill crashes and burns because they sense a negative turning point in their careers could be in the offing if it goes through.


I heard on NPR that, for instance, female GOP Senators are planning to demand that the (certainly unconstitutional anyway) withdrawal of Medicaid fees for services rendered by Planned Parenthood be amended out of the bill (Sec. 124, pp. 34-36). It is indeed about a tug-o-war between moderate and uber-conservative GOPs.

And as to what the Senators (and the cowering but all-on-the-line Members of the House) fear? No matter how much money goes into the campaigns from where, it’s the actual people who cast the votes, and we’re talking about their and their loved ones’ lives. If you’re on Medicaid, or it funded the care that saved your grandchild’s life, you’re not going to be swayed by your legislator’s “there there” attempts to snow you.


I’m mostly interested in this process as a lead-in to Single Payer.

And I’m asking my fellow liberals to push the process beyond the parameters of the moribund D-party.


The devil and his 12 disciples in their haste to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes with their Death Act from renaming it the obfuscatory " Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017" to then crafting its death warrants for 22 million Americans (with women, children, the elderly, and disabled the most vulnerable in our nation) in secret behind closed doors. And they were all wealthy old white males…not even a GOP woman was included in their collusion…soulless, heartless, mean-spirited men who wantonly abuse their power at the expense of human lives. McConnell and his demon crew will be laying low during this “recess” putting together yet another version of trips to the gallows for the halt, lame, aged, female, children/infants and the disabled. (And secy of transportation, Ms. Chao - McConnell’s wife is probably going to be far away out of town very soon. How can she stomach being anywhere near that payaso muy feo - cabron?)



Everyone on this thread should read Jim Kavanaugh’s latest piece, on the Democrats’ killing Single Payer in California. Kavanaugh calls for sit-ins in the offices of culpable Democratic politicians:

“People in wheelchairs and cancer patients and all their healthy friends should be sitting in and obstructing Democrat Rendon’s, as well as any Republican’s, office, until he lets the bill through. Then they should move on to the Democratic governor’s office. And thence to Pelosi’s and Schumer’s offices as well as Graham’s and Ryan’s. This is not a Trump problem, and not a Republican problem, it’s a bipartisan capitalist elite problem. We have to engage in this kind of fight against all of these politicians. Anyone who thinks such a fight can be avoided in order to play the Democrats’ game of defending the for-profit insurance plan called Obamacare while obsessing about Trump being a Russian spy, is helping to perpetuate this rotten healthcare system.”


Had a thought: Wattles (S for Snood) McConnell was “forced” to delay the vote on the Death Act…not because he had a “come-to-Jesu” moment or an onset of guilty conscience or had a compulsion to do what is RIGHT, JUST, and BENEFICIAL to ensure the health and well-being of his constituents and all Americans…but because he did not have enough votes to ram it down our throats or up any other orifice he could find.


Can you spare a thought on why Anthony Rendon was “forced” to delay the California Senate vote on Single Payer – until NEXT YEAR?


I will be so happy to be wrong. So very, very happy!

My take is this country is run by an oligarchy and they always get what they want. At least in my lifetime they have. And they want this bill passed. Medicaid costs will skyrocket as boomers enter nursing homes and the rich will not pay for it. Tax cuts are enormous. The president will sign it immediately. Yes, Mitch has some work to do but that is his job. When push comes to shove the wealthy and powerful rule. It has always been that way and is everywhere else in the world. The US is definitely no exception to this rule…


Greed. Someone yanked his wallet chain…


I am reminded of an older article, whose main idea still holds all too well: https://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_daniel_g_070112_how_to_recognize_a_h.htm